[Q&A] How to know if a Korean guy likes you?

Having Korean boyfriend has given me a much better insight into Korean culture and customs. I know how to tell Korean age, I know why Korean chopsticks are made of metal, I know there is no such thing as “Sea of Japan”, How to tell if Korean guy likes you - East Sea vs Sea of JapanI know how to address Koreans of different age, I know to handle everything with both hands. What I don’t know is how to read Korean men’s minds (a pity). I am a bit closer to it with Kimchi Man, but not much.

All the Korean men I have met have been very different and diverse. So has their attitude towards relationships. Some are going to tell you they love you even before they know the color of your eyes, others will not be vocal about their feelings even when they are ready to die for you.

For everyone who is wondering what is the secret to understanding a Korean man’s heart: There is none. You don’t need to worry that they are sending some secret Korean signal which you are not picking up. Culture has a hard time influencing something as personal and fundamental as love.

How to know if Korean guy likes you - Oppa do you like me 오빠 나 좋아해?That being said, I completely understand what it is like falling in love and having no idea if object of your adoration feels the same way. I was there.  We all want to know for sure if we are happily in love or rushing towards heartbreak. That’s why I am going to do my best to help the two women who asked the questions bellow. I just want to make sure everyone understands I would be no more or less qualified to answer those questions even if I had never met a Korean guy in my life.

And if you know a Korean guy, a Korean guy you like, and you don’t know, if this Korean guy you like, likes you back – forget that he’s Korean. That might just be the thing you need to truly see what he is trying to tell you.



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Anonymous asked:

I am in love with a Korean guy, we go to the same university and we met when we took the same class about a year ago. I am 19 and he is 21.

I always feel and act very shy, when I am around a person I really like. When there is no him, I am very funny, communicative and totally normal.

 I am not Korean (still Asian), and I don’t speak Korean.

The problem is that…He is not a shy one at all, at least he seems to be so. Sometimes when we meet at some university events, we talk, and he seems to like me as a girl, but we never text/chat after that. I mean, we talk only when we see each other. That’s why talking to him is a very rare occasion, because we meet rarely.

 The first time I saw him this year after a long period of time, was another university event, he sent an invitation to me on Facebook, which I don’t think was something special or anything, but I decided to go there still. On the day when he sent the invitation, our eyes met at a cafe, when I was walking past him, but I was with my girl friend and he was with a girl friend as well, so I thought: ”Alright, I haven’t seen you for ages, why say Hi then, you probably don’t even remember me”. He didn’t wave hi to me either. So yeah, then BOOM I got that invitation, and I decided to go. Cause I thought that accidental meeting had something to do with the invitation.

When I just got there, he came up first saying ”Ooh, it’s been a long time” and hugged me, which was a bit weird, because we are not that close friends at all, till that time, we probably had a talk for a couple of times, not more. I mean, I’m not that kind of friend of his, who he could miss. We were never close at all. But I think at the moment when he hugged me, I clearly understood that I liked him a lot. I knew I liked him before, but I thought it was not serious.

I met him the second time about a couple days ago at a university event as well. There were very few people there, but he took the time to come up to me and talk and I tried to act as normal and funny as I could, but I was burning inside and shaking and all that… in the end he said that he’d like to attend an event of mine (I’m the president of a student group) so I promised to send him an invitation.

Everything seems to be okay, but I don’t understand, why he is so passive, if he likes me. Does it mean, that he doesn’t like me as a girl, but just being friendly? He never sends me messages or anything like that… I am hesitating to message him, cause I’m afraid I would never get a reply…and I think that a guy must make the first moves. And if he doesn’t, then it means he’s not interested, in my opinion. I would understand, if he was a shy one, but… as i said before he’s not. He’s very friendly and communication is not a problem for him.

And the second problem is that I don’t know for sure if he has a girlfriend or not. However, the Facebook status says Single otherwise, the last thing I would want to do is ruin a relationship…

Also, I thought about the problem, that I am not Korean, and I thought about the possibility, that he is not interested in me as a girl, because I’m not Korean.

Also, I think it’s worth mentioning that he’s kind of Americanized Korean. He has been living in the USA for about 5 years I believe. But he almost always hangs out with Korean friends.

anyways..please heeeeeeelp

               I don’t think that the guy has to make the first move. Why would he? Maybe he is shy when it comes to asking girls out, maybe he is passive, maybe he sees you only as a friend, maybe he already has a girlfriend… You could go all day long guessing “maybes” if you don’t do something about it.

Even if he sees you just as a friend, making the first move might make him see you in a different light.

It’s never easy being rejected but Facebook and text messaging have certainly made it a lot easier than it used to be. You don’t need to pour your heart out to him, just ask him: “Do you want to go out for a coffee/movie/walk”. If he says yes, there is a very good chance he likes you as a girl :)

I have no idea if he has a girlfriend or if he is a national chauvinist. Since he is human, both are possible.  Koreans I know have no problem dating someone who is not Korean, and in my case not even Asian. Many questions we got on this site are from Asian non-Korean women who are dating a Korean man, so obviously not all Koreans have a problem with it.

And why wouldn’t you want to ruin his relationship? You are 19, and 21! It’s not like he is married with children and you are tearing apart a family. If you asking him out is enough to ruin his relationship then that relationship deserves to be ruined. I was in a relationship when I met Kimchi Man and I am much happier now. On the other hand, no matter who come to my doorstep now, no one can take me away from Kimchi Man.

You should know that if I didn’t make the first move, Kimchi Man would never dare do it himself (maybe not never but my guess is it would take him 10 years or so ^^). And he was very interested in me. If you keep thinking a girl shouldn’t make the first move, another one will come along who thinks differently and snatch this guy right under your nose.


Ching asked:


I’m half Chinese half Filipino girl but my family and I moved to Phil for good when I was still young.. I am now 22 years old, and I met this Korean guy last year almost 9 months ago.. well, I just really feel so alone about this so I hope you can help me out.. here’s my story..

