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My Korean boyfriend was born and raised in South Korea and I was born and raised in Europe. As I tried to prepare for the difficult journey ahead – with almost 6,000 miles (around 10 000 km) of distance between our countries and expecting culture clashes, misunderstandings and language barriers – I turned to guidance online by people who had already gone through what still lay ahead for me. To my great surprise, information was either scarce or worryingly negative. Still, we didn’t even consider giving up and meeting each other in person became the most important thing in our lives.And then…

I met my Korean boyfriend

dating Korean guys love South Korean manThat night everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. My carefully perfected plan was ruined. After taking 6 hours to get there it turned out the place where I wanted to get the food had been closed for a year, the bus didn’t show up, I spent all the money on a cab fare and, on the day when it was crucial I look my best, I looked exhausted and defeated.

This late at night the airport was in semi-darkness and looked deserted. The time seemed to have both slowed down and sped up. I wanted it to pass, and yet, I wasn’t ready. Slowly, a few people gathered. Among them I saw a few black-haired heads. Asians! That was a good sign.

Finally, the gates opened and people started pouring out. And then… I saw him! I had no trouble recognizing him. After all, I haven’t done much else than stare at his photos for the last few months. He was weaving among people, and every few seconds, I would lose sight of him. He grabbed his suitcase and headed… straight towards me!

Yesterday we were thousands of kilometers apart. Now we were so close we could have touched each other. Could have, had it not been for a huge glass pane dividing the arrivals from people ready to greet them. I motioned towards the doors. Before I knew what had happened I was awkwardly hugging him. I had played this hug in my head hundreds of times. Somehow in my mind I always did it much more gracefully. But then again in my mind he didn’t have that huge backpack on.

Dazed, we both made it out, murmuring, trying to make a conversation, our hearts pounding. In the meantime the missing bus magically appeared and we settled in the seats next to each other.

For the first time I looked at him. Really looked at him. It was my boyfriend. My Korean boyfriend. My Korean boyfriend who I was seeing in person for the first time in my life. My eyes slid from his face along his arms. Muscular arms. Down to his hands resting in his lap. There was that watch, the silver watch I would recognize in an instant because it was on every photo of him I have seen. And his hands were just as manly and beautiful as in the photos.

“Is this what you want?”

I looked up to see him smiling at me. My eyes went down again to his hand but this time it wasn’t resting in his lap. It was outstreched, palm-upward, ready for me to hold it. Big smile settled in on my face as our hands wrapped around each other.

Actually, nothing had gone wrong that night.

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We’ve been through a lot, both together and now apart, but not for a moment did either of us regret it.

If you have a Korean guy you like, or if you are already in a relationship with one, we are happy to have been able to share our experiences and tell you what we have learned, but we would also love to hear any tips that you might have .

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  1. Hi. Someone showed me this website and I interested your article.haha. i think it is very depends on who he is your bf.
    someguy just focus on your body. but someguy really want to true love from other country. well.. there is some words in korea.
    A guy knows well guy and girl knows well girl. That means if you have a korean bf before you make serious relationship, just introduce to other korean people. and then you will get true information from them. Also, I am korean. haha..it doesn’t matter my bf who comes from.

  2. Hi. Im a filipino with japanese and spanish descent. My concern stsrts here…

    2 years ago, i met this korean guy and i started to like him and wanted to be close with him. After 4 months, we became closer. On the summer class, we became more closer that he asks me stuffs when he’s not sure with doing school works and the summer class was always like that to me. On my 2nd year 1st sem, my feelings for him grew but he was kinda ignoring me already because another girl who was crushing on him was flirting with him.and we were so busy with our duties and we’re in a different group. But before the 1st sem ends, for 2 months, he looks at me in class maybe because he also catch me looking at him. And whenever there will be time that we will walk just the two of us, he looks directly to me eye to eye and he kinda leans over so i tend to lean backward because it’s awkward. And whenever he will see me walking alone, he calls my name and tries to walk with me.
    Then, on the second sem, we’re already in the same group for duty that we’ll be out of the school for 8 hours and 7 of us will be in a hospital for duty. He always go with me and parters up with me bcoz he is bot close with other groupmates. The thing that im confused about is that why does he always look at me and when i’ll look back at him, he will change gaze. And there was one day that our filipino prof was teasing me and him like “Hey “D”, meri is single..why dont you try to date her” .then when all of us were eating together and D and I face each other on thr table,my groupmates came along with the joke and started to tease the two of us. I said “Dont be like that!”D” and i will become awkward. Right “D”?!?!” I asked him and he just smiled looking at my eyes and then to his food. And im like ‘what was the meaning of?! He didnt even answer whether he’s already annoyed or it’s ok’ and the story goes like that. He always approach me like “ALWAYS” and sometimes im annoyed already falling out of love from him because he always ask me approach me. and this time, he’ll be transferring course and school maybe…one day, after 1 week of not seeing each other,he called me and at 7 am,im still in the dorm and sleeping, he told me he wanted to borrow scientific calculator. I told him “ok where are u,i ll bring there the calcu” and he said “im already on my way to your dorm but i dont know which dorm you stay” and then, we met outside the dorm and handed him the calcu and i asked him why he wanted to transfer and why he borrows my calcu. He said he’s enrolled with 2 summer subjects but from what i heard, those subjcts dont require any computation. They were bible subject and a home skill subject about house chores. Then i told him to just give it back the next week. But he didnt return it. It was already 4 weeks from now. Yesterday he texted me that he lost my calcu and he will just buy another one.

