Elementary Korean language title book

‘Elementary Korean’ textbook review

I already mentioned I like trying out Korean textbooks in an endless search for one that suits me the best. You can imagine my pleasant surprise when publisher Tuttle offered to send two books pertaining to Korea for me to review – one of which was the Second Edition of ‘Elementary Korean’, a textbook for beginner learners of…

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10 best ways to learn Korean vocabulary, part 1

Learning even the basic vocabulary of Korean language can, and usually does, take years, so it makes sense to carefully choose which words to learn first. After all, what use is it that you know how to name all the bones in human body in Korean when you can’t even greet someone yet (unless you’re…

Which is your favorite kpop song poll

Which is your favorite Kpop song?

Next up in my list of articles about learning Korean language is one on learning Korean vocabulary. I have many tips I would like to share with you, and one of those is to use what interests you and what you are passionate about to introduce new Korean words into your learning. You will learn a…