 9 months ago July 2011 to be exact I applied in a Korean school in our city, I was accepted and first week in school I had only 2 students and one of the two was the guy I fell in love with. At that time I was 21 and he’s 25 I think. At first I dont really feel anything for him, just the teacher-student relationship. I also noticed he was this shy type of guy, first 2 weeks with him he barely talked. But after about 4 weeks we just got close and I dunno how it happened. But after that he started teasing me everytime we see each other in the hallway, he’s calling me vampire and i’m calling him werewolf. A lot of teasing and all. And then one time during class he asked me who I like then I told him I like Lee Seung Gi [korean actor] then he repeated that question again and I answered him same answer I gave him before then after than he start acting like his heart is in pain [physically] at first I dunno what does that action means but my friend told me he might be hurt that it wasnt him that I like and so he started acting that in a joke way so it wont be obvious.. then he also asked if I do have a boyfriend that time and I said no and he told me that I must get a boyfriend, and I also mentioned to him that I have a curfew around 7pm and he told me that my boyfriend might want to be with me more than my curfew time.. what does that mean??

 and sometimes he’ll notice what I’m wearing like last time when I was wearing a coat and I just passed by him he really asked me isnt your coat thick? dont u feel hot? and one time when I had a new student and he’s kinda good looking and almost same age with me, he started asking questions like, So are you happy that the good looking new student is in your class?… who’s better me or him? – those kind of questions and I dunno why he’s asking me like that..

 and one of my friend in that school was also his tutor.. so whenever he’ll have class with that friend of mine he would usually asked her to call me and let me go inside their room while they’re having class and it happened many times, i was just there listening to their conversation and whenever I decided to move out the room he would usually stop me and say Vampire where are you going? just stay here.

 or sometimes when we meet each other in the hallway he would blocked my way and wont let me pass and he’d tell me Touch me first before I let you pass.. and you know this kind of actions he’s showing me made me fell for him I think.. fell harder that I dont even know how to get out of this situation..

 and during his birthday I gave him a not Happy Birthday Werewolf! and he took a picture of it and upload it in his fb..

 he also challenged me one time to play snake and ladder with him and he told me if he wins I wont give him assignments for 1 week and if i win he wont complain even if I give him assignments everyday.. its the first time that I have ever played that game and it was with him, so I treasure it a lot (:

 what do you think his actions mean?? does it mean something? does he like me?

 ah, a day after his birthday he informed all his tutors that he will be absent for the whole day because last night he got drunk and hangover the next morning.. so I was expecting that he’ll also be absent in my class but I was surprised when he entered my room that day.. so I asked him Why are u here? I thought you’d be absent the whole day and he said I was thinking that if I wont come here you’ll be alone here. I was so touched when he told me that but ofcourse I act as if its nothing… and then 1 week after that he was removed in my class and so I started to feel like I was left hanging, a lot of questions are running into my head.. my friends were telling me that he must be afraid that he’d fall for me and so on…

 what I did was I tried to talk to him again, initiate the conversation first but I can feel this change like it’s not the way it was back before.. we dont talk that much anymore unlike before when he was still in my class.. we passed by each other in the hallway without even saying hi.. I asked him he doesnt talked to me anymore, he said He was shy. I tried everything to gain back the friendship we once had the closeness we once had… but I think I falied or maybe I didnt try harder? I was asking myself What should I do? but later on I just stopped trying to talk to him just trying to accept that maybe it wasnt meant to be.. September that year we stopped talking, offcially. February this year he went back to korea without talking to me. He had my number. This march a friend of mine who is also his friend told me that he has a kakaotalk so why not try to add him. So I added him and again I have to initiate the talking.. we talked and he told me he misses me but overjoyed about his message i wasnt able to reply to him right away and then he sent me a message again saying he was just kidding with the ‘haha’ … what does that mean???! I hate him but still I believe he meant it when he told me he misses me.. what do u think? Now, I decided to just stop talking to him stop initiating just to talk to him cause its always me who texts first maybe he really doesnt care at all so why would I waste my time with him…

 please help me what to do is my decision right?

 I badly need your opinion guys.. I hope you can help me out with this..

 sorry I think I wrote too long, its just that if i skipped a few lines u might not be able to get my situation.. kinda a long story (:

 he’s still single until now and he told me before that he once had a girlfriend 4 years ago…

 hoping to get a reply from you soon ^^ thanks ~

I employed help from Kimchi Man on this one. He says guy obviously liked you before but something changed. You can’t know what changed and to obsess about it would just be wasting your time. Since he is in Korea and your interactions are just one-way, you made a good decision.

Your friends are trying to protect your feelings when they say he is just afraid he will fall in love with you. Unless there is some specific obstacle you know – like policy in your school that students and teachers can’t be in a relationship (although now that he’s not in school that argument became moot) –  why would he be afraid of liking you?

Stick to your decision and don’t waste your time on this Korean guy. Maybe he will come around and contact you, but chances are very slim.



Leave your question in the comments below if you still don’t know if Korean guy likes you. :)

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  1. Hi, i still have this Question on my mind.i dont know why? My story with this guy like a drama haha i thought but pls reply me. I met this guy 3months ago, Im Cambodian girl and he is a korean guy who lives in US. He went with his team for mission of christ in Cambodia and then i met his friends(girls) at university when i was self-study with my friends at there. Then he show up .u know,first i saw him i felt nth but he keep his eyes on me since he came.our eyes met but i tried to look away…we talk only one time when he ask my name. after that his friends invited me to their church in here so i decided to go with my friends. So i met him again i notice he keep his eyes on me again and all my action really i felt shy i just thought whats matter? Then his friends invited us to party before they come back to US. And i went .u know again he do it again until i left a party and not only that when i was leaving he stand near a door look at me secretly,i didnt know but when i look back unexpected and saw he look at me u.then he quickly go away.oh God……. Maybe 2weeks i add him in fb and i decided to sms to him first he seems happy when reply .he ask me whether im going to US or not?loll i said i didnt know. That day he tagged all my pictures at party to me though fb that i took.but i just play with him a few sms then i said see u next time. In evening i saw he post song and i opened u know what lyrics mean ? say about first sight love…oh loll. I was waiting he sms to me but no he never sms to me..and i sms to him simply 2more.so i felt maybe i just confused that he like me but cos him.he always post fb staus about love .it seem to me i cant stop think it.he post like When i was dreaming we seem not so far….and alot but what i notice is although we didnt sms to each other but it like we connect with other by posts and heart. Like that time i post ‘im so tired…’ then i saw he post in fb with song’if u are tired lean on my shoulder i will be ur star….and for only u’ and all time when i post i cant describe all.he seems reply my posting.one more thing his fb so strange with his friends only post tease him love or say anything about it…many notices!what i think is maybe cos his friends they are not happy with this maybe n try to stop him from liking me cos i saw many time that they gave him some advices…!
    can u tell me why?does he like me?but im sure…and why korean people do like this? I honestly i cant forget him im missing him..want to sms to him..how can i do? He always keep posting he alone on his fb …..it drive me crazy..!im 17 and he 20y. Thanks: )

    • I’m not sure if I understood everything you wrote here, but friends trying to stop someone from liking a girl is not really a Korean thing. I can’t think of anything in their culture that would make them do this.

