Korea on YouTube

Korea on YouTube

Having fallen in love with a Korean man I inevitably became interested in Korea and everything Korean. Love is a strange thing. Which other thing in the world could make my heart beat faster just because I am passing by a Samsung store? :)

Being driven by love and curiosity I searched and searched for interesting things online about Korea. I went through quite a lot of videos and would now like to share some of my favorite ones with you.

Best YouTube videos: Korea

  • Korea is a world champion in break-dancing and these Bboys show off their skills while fusing the modern and the traditional in a video that I feel represents Korea so well.
  • You may already know that Taekwondo is a Korean marital art and the national sport of South Korea. But you have probably never seen it done with just a hand. Check out Taekwondo “Finger” performance in Korea.
  • Free Hugs campaign also happens in Korea. It’s difficult not to smile while watching this. What do you think, would you hug him?
  • South Korea won many medals in Archery at the Olympics and after I saw these Korean archers I realized why. Robin Hood would feel ashamed.
  • Did you ever want to shop in a grocery store while waiting for the subway? You have no idea what I’m talking about, do you? You will after you see this clever marketing campaign by a Korean grocery store.
  • YouTube is full of videos of Korean Kings’ Desert being prepared, and no matter how many you watch you will notice the exact same words being used over and over again by different people. Still, it never stops being impressive seeing those thousands of strings ready to be eaten.

If you are interested in learning more about Korea then you shouldn’t miss these series of videos:

What is in your opinion the best YouTube video about South Korea?

4 thoughts on “Korea on YouTube

  1. I was on a Scavenger hunt around Seoul on Saturday, starting in ltaewon (이태원) and there was a free hug campaign going on~ if I hadn’t been on such a tight schedule to get all around Seoul I would have taken part

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