Korean emoticons

Korean emoticons or Korean smileysKorean emoticons can make chatting and texting with your Korean friends a lot more fun and genuine. Also called Korean smileys, they are similar to other East Asian emoticons, with the exception that Korean emoticons use Hangul letters like ㅂ, ㅇ, and ㅅ.

Below you can find Korean emoticons list with translations.

The cute picture emoticons, also known as stickers, all belong to Daum and come from now defunct app MyPeople which Daum deprecated when they merged with Kakao. Now most Korean people use free Korean app KakaoTalk.

Copy-paste list of Korean text emoticons (such as this one ㅠ.ㅠ) as well as their meaning is at the bottom of this post. I collected them from various Korean chatting apps as well as Kimchi Man‘s experience. He was also kind enough to translate and give explanations for them.

Korean picture emoticons:

Love emoticons

Emoticon Hangul Translation
Korean emoticon 33 사랑해 I love you 사랑해 I love you (Korean)
Korean emoticon 알라뷰 I love you 알라뷰 I love you (Konglish)
Korean emoticon 오빠야 oppa 오빠야~ Oppaaa
Korean emoticon 보고파 I miss you 보고파 I miss you (said in a cute way)
Korean emoticon 뽀뽀 해줘 Kiss me 뽀뽀 해줘~ Kiss meee
Korean emoticon 난 너의 노예 I'm your slave 난 너의 노예 I’m your
Korean emoticon 넌 나의 노예 You're my slave 넌 나의 노예 You’re my
Korean emoticon 따랑해 I love you 따랑해 I love you (said in a cute way)
Korean emoticon 우리 왕자님 My prince 우리 왕자님 My prince
Korean emoticon 우리 공주님 My princess 우리 공주님 My princess

Greeting emoticons

Emoticon Hangul Translation
Korean emoticon 좋은 하루 Good day 좋은 하루~ Good daaay
Korean emoticon 긋모닝 good morning 긋모닝 Good morning (Konglish)
Korean emoticon 똑똑 Knock knock 똑똑 Knock knock
Korean emoticon 잘 자~ Sleep tight 잘자~ Sleep tiiiight

Cute emoticons

Emoticon Hangul Translation
Korean emoticon 완전 이뻐 Totally pretty 완전 이뻐 Totally pretty
Korean emoticon 부끄 부끄 Shy 부끄 부끄 Shy
Korean emoticon 내꺼 Mine 내꺼~ Mineee
Korean emoticon 초 쿌릿 주세용 Give me a chocolate 초쿌릿 주세용 Give me a chocolate (said in a cute way)
Korean emoticon 이쁜짓 Trying to be cute 이쁜짓 (Reaction to someone doing cute stuff)
Korean emoticon 샤방 dazzling 샤방 dazzling
Korean emoticon 나 이거 사줘 Buy me that 나 이거 사줘 Buy me that
Korean emoticon 소싱 Cautious 소심 Prudent. Cautious.
Korean emoticon 궁디 팡팡 Spank 궁디 팡팡 Spank

Thanking and apologizing emoticons

Emoticon Hangul Translation
Korean emoticon 화풀어 Don't be mad 화풀어 Take it easy. Don’t be mad.
Korean emoticon 미안 sorry sorry 미안 미안 Sorry, sorry.
Korean emoticon 너의 죄를 사하노라 I forgive your sin 너의 죄를 사하노라 I forgive
your sin
Korean emoticon 쌩유 thank you 쌩유 Thank you (Konglish)

Laughing and crying emoticons

Emoticon Hangul Translation
Korean emoticon ㅎㅎㅎ hehehe ㅎㅎㅎ Hehehe
Korean emoticon ㅋㅋㅋ LOL ㅋㅋㅋ LOL
Korean emoticon 어마야 mommy scared 엄마야 Mommy (when you get scared)
Korean emoticon 엉엉 boohoo 엉엉 Boohoo

Affirmative emoticons


Korean emoticon ㅇㅇ yes ㅇㅇ Yes. (Short for 응)
Korean emoticon 오키 Okay 오키 Okay. (Konglish
Korean emoticon 파이팅 fighting 파이팅 Good luck
(Lit. fighting; Konglish)
Korean emoticon 토닥 토닥 There there 토닥 토닥 There there
(comforting someone)
Korean emoticon 앗싸 Yay 앗 싸! Yay!
Korean emoticon 참 잘했어요 Good work 참 잘했어요 Good work! (school stamp)
Korean emoticon 대박 jackpot 대박! Jackpot!
Korean emoticon 축하해 congratulations 축하해 Congratulations

Complaining and angry emoticons

Emoticon Hangul Translation
Korean emoticon 배고파 hungry 배고파



(stomach growling)