      I honestly don’t know if he likes you or not.

  2. Hello!

    My name is Jenny and I’m just a normal student living in New Zealand. I’m Korean, but I’ve lived in NZ for about 11 years (Since I was 4) so I’m practically NZ.

    Okay So in my orchestra group I am considered the ‘mother’ of the group and the one that takes care of everyone and lightens the mood, in a lot of ways.

    Then a guy who used to be in the orchestra, but left to go to Korea for a year or so, came back. I met him for the first time and thought he was older than me, or the same age as me at first.

    Turns out hes a year younger than me, but he likes to tease me a lot because I’m shorter than him and he joined the orchestra before me.

    He teases me about being shorter than him, and about how I should dance with him or show him my dancing (We’re both dancers), how my Korean is child-like at times, how I react.

    When I asked him why he wants to see me dance when hes better than me, and when there are people who dance better than me, he said that he finds my reactions cute.

    Does he like me? Or am I just amusing to him? He’s quite polite and I told him he could speak comfortably with me but he looked a little nervous about it.

  3. Hi~!
    I met this Korean guy on a pen pal site a couple months ago to learn Korean culture and language. I’m 19 and he’s 22 Korean age. He’s currently serving in the military and we talk once a day (one message a day); however, these messages are long messages. We talk about what we like, do, music etc. It’s always refreshing to talk to him. Just recently, he went on vacation. While on vacation, they are allowed to use their phone. He randomly sent me a text on Kakao Talk. It was a pleasant surprise, because he was very busy studying for a test during that time but contacted me. We talked for hours. It was in the morning during my time and really late at night during his time. At one point I asked if he was tired and he said he was alright. He even told me he would text me the next day. We have A LOT in common. We have the same religious views, love the same bands, we even bonded over tragic events that happened in his city and my city. I was really amazed at how much we have in common. At the end of his vacation, it was time for him to return back to the base. He texted me the whole time until he arrived at the base. He was very sad, because they’re not allowed to use phones. Did I mention while talking on the pen pal site he said that he was glad to talk to me. After we said our goodbyes I was sad. The next day, I received a message on the pen pal site and he said that he was really glad to talk to me. That was his second time saying that. He seemed so genuine. Do you think he’s interested in me?

  4. There was this guy I met 2 years ago, he was a south Korean good looking guy. I met him through my English class. The first day of class, the classroom was full so I have no choice to sit in one of the chairs in the back of the classroom. I was sitting next to different people from different nationalities, Asians, Europeans, Arabs but not more south American people it feel a lil weird in the beginning but it was a new experience at the same time. I remember I was sitting next to a Chinese and a Japanese guy there were really cool and friendly although at first a lil shy. On the next meeting I arrived late so again I have to sit in the back, and that day the professor said we have to keep the place we were sitting. A sit next to mine was empty, I was taking some notes and checking my phone at the same time when I suddenly saw this Asian boy who was sitting in the front of the row which had the empty chair in the back walking at he end of the aisle. I thought was weird because moving from the front to be sitting in the back especially in a pronunciation and speaking class which the front was recommended felt weird. He sat next to me and was smiling, he said hi and I said hi back. He had a gorgeous smile. On that day the professor address us to be partners for the rest of the semester to practice our lectures and pronunciation in class. The following week he asked my name and where I was from. I answered kindly. He thought I was European or something. I have European roots and ancestors but I wasn’t directly from Europe. I told him I was Latina from south America. He told me he was a south Korean. I thought cool!! I knew Asian people from different countries but not Koreans. Before I met him I watched only one Korean drama which I never finish watching haha, I didn’t know anything about k-pop or k-culture at all. Every time we met at class we got to know more about each other. He will always greeted me talking in Spanish. He told me he wanted to learn Spanish so bad so I tried to teach him a lil in every class. The way he spoke was really cute. Without even realizing it I fell for him every day. He would always asked me if i have a boyfriend which my reply was nope i don’t, but silly me I never asked him if he did have a girlfriend until the very end!! =( Every time I showed up to class looking cute and dress up, he would say “you look cute today, I like ur shoes, are you going somewhere?” He was really nice to me, and we had fun together practicing our lectures. One funny memory I have is the day we were talking about food, he couldn’t pronounce pizza at all, he would say pija haha but it was cute. A bad thing is that after class sometimes we got out together at the same time and walk on the same direction for a couple of min and all we could say was, are you going home?? or see you next time!!! The end of the term was approaching and I was gonna travel to visit my family that year. I wasn’t gonna be there for the last day of class, 3 more classes were remaining to spend time with him, which made me so glad and happy. Thanksgiving was approaching and we asked each other what are you gonna do? I said I had a family dinner, he sadly said maybe shopping, my family is in Korea and my sis is studying in France. I felt terribly sad do him but idk why i didn’t tell him if he wanted to join our dinner of family and friends. 2 more days remaining. He talked to me and greeted me as always, he asked me again do u have a boyfriend and I said no, but this time I took the courage and asked him do u have a girlfriend?? His reply broke my heart, he said unfortunately I do. On the last day we took a test so we couldn’t talk we just said hi to each other. Again with that smile of his that put my world upside down asked me kindly for an pencil. I finished my paper and left early, he stayed there and kept my pencil. My heart was broken and I couldn’t even smile for the last time. I was traveling that night and I occupied my mind thinking about my trip. I saw him again the next year. We were walking in the university on the same direction but before he could see me I took a different direction. That was my last time seeing him. I think it was my first love. I was 2 years or like a year and half younger than him. I was 18 ready to turn 19 and he was like 20 or 21. I regret not to exchange numbers or email. But as I think now we were not meant to be. When I first saw him I just saw this hot tall guy very attractive but never thought about anything else like stereotypes or his race. He was nice and respectful. This is my sad story. I hope to find a cool guy again.