    That’s it just for today. I dont know what will happen next.

    So.. I just wanna know if … Should I confess first? And do you think ..did he also have the feelings?

    • Hi, I am also Filipina and I’ve been dating a Korean guy for four years now. I also met him at school and I opened up that I like him then it turned out that he likes me too. Korean guys are typically shy so if you think that he likes you, just give it a shot. Who knows he’s been longing to be your man. Goodluck!

      • Hi,i am interested of everyone’s story. I also found a korean girl that i liked and we have taken a few photos in my phone,than she left me she has no facebook or email,that’s problem i can’t connect her and i think now i am crazy with her,she’s always in my dream.

        • Hi,i really like korean girl,how can i love with korean girl and will korean girl like little boy like me,also i really sad when i think about my love is it possible to have a korean gf that’s my dream all my life.i am happy with a person who have love with korean best wishes i hope my dream become truth

  3. Hello there! I am from the Philippines and I have a story to tell and sort of questions about me and my Korean guy. Here it goes….

    By the way, I am 27 and he’s 28. I met this guy from work. I have this 2nd part time job of being an English Tutor online. He was my student since last year, 2014. We seldom conduct classes, like 2 or 3 times a week. After few months he asked for my Kakao ID and so I did give it. We started to talk there (chat and calls) everyday. He started to send me messages or calls from sweet goodmornings to goodnights. And btw, he has been visiting Philippines for quite some time, Probably 4 times but we didn’t get the chance to meet. Last November while we were talking over kakao he suddenly said, “I like you, don’t you like me?” then I answered “I really don’t know coz we haven’t met in real yet.” So he replied like “I love you, really. You are so different with other girls. Tell me you love me too, please.” So with his constant questions, I said, “yes, I think I am starting to like you too.” Since then, we became more close. After a week, I was surprise when he said, “I booked a ticket going there on February. Will you see me and stay with me?” And I said “Okay I will check with my work schedule If I can get a vacation.” So time passed by, we kept on talking everyday, sending messages. He do things like, sending photos with his friends when he’s out, calling and talking to me on skype or kakao eventhough he’s beside her sister or he’s driving. Those things made me more comfortable and excited to meet him.

    The communication was constant. He gives me his daily schedule everyday, send messages and calls me. So February came, I fetched him in the airport. When he arrived, he was with his korean friend, a guy who will also stay in Philippines. He hugged and kissed me the first time he saw me. We were so comfortable. He brought a lot of things for me. I was surprised. He had cosmetics, perfumes and fancy accessories. I insisted to pay but he refused. So I accepted them with gratitude. He stayed in Philippines for 3 weeks. I was with him on his first and last week. We met his korean friends, my friends and cousins. One night while he was drink and we were walking in the street, he hugged me and kissed me on the lips. I was shocked and pushed him back. I got annoyed and shy because people were staring at us. I didn’t know he felt upset because of that, we fought and tried to explain each other’s reason. Another thing, I was holding his phone and accidentaly saw his facebook. He told me he’s not using his facebook because he’s not interested in it. So I tried to ask him why he lied. I got mad because I thought that he’s hiding something from me. That night, he cried and said sorry. He explained things and showed me his facebook. He told me he only opens it once in a while so he decided to delete it. My heart melt when he started crying. I felt so bad and harsh on him. The night before he went back to Korea, we talked seriously. He said he never expect that he will like me as much as how he feels now. At first he thought he will end up the communication after we met but now it’s changing. He ask me to understand him because he will be very busy for the coming months and that he may not be able to contact me as often as before, but he’ll try. So I said, “No worries. We’ll be okay. ”

    So he went back to Seoul. Actually, nothing has changed. The communication was same as before. We often talked over skype and his mom sees me sometimes. One day I asked him, “Does your mom knows me and us?” he answered, “Yes, she asked about your job and I said you are an English teacher and College instructor.” That was a little relief for me. But this time we often fight, like he always drink with his friends and I ask me a lot of “where are you? arent you going home yet? who’s with you?” Am I too clingy? Or sometimes I feel it’s hard to trust him. He gets annoyed with me most of the time. So I tried to avoid him, I did not contact him for 3 days but he kept on sending me messages like “how are you, goodmorning, i hope you have a great day, goodnight, take care, I miss you.” he was so calm. then he tried to call me many times, finally I decided to answer. Still he was calm, he didn’t get mad at me. I just said, sorry I was so busy eventhough it was a lie. then he answered “it’s okay, I understand. good thing you are fine. I miss you” Is it me? Am I the problem? :( He seldom says I love you or I love you too. but when he does, I really appreciate it. He never complains even I don’t answer I love you too.

