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Tell us your story about dating Korean man, loving Korean man, marrying a Korean man, or even just having a secret crush. Whether he is a K-pop celebrity, a guy at your school or someone you met online, we want to hear it.

How did you two meet? Why do you like him? Does he know you like him?

This is a place to share your story, be it happy or sad, but not to ask questions about your relationship. In case you are puzzled about some aspect of Korean dating culture, please read dozens of answers about dating and marrying Korean men we have already given. You can also read thousands of comments we answered with all kinds of lovesick troubles: Ask Us archives part 1 and Ask Us archives part 2.


Leave your story in the comments below, and your story just might end up being featured as one of our Your Korean love story posts.

96 thoughts on “Your Story

  1. Hi. Ive been reading your blog for some times. I just need your opinions and help . So here , I has been texting a korean guy from the day we started texted . Suddenly he start texting me late . I ask him , he said is because of his work. So i understand eventually. But 1 day he deleted me from kakaotalk . Do you think he find me annoyed or mad with me? I am sorry if this sound childish. I am sorry.

    • Awww sweet that is terrible…a had a friend delete me from kakaotalk only because his phone was destroyed due to an accident since you can only sign in with the phone number to that phone and got a new number…or worst case he may have started seeing someone and doesn’t want them to see he is talking to someone. I could be wrong but thats what i’ve gone through myself in past boyfriends. You are not childish, you are looking for an answer.

  2. Hi. I’m almost eighteen, and I never had a boyfriend. I have liked Korean guys because they have fun personalities and I want to know how to get a boy’s attention without appearing desperate.

  3. Here’s my story: I met my first boyfriend about a few months ago. We met at a car accident, I was the victim and he had scratched my car. I wasn’t really pissed off, just agitated because it was my first day of class, and there I was losing track of time. He stand before me asking if I was alright and asked if he could pay for damages. His english was a bit off, I thought he was a foreginer. I simply replied with a pumped up attitude, and told him I was fine and no need to pay for anything. He looked stunned underneath his sunglasses, I immediately joked that I don’t need money but a humble smile. I literally said that. He smiled and chuckled at mumbled underneath his breath something I couldn’t understand. It sounded Asian. The next thing I knew I remember I was going to be late. I turned on the engine and went straight to the campus. I ran inside the building I was assigned to. My luck soar, that day my professor wasn’t there today. I quickly walked over to an empty row and felt exhausted. I suddenly felt this presence and I slowly looked up and this guy was staring at me, I was taken back by his good looks. He smiled at me and asked if he could sit next to me, I nodded. He said, “Thank-you”, he was a foreigner as well. We sat there together during the lecture, I couldn’t relax. I felt him sneaking glances at me. I asked myself if I was weird looking. I was comfortable with my appearance, I didn’t looked too average. I was reminded by my old friends I was pretty, but I didn’t felt like it. After the lecture he followed me to the library. I thought that he must be intrested in books, I had stupid thoughts that he felt a thing for me. So I tried to loose him by hiding near a bookshelf. I noticed him looking for something- possibly a book perhaps. I felt at ease and suck up the courage to walk past him. As I ignored him, he grabs my wrist. I looked at him with my confused expression. He said, “That accident was a pretty lucky day for both of us.” I remembered what happened and immediately said, I was really okay. He intrupted me and asked for my name. I didn’t want to answer because I never liked my name, but I gave it to him. He repeated my name then he gave me his name. His name was hard to pronounce, he told me to call him Jacob. He asked if I could become his first American friend. I laughed and told him I will be his first Mexican-American friend. He seemed excited he wasn’t the only one who was from a different country. I don’t really considered myself as a Mexican because my skin color is pale and tan. We hit it off hanging out on campus, then making more friends with all types of people. He once asked if we could just hang out together, but I didn’t know it was a date. We headed outside the campus, to the movie theaters cause I love movies. He looked nervousness the whole time, after the amazing time I had. He surprised me with a hug, I laughed and hugged him back. We slowly parted from each other, slowly his lips pressed onto mine. I was surprised by him and his sudden affection. I should have realized it was a date. I flushed from embarrassment and awkwardly told him it was my first kiss. I know it sounds like a joke, but I wanted to save it before marriage. Funny huh. He told me he was very happy he was my first. On that day forward we continued our mutal relationship. My like for him is awkward and comfortable, because he made me feel important. Even now.

  4. Hi. I’m a bisexual with a long term gf now. And then i fell in love with a korean guy. Here are the info:

    1. He said he only likes korean girls. But when i told him i like him he said “whether you’re korean or not, you already have a gf”
    2. He once suggested that if i like someone else, i should break up with my gf whether my crush (himself) likes me or not.
    3. I said “please take my heart ❤️” he didnt say “no”.
    4. We talk a lot maybe more than normal friends.
    5. He always, always replies to my text messages.
    6. He is concerned with my well being. He doesnt like me to skip meals, etc.
    7. He gave a cute stufftoy as a souvenir when he went on an out of country trip.

    Idk if i should stop liking him. Idk if he likes me or if he only likes the attention. Idk if he doesnt like me because i have a gf. I am falling in love. Deeper. Everyday.

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