    • hi, your story is sad, but i think that guy likes u the way you like him. its normal if koreans ask you if u have boyfriend during your first meeting, i experience that several time. but i think its not normal if he keeps on sking u again and again if u have a boyfriend. somehow i can relate to your story its somehow like the story of the first korean guy who capture my heart, but he dont have a girlfriend and until now were still friends :)

  5. there’s this Korean guy whom i really like, he is 26 and im 20. we have lots of common friends, he stayed in the Philippines for 1 year but i haven’t met him during his stay here because i still don’t know him yet at that time but he said he went in my school before to visit a friend. our only communication now is thru Facebook. we talk everyday, every time , every minute. we just stop talking if he has a class or we’re both busy. his best friend likes me for him, his friends wants to know me and meet me. he also know those people who is really important to me like my pig brother. my pig brother is a Korean too who is very close to me, he is like my best friend and i just call him pig bro. every time we talk about pig bro he always sounded so jealous, i don’t know if its just me or he is really jealous. i always get jealous too because many girls like him. he also promised me that when i come to Korea he will bring me in his home town so i can experience country side life style. he asked me too to be with him and go out when he comes back he in the Philippines. he said before im his friend, so it means he don’t like me as a girl. I’ve decided to forget that i like him and stay as his FRIEND nothing more. but i cant help to hope and wish that maybe i can be more than a friend because were really close. he even said he’s happy that he is talking to him always and he consider me as a blessing. i always cheer him up, i always do my best to make him happy and laugh but sometimes i fail hahaha. we even have pet names to each other. i call him jae jae and he calls me yan yan. earlier i keep teasing him and he got annoyed i keep on saying sorry blah blah blah but he didnt reply. then when he replied he said “im not mad now because i saw your Facebook wall and i saw yanyan” he is talking about my alternate name in facebook, i put yanyan as my alternate name on facebook since he gave me that pet name. maybe for him its pet name but it sounded like an endearment to me haha. what should i do? im so confuse now, should i stop on liking or loving this man or do u think he likes me too the same way i like him or im just assuming things??

    • Yes some Korean guys do like Caucasian girls, they just maybe shy to approach us because they feel we wouldn’t like them and reject them. I’m married to a native Korean and it took him more then a year to ask me out.

  6. Hello there! I’d really like to ask a question, i hope you do reply. :) I’m 15 and a Filipina hahaha, there’s this korean guy in school, we’re of the same age. I saw him last year when he was hanging out with my guy friends in the mall. We’re of the same age but I’m in 4th year and he’s in 3rd year but we study in the same school. he lived here in 2006. So here’s the story, I never noticed him before, I mean I knew him but we didn’t talk much even though i’m close with his friends. I didn’t really care about him before, even on the 1st day we met. I kinda noticed last november or december, i think, how he stared at me. One time, I think it was lunch time? I forgot something inside the classroom so I had to go back inside the school. I saw him there and when we passed by each other I felt that he was staring at me and I checked if he really was, the result? He really was. hahaha When we were like 2 meters apart, I looked back to check if was still looking. He was still really looking.Then our Christmas Party came, when we were done, he was hanging out with my guy friends then me and my other friends started talking to them except for korean guy. Since I was wearing dolly contact lenses that time, people couldn’t see where I was looking, so I tried to look at him and BAM! he was staring at me. This February, I believe 12 or 13, before valentines day, he suddenly liked my photo on facebook. I said thank you in the comment then he said welcome then the conversation started there in the comment box. after his welcome I replied with a simple smiley face, then he replied with a winking smiley face. On February 14, I posted photos and statuses on my wall then he kept on liking everything. The days after that, I posted a lot of photos with different descriptions and I became so freaked out when I checked the notifications and it all came from him. After that I took things slowly, I first had chats with him then yesterday,we started texting. He’s a kind of the silent type, you know, kind of like a “man of few words” in person. We only wave at each other or smile at each other. I don’t want to assume he likes me and I don’t want to take a move yet knowing he’s been living here since 2006 so he might be influenced by the culture already wherein the guy has to take the first move. So here’s my question does he like me? What should I do? Please help me, I’ll be graduating already :(

  7. Hello, i met this korean guy on a penpal Website he is 24 and i’m 16 i know the age difference but we r like normal friends..i hope u can understand what i write xd ..i know him now about 3 months ..first we talk about our lifes and etc..then he write me on kkt that he do skype with a friend from the foreign ..i ask him how it was he said not so good ..then he said i want also to do it with u but u r so busy ..i was really surprised that he wanted to skype with me.i told him 2 months later the same but he moved to another area and don’t have wifi at home he said sorry but i wanted..so when i was show him my new painted wall he said wow pink..your profile so cute..i didn’t realize what he is mean ..i’m stupid haha..than i reply thx u too ..he say for the first time cute to me after about 1month ..he always replys me and i’m not the one who always starts the conversation^^ he lives in australia for working…but he want to go to germany where i live he always says this to me..we become closer. .so when i was outside i send him a picture of outside ..then he said i want to see ur face ..lol what else can i say hmm..he write me he came from work and i say oh good^^ then he write me something in korean ? i search it on bing transalter but the result was weird..then i ask what u do? what is cute? lol..then he reply “You are so cute lol.what r u doing?”.i was so happy ..i think he was shy to say again cute to me..i don’t know why he makes me feel so haha..is he interested in me? cuz since i send a photo of my wall he said cute to me sometimes..we also had give each other a memo message he said first “hello” (it was so cute ) then i do the same he said it is funny to do this…we write always everyday or 2 in 3 days ..when he replys to late he always so so sorry ..so i hope u can give me some guesses about him ? sry my english is not good ‘-‘ thx