Korean emoticon 인생 뭐 있나... There's nothing special in life 인생 뭐 있나… There’s nothing special in life…
Korean emoticon 피곤해 I'm tired 피곤해 I’m tired
Korean emoticon 졸려 Sleepy 졸려 Sleepy
Korean emoticon 나른 Drowsy 나른 나른 Drowsy. Sluggish.
Korean emoticon 개 피곤 So tired 개 피곤 So tired
Korean emoticon 흥 psh 흥! Psh!
Korean emoticon 짱나 I'm annoyed 짱나! I’m annoyed!
Korean emoticon 고마 해라 That's enough 고마 해라 That’s enough.
Korean emoticon 아오 진짜 Why, you little... ! 아오~ 진짜! Why, you
little… !
Korean emoticon 66 이게 자네 최선인가 the best you can do 이게 자네 최선인가 Is this the best you can do
Korean emoticon 싫은데 Nah, don't feel like it 싫은데? Nah, don’t feel like it.
Korean emoticon 뭐래 What are you saying 뭐래? What are you saying? (I know what you are saying but I don’t care)

Common Korean expressions emoticons

Emoticon Hangul Translation
Korean emoticon 어디야 Where are you 어디야? Where are you?
Korean emoticon 뭐하삼 What are you doing? 뭐하삼? What are you doing?
Korean emoticon 콜미 call me 콜미 Call meee
Korean emoticon 대답해 Answer me 대답해! Answer me!
Korean emoticon 놀아줘~ Hang out with me 놀아줘~ (Please) Hang out with me
Korean emoticon 먹자 Let's eat 밥먹자! Let’s eat!
Korean emoticon 영화한판 고고! Let's watch a movie 영화한판 고고! Let’s watch a movie!
Korean emoticon 시러 I don't want to 시러 No, I
don’t want to.
Korean emoticon 뭥미 What the heck is that 뭥미? What the
heck is that?
Korean emoticon 헉 OMG 헉! OMG!

Korean text emoticons

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Emoticons from free Korean apps

Korean text and call apps come with predefined emoticons so you just select the one you want and don’t have to worry about typing.

Korean text emoticons are usually standing upright, unlike their western counterparts which lie on their sides. They are usually more complex and use larger number of special characters.

In a very interesting book I am reading right now “The Routledge Course in Korean Translation” there is an explanation of some subtle differences between Korean and Western emoticons. For example, even though both ^^ and :) show a smiling face, Korean version has a subtle nuance of “please understand”. In the same way ㅠ.ㅠ and  :_( both represent a crying face but Korean version is also a bit apologetic.

Most importantly, the focus of expression in Koreans emotions is on the eyes rather than the mouth. To see this, compare Korean emoticon for smiley face on the left with the Western emoticon on the right

(^_^) :-)
character used for the eyes ^ :
character used for the mouth _ )

Also, Hangul letters are often used.

Korean text emoticons list:

Symbol Explanation Example
ㅇ, ㅎ, ㅍ, ㅡ Eyes (Hangul). ㅎ_ㅎ (ㅇ_ㅇ) ㅡ_ㅡ ㅎ.ㅎ
^ Smiling eyes. ^^ ^_^ (^_^)
ㅠ, ㅜ Crying eyes (Hangul). ㅠ.ㅠ ㅠ_ㅠ ㅠㅠ ㅜㅜ
>< Eyes. >.<
ㅂ,ㅁ,ㅅ,ㅇ Nose or mouth (Hangul). ^ㅂ^ ㅡㅅㅡ ^ㅇ^
* Blushing, embarrasement. ^^* *^_^*
; Drops of sweat. Embarrassed, awkward, nervous. ^^; (^_^;;;)
ㅋ or ㅎ Imitatating sound of laughter (Hangul). The more of them you string in a row, the more you are laughing. ㅋㅋㅋ 크크 ㅎㅎㅎ 히히
ㅇㅋ OK
ㅎㄷㄷ Shaking with fear. Short for 후덜덜.
~ Wink. ^~ (^_~)
~ Adding this symbol, called tilde, means you are stretching out your speech. It makes what you are saying nicer or cuter.
@ Confused. @.@ (@_@)
•,⊙,∑ Special characters.

Note: Select Hangul character and press right CTRL.

(•¯ ∀ ¯•) ⊙∑⊙ @( ∙ • ∙ )@

To use these you will need to set up Korean keyboard on your device, and I recommend you learn touch typing Korean, that is typing using all ten fingers without looking at keyboard. It’s much easier than it sounds.

The combinations you can create are endless now that you know the basic elements that make up Korean emoticons. As other Asian emoticons Korean ones are really cute, don’t you think?



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