    So he visited me again this May for 1 week. The first day we met, we argued. I was asking him to change his kakao picture with our picture together. He refused. He said it’s private and he can’t put our picture together. He always use kakaogroup and he said it’s normal in korea because it’s like a group chat with his batchmate or schoolamate. One time, I saw someone sent him a message in English “I miss you :(” then I asked who is that girl. he answered me like “She’s is friend who I met just online. She’s from Indonesia and like a sister to me. She knows I have a gf don’t worry. we say I miss you but not I love you because It’s normal to miss a friend right?” so I asked, “can I see and check your kakaotalk” But he refused again and said “No you can’t. It might cause us some fight again. It’s better not to see my kakao because it’s private as I always tell you.” then I asked, “aside from her, are you talking with other girls? how many?” he said, “just 2 girls, just friends. they know I have a girlfriend. If people ask if I have a gf I said I have but if they don’t I never tell. I said don’t worry, I don’t have other gf. Just you.” so we fought terribly again. Then he got mad and said “can we take some rest for a while, just one month. I don’t want us to fight always and I don’t want you to get hurt. So please give me the chance to think for a month. Then we will get back together, will you?” Then I answered, “I can’t. It’s either we break up or continue solve this problem together.” I was crying. He said “Don’t cry. whenever you cry my heart melts and I always change my mind. Whenever you get mad at me I feel of leaving you but when you cry I feel soft. I really love you, you know that but you are sometimes too much.” Then I decided, “Ok if you don’t wanna see me crying. I will go out for 15minutes then you can pack your things. I will be back after 15 minutes atleast you will not see me crying when you leave and it won’t change your mind.” So I did went out. had a cup of coffee and to my surprise when I get back he’s still there and he said, “Take a shower, let’s meet my korean friend for a drink.” it was like, nothing happened. On his third night, he asked me to have a drink and dinner. While we were drinking, he said. “I will not repeat this and I will just say this only tonight. Okay. We will not take some time and rest, let’s just fix ourselves and please avoid fighting. It gives me stress. Just forget everything I said last time. And Please do not ask about my kakaotalk anymore just trust me.” And I just whispered “Okay…”

    I was just wondering.. I am not sure if it’s just me. I feel like when he’s talking to me, he shouts or always mad but he said it’s normal. Then when we walk, we seldom hold hands and he walks first. But he said it’s because He thought I don’t like it when he holds my hands just like when he kiss me in public and he walks first because sometimes I walk slowly and he told me to inform him when he walks a little fast. Whenever we are walking and he pulls my hand or body on the safer side or he wants to enter a shop or buy something, I find it forceful. Or is it because koreans are really like that…. when we eat he always say “you sit here beside me.” he is a little bossy I guess or because I have a strong personality? he always tell me I am assertive and stubborn. Maybe I was just used to Filipino Bf and that Korean Men are really different. One time he also mentioned, “You see we are very different, we have a big gap, we have different character but I try to minimize the gap between us. I try to understand your culture. I never did this to other girls. I never dated and kept communication as long as what we have now. So I really love you. It is very easy for me not to communicate with you anymore but I can’t do it. I am still here. I can leave you at this very instant but I am still with you. I stay with you. Can’t you see?” Plus he’s studying our language, Filipino. Then I asked him, “Do you see your future with me? Like getting married with me? He answered, “last time yes, Now.. I am not sure anymore because of your attitude.” Is it really me? Or Am I just justifying his words?
    Everyday, I never call or send message first. He always does. I trusted him a lot. Until I knew about the kakao thing. Should I be threatened by that? He might be back after 3 months. These days I always think about us… Please enlighten me.

    Thank you so much,

    • In my opinion if a guy has nothing to hide than he should be okay with you checking his kakao.

      You are definitely in a difficult situation but do whatever is best for you. I am also in a similar situation. I met a korean guy, but he is an international student from Korean. He came to Canada 7 months ago but we met like 2 months ago.

      In the beginning we just text each other and we decided to meet in person after 3 weeks. We both knew we like each other but it was weird since we had not met in person and just talked to each other online. We kissed on our first date, and we decided to start dating. It’s my first time dating a Korean guy since I am a spanish girl, both of our cultures are very different. He seems to like me a lot since he always tells me how he loves me and misses me when we don’t see each other. I also like him a lot. I have notice that he likes to kiss me in public, but i prefer not to do that, he likes to hold my hand all the time, he likes to buy me things, he treats me well and with respect, he told his friends that he has a girlfriend, he met my friends and family and they like him a lot too.

      He still has not told his parents about me. I have notice that he talks a lot on the phone with his girlfriends and friends.