  8. Hi i’m a filipino and I met this korean guy 2 months ago. He plays football in one of the football club in the country. My friend introduced him to me because she his tutor in English, on the day that we met, we talked and he asked my number. By the next day i got a message from him and we automatically exchange messages by then until now (either through personal message or kakao talk) but sometimes I’m the one who will start the conversation. Usually, when i’m just near their house where the team stays, he will invite me to come over and we will laugh and talk for hours jumping from one topic to the other. If my friend will not come for their session i become the substitute tutor and i teach him English (now, he chooses me to always go there and not friend anymore) . One time, he asked me to go with him to have a short tour of the places in the city and this invite became constant as we go to church every Sunday and have dinner together afterwards. As the time goes by, I started to know him better, he doesn’t go out to the clubs, doesn’t drink and he shows great dedication on the sport he loves. With this I started to like him secretly and I’m afraid to let him know about my feelings because I don’t know if he feels the same way. Recently, we talked about relationship and he told me that he has a girlfriend back in Korea but it is over now because it is difficult for them to see each because he is here in the Philippines and she is in Korea. One time, one of his fan message him at facebook but he told him to stop and I asked why he did it, he answered me that he doesn’t need a lot of fans because I was there I’m enough for him. Also, I asked him why doesn’t he have a girlfriend now he just answered he doesn’t need one because I am there he can spend all his money and time to me even I’m not his girlfriend. Recently, he is planning to get a permanent residence here in the Philippines and he asked me to marry him. I know that it is a joke, However, this question lasted for almost a week, he will always explain that if i’l marry him i will not work anymore and i will just laughed when he will open this topic. I don’t know if he really meant it or it is still a joke. Also, one of his friend knows already that I like him and I don’t know how, I just pray that he will not reveal it to him. When someone will asked if who I am, his friend will say that I’m his girlfriend but I will always answer back NO, but he will just keep quiet. Last time, I told him that sometimes some of friends think that he is my boyfriend and he asked me “Why, don’t you want me to be your boyfriend?” I was shocked and just answered back with a question “Why don’t you like me to be your girlfriend?” and he will also keep quiet and we will shift to another topic. Also my friend told me that he said he likes me but he doesn’t want to commit because he is focusing on his football career. Now, he’ll go back to Korea for a 1 month vacation, the last time we saw each other he hug me and told me that we will see each other soon. I really wanted to tell him that I like him, not just as a friend but more than that, however i’m scared because he might ran away from me. Do think it is okay to tell him? Do you think he also likes me? Can you help me?

    • Hi there mags. I can feel u. That’s also my problem. I’m thinking if I should tell him that I like him but I’m afraid to know his feelings towards me. But in your case I think u should tell him. Its ovious that he feels the same way too. Well atleast if u tell him you won’t have any regrets and what ifs in the end.

      Can we exchange kakao talk id? Mine is yhanana. Let’s have a chitchat there

  9. Hi, girls! I need advice! I Korean guy told me that he liked me for a long time and start pushing our relation really hard! He even started to kiss me in front of his Korean friend and my friends, asked me for dinner and so on. And after i realized that i feel comfortable that way… he just disappeared… Like not responding on Kakao or doing it with few days delay… Few times he said that he will call me out and didn’t do it. Instead he went out with friends and things like that. I am really confused. Help me, please!

  10. Hi,I want to ask a question.not reply!so I’m writing here,cuz I couldn’t find,where can I ask my question !
    Ok,I’m an asian girl.17 years old.and I met my korean boyfriend in interpals too.actually he is 31 years old,and yess,he is 14 years older.but his mind and acts is just like an 18 boy,he is so lovely,funny,and the most important is he say loves me.we talk almost everyday.and share our pics,videos,record voices,…!!I will say how we met each other.in interpals I just visited his page and saw his pics,but didn’t leave any comment.after he messaged me that u r really pretty and asked for my kakaotalk ID.I answer to all koreans who message me,so I answered him too.and we started talking.at the first of our talking ,he asked for my pics,he said,I wanted to know ur ID, cuz I wanted to ee ur other pics,cuz really pretty and cute.at first i wasn’t sure to send him my pics or not,but as he sent me his pics,I sent too.so we started to talk everyday from that day.but I don’t remember how,(I asked him too)but he said I love you.and will u be my wife???actually wt first I didn’t take it serious and said yes!!but it came to be serious more.now we really want to see each other and as he says,he want to marry me soon.I told him I’m okay with ur age cuz for me just loving is important ,and he said,if u r ok with my age,I’m too.I asked how they parents think ?and he said they say its up to me and no problem.I saw his parents pic too.and he said his mom saw my pics too and she like me too.I sent some record voice to her too.and she answered me with a funny hello^^I was really excited!!!anyway I’m here to ask this,he always tell me to be careful about guys,and I say him too.he says he believes me,but I couldn’t tell him this still!!cuz I can’t believe him.sometimes I really worried and think to myself,what he is doin now?what if he talks to other girls too??I want to ask how can I trust him?how can I make sure that he has just me,and wait for me?or if I should say or ask anything from hI’m,whay should I say??I read about ur love story with kimchi man,that was so sweet,how did u trust him?:))

  11. Hello!

    I would really appreciate some advice! I am falling for a korean man I met only a week ago! I have met up with him 3 times now. We met off interpals and he contacted me when he came to my country because he wanted help with his English. Our first meeting was very lovely, he seemed very pleasant and easy to talk to. The next time I met him, I was quite drunk. I don’t know if he took advantage but we kissed 3 times during the night and held hands while walking. I then saw him last night and again I was drunk :( he was very sick and did not feel he was able to see me but I begged him to come and meet me. I saw him for 10 minutes before he said he really had to go home. I dropped him at his apartment and he kept asking if I was okay and that he felt bad for having to go. I was really upset because I missed him. He gave me a really big hug, just like off kdramas! We don’t txt each other everyday but when I said I missed him yesterday he said he missed me too. I’m so confused! I don’t want to be mistaking this if maybe he just sees me as a friend? Pleeeease help me! I’m going crazy in love..

  12. 안녕하세요. ^^ 제발 도와주세요. This has been killing me because I think about it 24/7 and is hard not to think about. This does not normally happen at all with a guy and his lady friend.

    I had first met him on a Korean language learning app. I was the one who had messaged first because he had an ADORABLE cat picture as his profile picture and I was curious as to whether or not that cat was his (My profile pic is of me. This will become important later). I later found out that the cat was not his but his friend’s cat and that he love cats as well. We continue to just talk and about 4 days after meeting each other he decides to bring up Kakao talk and so we decided to carry our conversation there. There is where it all began to change.

    Keep in mind. I have only known him for 2 months. Though both he and I feel like we have known each other for more than 2 months. Anyways I won’t go in order because there is so much to say. After we had switched messaging apps he had asked me if I I wanted to see what he looked like because he has seen me in my profile pictures but I have not seen him. I told him that he could show me if he was comfortable with it. He told me that he was embarrassed and that it seemed as though I didn’t want to see what he looked like but he wanted to show me. I told him that I wanted to wait until he was really comfortable with showing me and that I did not want to push him out of his comfort zone. Yes I did want to see what he looked like but I figured that it would be rude and pushy if I were to ask him. When he said that it surprised me because he had NEVER said anything like that before but I thought ‘oh he is just trying to be polite’.

