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We don’t answer questions about relationships with Korean guys and Korean dating culture any more.

For the Korean dating culture, we basically covered all major points already and there is a huge list of answered questions about Korean guys, and you will most likely find your situation there too.

We were never a dating advice site but we always tried to help so there is almost a thousand comments and questions we answered in the past in the ask us about Korean boyfriend section.

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11 thoughts on “Contact

  1. So, are you both living in Europe? South Korea? ..or are you still long distance? How did you decide (if you have) where to reside? I am so thankful to you for taking the time to shed a positive light on dating men in Korea. I am a new English teacher in Busan and have found a Korean man I would love to spend more time with. :) Blessings to you both.

    • Thank you for visiting our site and asking us a question :) . You can find our answer in the “Answers” tab above or, for a while, in the “Recent” section to the right.

  2. In April 2011 I met Myungok of Seoul, and by her compulsive visa leaving of the UK, in Dec. we were engaged. I love her very very much. We had an argument via Skype on Feb.11, and total silence has since ensued. I am now a total reck ~ total. I have done everything to reach her, yet found failure. I am dying each day inside. Can anyone help me? Anyone please? Thank you, and be assured that I am an honourable, and decent sentient. xxx

    • Hello. I removed the woman’s last name to protect her privacy.
      You might want to move this comment to our “Ask us” section because no one really reads “Contact” comments :)

      I’m afraid we won’t be able to help you because it is possible she doesn’t want to be contacted and we have to respect that. Still, we hope it’s just a misunderstanding and that everything will be ok.

    • Hello,

      But this is not website for Korean boyband Boyfriend ^^ This is a site for women who are actually dating Korean guys, as in they have a boyfriend who is a Korean national.

      But I’m sure that band appreciates your dedication. :)

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