      I think most korean guys have girlfriends as friends but in my culture such thing doesn’t exist lol haha. I personally, don’t like the fact that he meets his girlfriends and goes out. He likes to hang out with friends a lot and drink. He always tells me to trust him and that he only loves me. When, I get mad at him, I ignore his calls and messages but he acts like nothing is wrong. He will text me good morning, i miss u , what you doing, etc….although, I don’t tell him I am mad at him. I let him have his free time and not become to controlling but I think its time for me to tell him how I feel about him meeting up with girl friends. The sad part of my story is that he needs to return back to korean this august which is like in 2 months and if he goes back I will break up with him even though I love him. I can’t go to korean to visit him and he is not coming back to Canada either.

      I told him to stay and marry me lol haha, yeah I know it’s crazy but I love him a lot till the point that i would marry him. I told him that I was willing to marry him, but he didn’t answer, he saids he will give me an answer in 4 weeks lol. I will feel heart broken if he leaves but it’s his decision after all…he was studying to be an environmental engineer in korean so he wants to go back and finish his last year in university, i understand his situation and all but still if he loved me enough he would stay with me here in canada. I will wait for his answer but it’s really bothering me and I feel so angry at him but at the same time he is in a difficult position.

        • Oh really, maybe it was for the best. Cheer up and you can find someone else. If my boyfriend goes back to Korean than I will break up with him and find someone else.

          • and he mentioned like “we are really different”. It broke my heart, really. I feel like I just wasted my time. I was blinded by his sweetness and care at first. Better off this way.

            I hope you and your korean guy can work things out. :)

            • To be honest, both of you girls are unreasonable. Anne, you are borderline imposing and extremely distrustful. His Kakaotalk is private, he is not answerable to you, if you have trust issues, be single. I’m surprised he has this much patience with you. Rosa, ‘if he really loved me, he’d have stayed back’, are you for real? Do you know the cost of visa, living expense, etc. ? How convenient of you to say that you’d break up because you wouldn’t go to Korea but expect him to jeopardise his education and wait back for you. And asking him to marry you when you have hardly dated for a few months, no wonder he isn’t replying. From what I read, there is nothing wrong with the guys, if anything, they seem extremely polite, loving and respectful. Yes they might drink a lot, they might have a lot of chick friends and all of that is okay, that is the culture they were brought up in. If it is that problematic, find a guy of your own culture or don’t do a long distance relationship or better yet, go to Korea and find a boyfriend. Please quit with the princess syndrome because you make all of us girls seem bad.

    • Hi can you tell me what there like I’m losted.. He want to be friends and that he trust me and want to keep in contact bt I didn’t get him because I was busy.. And he doesn’t want me to go back to nz he want me to staye in Australia and we only txt no call I don’t get it tbh

    • I really like you wrote down everything step by step!! I think he is really Korean… they are acting a bit cold and they dislike to talk about problems, get into fight but then how can they solve problems?! most important thing is communication. other thing! he has problem with your personality?? but that is your essence, thanks you!! I think it’s dangerous if u later get married with him cuz he already now dislike things in your personality… plz let is know how things going!

  4. I know, he talks to girls, but i have never asked to see his Facebook page or kakao. I want to see who he is talking to but I will feel embarrassed if I check his stuff even though he is my boyfriend. Also, I can’t read or understand loren how will I know what he is saying to his girlfriends lol hhhahah this sucks.

      • I know it can be quite annoying at times lol. I am trying to be understanding but soon or later I will need to step up and be straightforward. Although, I am very sad that we might break up because he plans to go back to Korean. Honestly, I don’t understand him. I am willing to do everything for him but he is having a hard time making a decision. I might end up getting my heart broken.

  5. i’m not korean (still asian) I like this korean guy.
    He’s a footballer for my hometown team. We’ve met before during his training. My heart beats so fast when i see him. Unfortunately during a conversation, he told me that he already had a girlfriend. Korean girlfriend ㅜㅜ my heart brokes into pieces lol i tried to forget him but i can’t. My friends also say ‘just forget him’ but idk why is it so hard. ㅜㅜ

  6. This site…

    All those Korean dramas are leading girls to think Korean men are knights in shining armor >.> I know this is the case in Asia, and any western demographics that like Korean dramas.

    The dramas have created a misguided culture around those who dont truly understand it. It’s totally misleading. Please snap out of it, girls!

      • I’m happy you replied. I agree with everything you just said.

        I don’t cite Korean dramas as the only source of being misleading. I cite the entire K-pop culture, or K-pop media which, even in the country itself, influences young men and women alike to act in ways which are not as straightforward as in the west. Though it seems like I’m deciding what the WHOLE nation is like, I’m only stereotyping. Culture being influenced by media happens everywhere, just taste is different in each nation.

        I cite Korean culture SPECIFICALLY because it seems to be–along with Japanese pop culture–the most pervasive in other countries.

        K-pop culture has a really ideal modern fairytale vibe to it. And unlike Japanese culture, it feels different. Inaccessible. Perhaps a little too romantic and too ideal. Why else would people have a romantic (and distant) fascination with Korean men and women? Why even have this site, if Koreans shouldn’t be treated any differently from other nationalities? Because their culture is so specific.

        I warn against this fascination because foreigners’ understanding of Korea is misguided.