    I had found out one day that he smokes. He told me that he thinks he should reduce the amount he smokes. I hate cigarets and was joking around and told him he should reduce and then quit. And then I said that I was kidding and that I strongly encouraged reducing. I was joking around again saying that once I get to Korea he won’t be smoking much or at all and then told him I was kidding and that I understand that smoking is a hard habit to break. He told me that he promises once I go to Korea he won’t be smoking at all.

    I had broken down and went to him because it is REALLY hard to talk to my family about anything and everything because the are very controlling and judgemental. During the talk I told him that all I knew to do was push people away because that is what I learned as a child. The first thing he told me was that he has never done that and that he never will. The second thing was that he NEVER wants me to push him away because it won’t be like me to push him away. He had also told me that no matter what way I go he will always be with me no matter what. (This is the second time he has told me he’ll be there for me) I had asked why he takes me through my depression states so well and he told me that he wants me to be happy and that he wants the best for me.

    He also told me that he wanted to call me everyday once he improves his English. He other day we phoned each other and one of the first few things he had brought up was his cigarets situation and that before he talked to me about it he really did smoke a lot but after he reduced by a lot as well. He also had asked me if I was ok because I had hit my depression the other day. I thought it was sweet of him to ask. As we were ending the phone conversation he told me he had to go because his parents were looking for him and that he had to go. He said he was at the park waiting specifically MY call and nothing else. It was almost midnight and he was alone.

    He had asked me how I was doing one day and I told him about my bad migraine and he told me I should go to the hospital. Then I told him my symptoms and he told me I should go see a doctor. I told him I was ok and he told me ‘ I want you to be careful today. I wish I could help but I am far away’.

    He also said he wants to take me to Lotte world. I talked to one of my other Korean buddies about a what it meant if a guy wanted to bring you to Lotte World and that Lotte World is a big deal because that is where all the boyfriends take their girlfriends…… Though I am not sure.

    He also said that he is glad I am there for him like how he is me because I thought why not return what he has done to me.

    There is more to be said but I don’t remember it all but also because this is already long enough. Truth be told I don’t want to really confirm my feelings for him because I am, like you said, afraid to fall in love. Dumb love. I began liking him after he began showing the actions listed above. What do you think? I need help. I want to ask him what he thinks of me or what I am to him some time soon. I am taking in as much advice I can get.

    은비 ^^

  13. I put this on a different page, but I thought I would try my luck here as well.

    I’m a gay man from the US living in japan and except for a few friends, I’m in the closet. Several months back I met a korean guy. Our common language is japanese…but I’m not fluent and there are some communication problems.
    That being said, I’m not sure if he is interested in me as just a friend or if he is gay and in the closet like myself.
    Our housemates say we act like brothers and we seem to bring each other out of our shells when we are together and are willing to sit together quietly away from the group and despite not being able to communicate so well with each other, he’s very willing to spend hours a day with me going out and about.
    He has things he wants to say to me and he will tell others so I know what he means.
    I often catch him smiling at me for no reason and we play eye tag and make faces at each other without exchanging words. He’s fairly willing to make physical contact with me and even let me touch him on the shoulder or pat him on the stomach. And we wrestle around.
    That being said, if our knees or arms touch accidentally he’ll usually be the first to pull away after some time has passed.
    As far as I’m aware he has only ever had one sexual partner and that was while he clearly stated that it happened while he was serving in the military…so not sure if that was a prostitute or not.

    Basically I’m just not sure if he is interested in me as a friend or if he is a closeted gay man or even unsure if he is gay…and I’d rather not ask him directly unless I’m fairly sure.

  14. Hi I wanted to share the tale of my love gone wrong over a KOREAN GUY

    I met this korean guy becuase my friend introuce me to him,it was a set up date to be exact,the korean guy known me before I met him,he has my photo on his phone and showed it to me on our first date,I was shocked to know about it,he even had a new hairstyle and everything,so at first I don’t really like him,but he’s so nice and sweet,..just like any other korean guy,
    They will compliment you everyday,notice everything about you,always stare at you,..he seems so real and so in love..we became couple,he was my first BF and i’m his first GF,.. he wanted to stay in Philippines for good because of me,so we process his visa,By the way i was 22 that time and he was 25 so young and naive.it was going well,like fairytale..i was so in love,so he also seems so inlove,sometimes he would pick me up in the office to bring me to his house becuase he cook something for me,or will text me because he is outside of the office and just wanted to see me just for a minute.would carry me on his back because i feel so tired to walk. he is a kind of guy that every girl dream of.then problem came up,my parents doesn’t like him and his parents doesn’t like me neither,they don’t want their only son to stay and live i phil,also my parents are scared that he might just leave me.but we try to ignore them.The sweetest thing he said was”let’s fight this together,don’t let go”We plan to live together
    find a house that we could rent on,plan a small business.at that time i can feel that things are serious and we really meant to be.
    His father came from korea because they can’t convince him to go back in korea,i met his father but i have the feeling that he doesn’t like me for his son,his father stayed in phil for one week the gone back to korea,
    it was new year when my BF told me that he nneds to go back to korea…it was the hardest time for me,I almost can’t open my mouth for a couple of hrs and just stared at him,because I know that when he came back there’s a little chance for us..but he asked me to respect his decision,but he promise that he will visit me evry vacation,and after his studies we will get marry and so on..planned so many things.

    when he gone back to korea I decided to move in another city and work harder.we keep in touch for about 6 months but time comes when he asked me to end up the relationship because he cannot be with me anymore,he is so busy and he is not sure anymore.i totally freaked out,i begged him not to end it ( well ladies,do not beg for someone to stay in your side )i think it was the most stupid thing i did in my life,well he agreed not to end it up because he said he also can’t live without me,I know that time that it’s also hard for him,he even cried on the phone when i begged for him.

    but starting that ay i can feel that he is keeping his distance,he doesn’t message me often unlike before,no longer sweet,or sometimes he is sweet sometimes not,it was hard for me.i know that time that the relationship might end up anytime soon,but i keep hanging,hoping,and then times comes that he totally ignore me,no messgae no phone cal,no repliy not even answering my calls,

    The first heartach ever. I can’t focus on my job,I’m always angry,can’t eat can’t sleep,
    I lock my self in my apartment.my co worker keep visiting me..i still tried to call him but he doesn’t give a damn.it’s like i’m nothing and we are nothing.I resigned my job becuase i can’t work anymore.after one month
    to leave philippines and stay with my family…and I never go back in phil anymore,it took me one year to accept that it’s totally over.but until now I still feel the pain whenever something reminds me of him,
    even miss him.

