Handmade dolls wearing Hanbok

When Kimchi Man is in Korea and we are apart we send each other packages to feel closer. That way we have something to look forward to even though when we are missing each other like crazy.

I usually send him candy and snacks that he can’t find in Korea and he does the same for me. But last time I sent the package, I decided to add something more personal.

Heart box

What is inside the mysterious box?

I decided to make cute dolls wearing Hanboks (Korean traditional clothes) that looked just like the two of us. I used salt dough which is really easy to prepare. You can do it too – it requires only basic ingredients that everyone has at home. The recipe for the dough is at the end of this post.

Once I made the dolls I put them in the oven and baked them on low heat for a really long time. When they were completly dry and cool I painted them, let the paint dry really well and then coated them with three layers of varnish. It took a while but it is important to do so in order to keep the moisture out. And…. ta da!

Salt dough, clay, dolls hanbok handmade

Faithful representation of Kimchi Man and Oegukeen wearing hanboks. Haha, not really.

My doll was supposed to be taller than his but her head got a bit squashed while I was making it ^^*

Korean man hanbok

Kimchi Man is one of the rare Korean men who wears his hair really short. It was a challenge to make but I am satisfied with the results.

I think the watch turned out adorable. Kimchi Man never takes his watch off so I had to include it on his doll. I used aluminium foil and for the dial a tiny piece of paper painted blue.

I think Kimchi Man and Oegukeen dolls make a nice addition to site banner. What do you think? :)


Salt dough recipe:

2 cups all purpose flour

1 cup salt

1 cup water (it shouldn’t be too cold)

Of course you can make any amount you want, just always keep the 2 : 1 : 1 ratio of flour, salt and water respectively. Mix the salt and flour first, and then gradually add water. And that’s it! Simple, right?

– Oegukeen

9 thoughts on “Handmade dolls wearing Hanbok

  1. I agreed! So adorable :), Just like me and him sometimes we sent something to each other either sweet, candy and so on.. I once sent him my home made cookies. :D I love to do cards or any arts item, so whenever I’m free I made those and sent to him XD, For his upcoming birthday I already prepared something for him even though I am not good at drawing I try my best! kkkkkkkk ^^~ Unfortunately I couldn’t manage to find something for his birthday, but I hope I am able to find it for him in the future. Whatever it is we also have each other doll, so whenever we miss each other we would cuddle up the doll ^^~~~

      • I love this handsome guy, I break up with him bout 21 times. I miss him n I want to see him so I act nutty. I can’t stay mad at him coz I love him.every since he told me he like me I havent really communciate with him like I would like. I get mad n sad coz I want to see him so bad. I look at pics on Internet. Which I think is sad. I don’t remember what his children look like.nor his mom.i have so many questions 4 him.i love him so much n think we r perfect match, he’s so sweet n thoughtful,gentle ,kind,we can talk bout anything n everything.i trust him .however sometimes I get sad when he has talked bout my x in past. I want him to write me personal letter address to me than I will be happy

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