        Korean men are like men everywhere. Korean women are like women everywhere. There’s a difference between being AWARE that they’re playing the GAME (the rules of which are played differently in every culture), and ROMANTICIZING their romantic-ness.

  7. Hi, I am a Filipina and dating a Korean Man. I was actually a Kpoper and I usually watch K-drama and variety shows even before. I have met my Korean boyfriend in Malaysia where he work at. Me and my friends were having our 5 days vacation there, and when we went to Mt. Kinabalu, we actually dont know where to go. Alot of cars passing by but he was the only one who stopped and helped us. When he said he is Korean, I greeted him in Korean language (as I know some basic). I thought it will end all there, I actually forgot his name and face. But the following day when we went island hopping, I didnt expect that he was also there. My friend greeted him and he went to us and he talked with me. He asked me if I tried to go some restaurant or bars in KK. And i said we were planning but we dont know where. So he invited us to go out at night. However, my friends did not come so I was the only one who went out with him. But he said, I’m the one who he really wanted to be with and to know more.

    So, I spent my night with him and we talked alot. I also spent my last day with him before going back to Philippines.

    The only problem is, he has a long time Japanese girlfriend who hasnt seen for over a year. He said he already introduced the girl to his family but since the Japanese lady has a strange attitude(according to him), he felt sick and tired but he cant leave her for now. He said that when he met me, everything changed. He said, I made him confused.

    I have accepted this fact since they havent seen each other for long time, but I know they are still having communications.

    Though he has the Japanese girlfriend, he always makes me feel special. He went to the Philippines to see me again and spent a week with him. We are so happy being together. However, he still cant leave the Japanese coz he said, its not the right time yet coz he just met me recently.

    So what will I do? I know he likes me and I also like him.

    • As for me… I think the Korean guy is playing safe. He will break up with the Jap girl and start to take things seriously between you two if he really likes you.

      • Thanks for your response. That’s what I am thinking as well. But what is the best thing I should do?

  8. I just want so bad to go in korea … im from greece but i believe i belong in korea …i prefer asian boys anyway i prefer beautiful korean places i prefer the korean life…one part of my heart belong to korea…im just so sad that i cant live in korea for now…

    • Before you go ro korea learn the language first and start diet even if you have only 1 kg extra.. It’s not so dreamy there as you think. I like korean culture very much but i know that as foreigner and especially as a European person i have to face a lot of criticism and annoying looks..

      • Learning a language takes years. Most foreigners live in Korea without ever learning the language. Hangul, sure. Whole language, really not necessary.

        However, I do recommend learning Korean, it is always fun learning a new language even if it takes a while and can be frustrating from time to time.

        Koreans may be a bit more open with criticism than Westerners but they don’t do it with evil intentions, and you shouldn’t change your appearance because a few other people tell you so.

    • I just feel the same. I want to go there as in now but its impossible for so many reasons. I love everything about korea. Actually I was searching about korea and it brought me here. Im really serious about my plan to migrate in korea, I know its not that easy.

    • You should try it.. I think there good guys they respect you alot I’ve seen some they respect and kind so much from them

  9. I’ve met a Korean guy last year when we have our trip in Korea. We’ve met in a very unusual way. Me and my friend finding our way down from the mountain when suddenly he showed up and also trying to find his way. We’ve talked and asked each others name, I asked him what brings him up to the mountain he said his trying to rest because he’s waiting a diagnosis from the doctor. So, I asked him for his email because obviously I’m interested on him and what would happen to him. On our stay in Korea, we’ve decided to see each other again but due to network connections and late replies we’re not able to meet up. After that he said that if I get the chance to go back in Korea or if he go to the Philippines we should meet up so that we can get to know more about each other.When I get back here in the Philippines, I chat him often and ask him what happen with the diagnosis from the doctor. He was diagnosed with cancer and from there I have a reason to always ask him how he was doing ( 3x a month). He is 25 years old I think, so our conversation is most likely mature, like about goals, life, plans and career. I mentioned him once that if he come here in the Philippines, Palawan would be nice because I’ve been there. I send him photos and stuff and he’s really into it. I did not taught that he will be really interested to the extent that he asked for my schedule so that he can pay visit and ask me to accompany him to go there. He said that he would pay all the stuff and so. Right now, I know that we’re just good friends but my parents are very strict. They say that if the Korean guy really wanted to go to Palawan why should I accompany him, since he already go to Cebu last month with his family. K (korean guy) is open to the idea that anybody can join the trip, so my family decided to join us. (he’s well now and done with the chemo therapies :) )

    I’m sharing my story so that I can have idea on what would be the good thing to do or say with this kind of situation. Any advice are welcome :)

  10. This is really interesting topic!! May I join? haha..

    Me and him is in a same age, but we live in different country, he lives and born in Korea and me live and grow up in Indonesia. So, I met this korean guy at 7 july 2015 via meow application (which mean we’ve known each other for 17 days. I learned from my experiences before, that chatting with korean guys wasn’t easy, they sometimes being too ignorance and just give us a short reply like “yes” “no” “maybe” kkk and I grew tired of their behaviour but yea this one korean guy I met is different, he is the one who fave me first, chat me first, start the topic when we run out of topic, and he always calling out my name like a kid.