    As for now i love travelling,and enjoying the company of my friends

    Well girls,if i were you don’t go for korean guy,
    They may give you 100 of happiness but thousand of pain.

    I have many korean friends
    even have a korean guy best friend
    and he suggested me not to go for korean guy again.,
    well he doesn’t like my korean ex BF and warn me
    but i did not listen.

    But it’s up to you…

    Good luck!

    • I’m sorry you had a bad experience. It’s really difficult having your feelings hurt.

      But don’t you think it’s a bit silly making a generalization about 25 million men on a basis of ONE guy?

  15. hi. m am Indian girl . living in India . somehow i saw one k drama . since it striked me same as our Indian dramas . so i wanted to learn Korean so i could understand drama better . i searched net for free tutor n i found one. he was Korean. just came India . he wanted to Learn English . n he said he can teach Korean as exchange . i clearly mentioned that my intention is learning Korean language only. n nothing else . he also said he just want to Learn English better . even though he asked for my number i dot give . later ..we started chatting in kktalk . n we became friends . slowly he started to flirt . n when i told him to stop . he said it’s normal in Korea to talk to friends very closely . n he consider me as friend only. so i asked him again whether he’s lookin for something else . he denied it. so i kept chatting with him.i even suggested him image some matter . n was good to him.. he would praise me like ur heart is warm . ur mind is like silk . he would always say that he missed me. n would ask me whether i missed him.. i would say.. no… but once i said” yeah “.. then he asked me whether i like him or not. he asked me many time n i never answered for his this question . he told me about his old girl friend. he even said few thing about his parents .. i was surprised . he doesn’t know how i look.. he says he want to eat food cooked by me.. im surprised .. even though he says Wer friends . he says things opposite to that .. likehe once told me his frien married Indian girl . he says he can became Hindu if he marries a Hindu Indian girl .. i never talked beyond friend shilp line. he even asked suggestions for shopping .. m confused by his words .. i told in the begging that we can be only friends .. n e agreed . but his words say otherwise .he says i make him calm. n happy .. pls suggest . who im to him ?

    worried friend of Korean.

    • Unless it’s a question about some aspect of Korean dating culture that would apply to every Korean, I really doubt I can help you just because I dated one Korean guy :)

  16. The 2nd post is so interesting. Does it mean that if we are the ones who always initiate the text indicating this Korean man doesn’t love us back? It happened to me too :(

    This Korean man is used to be my boss. He already moved to another country 6 months ago. We just communicated thru Kakao which is always me to initiate. He said he miss me too. He said he would find time to visit me, although he did not tell me exactly the time. But I can understand he must be so busy, he hold a high position in his company. Sometimes he just didnt reply my Kakao. One and two times he called me thru Kakao after reading my messages. He said he loves me. But not really clear he loves me as a sister, a daughter (he is divorced with 2 kids and ever saying I am reminded him to his daughter) or more :(

    I know I should have stopped this and moved on. It’s always what my friends say. But my friends don’t know my secret. This my ex Korean boss is my first love to man. I don’t know how it was started so I could be in love with him. Maybe because my co-workers teasing me with him, and he was just laughing and blushing. I never thought I can be in love with any men. Since I was a kid, i always feel that I am interested to girls. I never have boy friends. I only have a girl friend. And ironically I am still in a relationship with my girlfriend. But my relationship with her is not really good now. Maybe this is one of the reasons too, he comes to my life when my relationship with a girl doesn’t really work. I am not so sure however :( Sometimes i am wondering whether I really love him or not. But still he is always on my mind, cannot take him off my mind. And I love anything about him :(

    This Korean man doesn’t know about my sexual orientation. I only ever asked his opinion about same sex relationship. And he said it’s fine, human. So nice of him. I always hide my orientation from anyone including my friends and family. So nobody to talk about this :(

  17. The 2nd post is so interesting. Does it mean that if we are the ones who always initiate the text indicating this Korean man doesn’t love us back? It happened to me too :(

    This Korean man is used to be my boss. He already moved to another country 6 months ago. We just communicated thru Kakao which is always me to initiate. He said he miss me too. He said he would find time to visit me, although he did not tell me exactly when would be. But I can understand he must be so busy, he has a quite high position in his company. Sometimes he just didn’t reply my Kakao, like today :(.. One or two times he called me thru Kakao after reading my messages. He said he loves me. But not really clear he loves me as a sister, a daughter (he is divorced with 2 kids and ever saying I reminded him of his little daughter) or more :(

    I know I should have stopped this and moved on. It’s always what my friends say. But my friends don’t know my secret. This my ex Korean boss is my first love to man. I don’t know how it was started so I could be in love with him. Maybe because my co-workers teasing me with him, and he was just laughing and blushing. I never thought I can be in love with any men. Since I was a kid, I always felt that I wad interested to girls only. I never have boy friends in my life. I only have a girl friend. And ironically I am still in a relationship with my girlfriend. But my relationship with her is not really good now. Maybe this is one of the reasons too, he comes to my life when my relationship with a girl doesn’t really work. I am not so sure however :( Sometimes i am wondering whether I really love him or not. But still he is always on my mind, cannot take him off my mind. And I love anything about him :(

    This Korean man doesn’t know about my sexual orientation. I only ever asked his opinion about same sex relationship. And he said it’s fine, human. So nice of him. I always hide my orientation from anyone including my friends and family. So nobody to talk about this :(

    I am also not Korean, but still Asian. I know he used to have a Korean girlfriend after divorced. But they already broke up early this year. And I don’t know whether he now has a new girlfriend. :(

  18. Over a year ago, I got a pen pal from South Korea. He’s three years older than me and was finishing the remaining months of military service when we started messaging each other. He wanted help with his English and I wanted to learn more about Korean culture, because I’m visiting Korea in December. We messaged each other once a day, because he had limited access to the internet. We would talk about everything and the messages were really long. During that course of time we’ve gotten very close. During a couple of his vacations, he would always message me on Kakao Talk, because that was the fasted way for us to communicate until he went back to the base. Whenever he went back to the base, he would be sad, because we had to end our conversations through Kakao Talk. A few times, he told me that he was glad to know me. Fast forward to after his military service, we skyped a few times and always talk to each other on Kakao Talk which he initiates a lot. He expressed how I helped him get through his military service. We’ve gotten so close, that I expressed some of my hardships with him and he was so comforting. We view each other as really good friends now. He told me he’s lucky. We made plans to meet each other when I visit Korea and he’s so excited. He even told me he have dreams about that day often. I know it sounds crazy, but I’ve grown to like him. Do you think he may like me too?
    I forgot to add that he falls asleep while texting me a lot. I asked him a couple of times if he would like to sleep and text me in the morning and responds with “not now” or “i’m not tired”.
    Oh and we sent each other birthday packages. On the front of the card he wrote me, it said in korean “my heart is filled with love… saranghabnida.”