    But from the 3rd day we chat, he already said “he likes me” and then I belike “oh wow? Really? What do you mean with likes here?” Oh sure!! I think korean guys really innocent? Or too easy to say something like that? and then he answered me, “ah.. yea I mean like? Being close with you? Like as friend!!! Ah I don’t know what I’m saying” and then I bitterly chuckle. How he’s like this? Cute but somehow a bit dangerous for my heart? and then I’m being a little bit bold like “oh yes like! It doesn’t mean love hahaa.. we just can say that we love someone when we are adult and really serious about it. And he was agree. However one day I promised him I’ll go to korea for sure and he promise too to be guide for me later kkkk, I’m waiting for the day to come.. But in the same time I’m afraid he’ll not be satisfied after meet me and will leave me? , “I’m not that pretty, and I don’t have white and fairskin like koreans, futhermore I’m short!!”

    From that days he keep texting me, greet me good morning and night everyday. Sometimes I warned him like “hey you shouldn’t text me everytime. Your school is already so busy, why you keep  texting me all the time? I don’t want to disturb your school life.” And he’ll reply me “it’s okay you don’t disturb me at all.” But I kept mad and “no it just.. Isn’t it weird that you too often text me?” (Which because I’m afraid if he text me too often, we’ll run out of topic that we would have known things all about each other and he might get bored and leave me haha what a childish me) and he then comforted me “nooo!! I’ll not leave you! Never!!” “I like you!” “You’re my bestfriend” << this words again.. haha I'm a bit sad that he mentioned the 'bestfriend' part. Like seriously you said we are being bestfriend but why you so clingy to me everyday everytime ever seconds?? ㅠㅠ he tortured my heart. But then again I just can reply "oh really? Hahah i like you too. Let's be friend forever!"

    Everyday he'll text me to let me know what he did at school, how his school look alike, how his friends are, etc. And one day when we were talking about wanting time to go fast so we can meet each other, I sent him a voice note of IU You and I song kkk but it's really a failed because I was nervous record. But then he said "hahaha!! It's really funny! Your voice is really cute!! It's like you are whispering to me. You must take responsibility because I'm laughing like crazy now" yea!! I was so happy see his response hahah and till now we've sent each other 2 voice note of his voice? He sang to Teen Top – The Back of My hand Brushes Against and a lullaby song, and me sent him IU song and that Teen Top song too. Today I'll sing him a lullaby (if he remember to ask it) huff!! i'll not send it if he doesn't remember. Hm!!

    His english is not better than me, and I know my english not good either? Hahah so we often misunderstand each other and I often get tired that he didn't get what I just said to him. Till now I really confused with "what are we actually? Why are you so clingy toward me?" And yea.. what should I do? Recently it's getting bored, because I'm now in really long holiday before entering college life and I don't have much topic because I've been in my home all day?? when he has so much topic because he hasn't graduate in his highschool and still going to school these days (korean school system is different from mine). I'm just being sad and doubting "are you being bored with me?" Toward him. But i really like him!! Okay I'm being lack of confident I think? Hahaha

    Okay that's all my story.. ^^ thank you so much!!

    • I would like to share my story. I met someone online. He lives and was raised in SK. I contacted him first not because I was interested in him, but because I saw something in his profile that grabbed my attention. We talked for a couple of days in the interpals chat. He was nice, polite and at no point seemed to be Flirting. He said from day 1 that he was interested in my country and that actually wanted to come to live here, so he asked many questions and I answered.
      I thought it his interest in my country was weird, why would someone wanted to move to a country literally in the other side if the world? Anyway I kept talking to him, and to be honest I thought he has being a little bit annoying… The thing is that after a couple of days he asked If I used skype, which I don´t, and facebook or any other messenger. I didn´t told him I use fb because I use it in a really personal way, and I thought I would be too expose if I added him at that time. I did have kakao in my cel, but never used it, and actively use whatsapp, so when he asked for a messenger I added him, but had a hard time deciding wheter I should do it or not. Its not that I have a problem with him, I am a little bit obsessed with my privacy online. Since I added him, we have been sending messages to each other every day, texts, voice messages and even photos of us. At some point something changed, can´t say exactly when, but at least for me things are different.
      I don´t really know what to think, he insists that he´s going to move here, that was something that he was planning to do before he met me and I had nothing to do with. Our conversations go through many topics, culture, politics, sports, languages etc.
      I have read many girls saying that they met a korean guy online and that he says things like I care about you and I like you from day beggining, and thats not how he is like. But after showing one on my friends a part of our conversations she say that we were actually flirting. At some point he said in an audio that he wanted to be kissed by me, and laughed as if it were a joke. I was shoked, all I could say was Kiss?? he felt embarrased end didn´t talk for a while, and only came back because I asked him to many times. We are not kids, 27 and 28. I am confused, but especially scared. I don´t want to get involved in something that might be just in my head. I been hurt before and I know that my fear is not because of him but because of what happened to me. I just wanted to have friends from other countries, didn´t mean this to happen…
      I would like to hear what you think about my story. And thank you so much for reading!!