  19. Hi. Thank you for posting this blog. I am 22 years old, Filipina. I met this same age guy a month ago in Epenpal. He added me in Kakao and since then we constantly message each other (daily and almost whole day everyday). Although most of the time I am the one who ‘s sending a message. I confessed how I feel, that I like him more than anyone else and he said he feels the same way. But he is just too cold and sometimes I was doubting if he really likes me. He just came out of the military two months ago and maybe it’s also a factor for being like that. He is such a gentleman that’s why I like him. I can see that he’s a good person even though we haven’t met in persn yet. He wants to come here but he doesn’t have enough money. Same as me.I dont know and I am confused. What does “like” means for Koreans? I asked him if it was okay if I meet someone else or she meet someone else and he said it’s fine. It hurts a lot. ㅠㅠ

    • Well, Koreans are humans, so “like” for them means the same as for everyone.

      Please don’t mix up reality with wishful thinking just because he is of different nationality.

      He told you it is okay to meet someone else so if you really wish to be in a relationship right now, that is exactly what you should do.

  20. Hi, I’m an Asian woman living in Europe. Over the last half year I’ve met a few Korean guys, one I sort of dated (I say sort of because I’m still pretty unsure and confused). We met a couple of times in a group setting and then went out on about 2-3 dates after on our own. In the beginning we would talk a lot on KakaoTalk and he’d even call me sometimes. Everyday began to change to every other day after we met and in between the days we saw each other until it was a situation where I’d text him one day and we’d talk, MIA for a day or two then he’d call. If I don’t text him at all again after a while the communication dies. We haven’t seen nor talked to teach other in a few months since that happened.

    I recently met a new guy (Korean as well, yes) online and I messaged him first. Things seemed to be going well for about 3 days. The communication was constant and then it just suddenly went dead. I’d still love to get to know him but I’d rather not have the same thing from before happen again. So my question is, is this behavior when it comes to communication a Korean guy thing? I’ve met other guys both white and other Asians but have never had this kind of thing happen before. Please help me understand.

  21. Hi. I just want to share my lovelife experience about this Korean Guy, I am 22 years old a Filipina and he is 24 Y/o Korean age. His English teacher is one of my closest friends And she is the one who introduced me to this Korean Guy. we exchange numbers, chat on facebook and he asked me for a date after our first meet. He is studying in a mAritime school in south Korea and I also Graduated from a maritime school so, we have something in common. I was the only child and he is the only child also. he was very kind,sweet and gentleman. He was always waiting for me outside the hotel where i was working (he was putting efforts to see me after his english class) and he always invites me for a dinner. He teases me and he was always calling me “my gumiho” and “GF” and i called him “warewolf”.He also introduced me to his friends and he told me that his friends told him that I am “yeppuda” (Pretty in Korean Language) “gwapa” (means pretty in Hiligaynon) and I just smiled at him and told him that I am “law-ay” (ugly). It was very short time that we spent time with each other because he just stay here in the Phil. for just one month and he needs to go back to Korea last Feb.14 (valentines Day) because he needs to study there. before he go back last Feb.13,2015 it was our last meeting, we went to the mall, spent time with each other and take more Selfies. I was very Surprised that he gave me A letter and chocolate and he told me that we will celebraate valentines in advance because he will go back to korea on the next day. I also gave him my necklace with initial of my name “L” and his name also starts we letter “L” (coincidence,right? I think we are just meant for each other, omooo. joke!) After that, I read his letter infront of him, I want to cry when I read the letter. he write this sentence: “keep in touch in kakao and facebook” “the guy who wants to be your Boyfriend, L**” I was very touched and i felt like Im about to cry, so i asked him” really? you really want to be my boyfriend”? and he anwered “yes” and I told him “after 7 years, joke” and he asked for my mothers number and I gave it to him, the day that he will go back to Korea he sent message to my mother telling her that “thank you for giving birth to (my name). i will be going back to korea today”. I dont know if he is serious because right now He is in Korea, busy in his studies and I will be going to USA after 4months. and I don’t have any idea if when we can meet again. I told him that “Just wait for me” he answred “really?” i told him “yes thats my promise, just wait for me” and he told me “okay i’ll do it.and I will tell you frankly if I meet new girl here” (I was hurt when he told me but I try ro hide it from him) But I promised him that when I visit Korea someday but I think it will be after 2 years if I have enough money to spend going to Korea (it was my dream to visit Korea before I meet him. Im a KPop fan) Right now he is busy beecause of his studies he told me that to wait a little until March 3 so that we can chat and talk through skype. I’m not really sure about my feelings through him, but i miss him, his smile, his jokes, everything. but im not really sure if he can wait for me, im afraid one day if im ready to confess my feelings to him he will reject me or he will fall out of love .im not really sure if he really loves me.
    what should I do???? PLEASEEE HELPPPP. thank you. ^^

  22. hi my name is Katherine..I’m Filipino..and i’m very interested in Korean.
    they are really cute.and awesome.
    i want to have a friend like them..

    .I just want to know if they like Filipino??

    please..reply on my question!!

  23. Hi :) I met this korean Guy @ work he is my boss, @the begining he would show Up @ my station to say hi, he would just ask random questions like how was my weekend & occationaly he would tease me, i felt that he liked me but whenever i tried to get closer he would act or be all distant & he would stop playing with me & teasing me. There was this time that i asked him why was he mean to me, and he said “because thats my way of saying i love you”, he said “i love you. But he has not made a move yet. The question is, is he just playing mind Games or is he interested?…..

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