  11. my name is star im iranian im looking for a korean boy freind but i dont know how can find this guy can any one help me in this case

    • You can try using Meow chat android app just like me.. search korean people through explore menu, fave and start chating. Hope this can be a help ^^

      • thanks olot dear but in my country we dont have any app like this if you can show me a website that i can download for free that be fine i am thinking if every one know a korean guy that is lookig for a girl and tell him about me perhaps i can find him

  12. thanks but i dont have it do you try it and find your favorite korean guy i think if some one help me to finding a korean boy freind its very good i mean if every one know some one who is looking for a girl freind just tell him about me i really dont know

  13. Well I met a Korean guy that I like but guess what I am a Nigerian and I think that it won’t work out although I have not said anything to him I feel like I have been rejected please can I get some advice.

  14. hi everyone …I m from India .I have a question how can I date a Korean guy online..is there any dating if it so can u suggest me

  15. I found this korean guy January 2015 in clash of clans then exchanging kakao and after that little chichat and feels nothing just like normal then stop. But after a few months he message me and say “HI” but I didnt recognize him because our convo was deleted and his profile was different and we continue to chatting then voice message to video call. And know I know that I like him and he says that he like me too and I didnt know if he is serious or just playing around with me because this is just my first time and he is too. Then he said to me this past few days that he’s going to deactivate all of his account to study for 3 years in civil exam and he wants me to wait , any suggestion ? Should I continue this because Im really confuse right now

  16. hi……is liking or loving korean people is very complicated situation??just wanna know…..because im just curios:)please someone pay attention……kamsahamnida!


    • Kindda complicated because both of you had a different culture and language but its up to you if you really love him/her you should accept everything about him/her.

    • Hi ! Konichiwa !. Hello ! iam a filipina i just want to say ,On my own opinion loving someone that is really far from you is complicated , specially a man that is different with you like his nationality . It really seems to be complicated but as long as you and him having a good friendship or relationship it is nice .
      But have your limitations!.💗😐😅 I hope I help even just a little!.👍 Salamat !. Arigatou

    • You have to be patient especially when there is a language barrier. They use their words differently. For example my boyfriend sponsored me to go to Korea. One question on the form was how are you related. He answered my lover. I changed it of course and he protested. Why you do not love me? Because of misunderstanding you may become too quick to judge. Good luck though.

  17. I think Korean men are really complicated :(. Here’s my story
    I met him on a pen pals site. He was going to visit my city so he sent me a message to ask me about my city. So, I recommended him a few interesting places in my city. We talked for about 2 or 3 days. He asked me if it was ok to meet me but I was kinda scared so I refused to meet him. When he came back to Korea, he sent me a message to tell me about his trip. And everything went on it’s way.We talked about everything: interests, hobbies, daily life… We talked for about a month. Then, he told me that he had a felling for me and he asked me if I liked him or not. Honestly, I also had a feeling for him but I didn’t have enough courage to say it. But after hearing that, I sent him a message to tell my true feeling. I told him I also felt the same way.. So I asked him what we should do. He said he would message me later. After 2 days, I sent him a message, I said everything I thought… He read but didn’t reply back and after a day, he blocked me.. I keep thinking, I don’t know why he acted like this. At least, he should send me a reply….

  18. Alright so… I have a question and I would REALLY need someone to answer me fast, please!

    Alright so here it goes…
    So I met a korean guy on MEEFF (an app to make foreign friends) and I started talking to him because he wrote on his description that he was going to Canada in two years and he wanted to make Canadian friends. We started talking and for about three or four days, we were talking twice a day so he eventually asked me if we could add each other on facebook. I never added a stranger on facebook before, but for some reason, I trusted him, so I said yes and so we started talking on facebook.

    One day, I was talking to him and he finally told me that he wanted me to be his girlfriend. I told him we should get to know each other better before getting in a relationship. Anyway, that’s not really the problem here… The thing is that he tells me wayyy too many things about himself and it makes it really awkward. One day, I saw that he had many latino friends on facebook so I asked him if he talked to them, but he told me he didn’t because they were really pervert. I asked him what he meant and he said: “they always talk about sex. I like it but i’m shy”.

    It was really awkward because I thought it was a little bit to much information… But I just changed subject because I didn’t want to make it too awkward for him because I knew that sex was a taboo topic in korea.
    One morning, when he woke up, he texted me and so I asked him if he slept well. He said he slept really well because he had a great dream, so I asked him what was his dream and he said he couldn’t explain, but it was “his love story”. Again, that was just too much information, because obviously the first thing I thought was that this dream must have been the kind of dream that is…you know……

    Today, he asked me if he could ask a weird question, so I said yes. But he asked me if I ever watched porn. I said I never did and I asked him if HE did. He said yes…So I explained him that porn was just filmed prostitution and that women were being abused by men and so he told me he would not watch it again. He said “I promise”.

    I don’t know what to think about him… I have known him for almost a month now and he is really sweet but, he just tells me information sometimes that I just really don’t want to know. I already facetimed him and stuff so I am really sure that it’s not a catfish, but still, I just don’t know what to think about him. HELP!

    • How old is he ? If he’s just 15-19 don’t bother he’s just playing around and be thankful that he said everything to you that means he was serious on you just go with the flow and you must know the limitation but its up to you this was just my opinion

    • its not about age, I have talked with arround 10 korean guys and its always the same. 9 out of 10 want sexting. Yes they can be super sweet and seem to care about you, but not interesting in a relationship. You know him for a month and asked you to be her girlfriend sorry but can´t think anithing good…

    • Yeah, don’t even bother, those guys act sweet but just wait for the perfect moment to slip that topic, it depends on how you answer tho, I think yours were smart, so he can’t mislead him, but I suggest not meeting him. I texted a guy for like 4 months, and even then he asked for sexting out of nowhere ’cause he was TIRED, as he said, of acting nice. So yeah, always be careful with those pushy guys. They even make you feel bad about yourself if you don’t send them photos and so.

  19. Hi !.iam miki !. A filipina .. I was in teenage and you know I really want a Korean boyfriend and I really prepared to have it on future
    I would like to work in Korea as an English teacher in future and meet a Korean guy and your story rally inspire me !.
    I hope I can find my true love too like yours. Your love story is really cute and I really like it !. I hope … You and your Korean guy
    Have a good life together and a healthy life and family.

    Kimberly Tapar Salvatierra

    ~Miki Sukohara ..

  20. Hi, an asian girl currently with a korean bf.. my first bf ever. I met him thru online dating app and then two weeks later he went to meet me! i was just so shocked that it was actually happening! As i read your story, I could feel the same. Tho he lives four hours by plane from me which im relieved of, I found my true love and i didnt think it would be a korean guy at all :o Im just happy that we are together not for the culture but to get to know each other.

  21. I met this Korean guy from interpals like a year ago. At first we texted a lot, I was curious about him because he recently moved to my city for work, I have korean friends so I wanted to know if he was doing ok adapting to my city. Anyway, I always text him first, but when I stopped we didn’t talk for like a month. Then one day I text him about me getting a job and he was so happy and we started texting again. He never asked for anything R Rated so I was happy and relax when we arranged a meeting, I trusted him. We went for a coffee and for a movie. Everything was nice, until, 10 mins into the movie, he tried to touch me, first my arm, then hold my hand, at some point he even tried to give me a back massage… yeah.. HAHAHA it was the FIRST TIME we saw eachother!.. and he only did that because it was dark.. it freaked me out, so I told him to stop. Then he stop for a while but then he was trying to kiss me.. so weird and awkward.. I firmly told him I wasn’t that kind of girl, so he stopped completely. I was so freaked out that once the movie was over I left, he took me to my car even tho I didn’t want him to follow me.. I told him I had to be somewhere else when he asked me to have dinner with him. I left. And text him later on “You shouldn’t treat a girl like that on the first date.” And he said “oh, ok”. And we never texted again. I was kinda dissapointed.. because we were connecting just fine, but still I wouldn’t kiss or sleep with a guy on the first date.

  22. Hello. I’m Korean guy, and I’m 24 years old. I can speak english a little. but i have a reading skill by english. (It’s more than speak)
    i read any article. but korean guy is not same character. So you should ask directly to him.
    what do you like it? etc.

  23. I have been in a long distance relationship with a guy from Korea for 6 months. In July I am meeting him in Korea (after my exams) – I am 17 he is 18. We have always been close and he was always sweet and kind. However, in December, he found out that before I spoke to him I had short online relationships. It lasted like 2 weeks. He was extremely mad and even tried to break up with me. I said that its in the past and that I never speak to them, I only speak to him. He really means the world to me. Since that day he has always been distant and just stares at me when we Skype. He is almost like a rollercoaster, some days he is really really happy and exactly like the guy in the beginning. But other days he ignores my texts, doesn’t send hearts or kisses just ‘:)’. And I am the only person that seems to be invested in meeting him in Korea, for example, I booked a hotel for the first 3 nights and he asked about if he was booked as well, I said I didn’t have enough money for him because I paid for my flight which was expensive. I am currently saving money for Korea with a Saturday job and doing my last exams. He got kind of mad and distant because I didn’t book for him. I hear that Korean guys are people who take control and they are the ones that organise things and take the initiative to text and call. But my boyfriend is the opposite. He doesn’t plan and I have to text him all the time to make conversation. I also am someone who forgets a lot of things but I never forget important details like his birthday, when he wants me to call etc. But he always questions me about if I remember what I had written in a letter a month ago and I said I couldn’t remember. He said ‘it doesn’t matter, forget it’ and went to sleep. I bought him gifts for his birthday and he asked if I wanted anything from him, I asked for a letter in return but he hasn’t sent me anything. We wear couple bracelets but he takes his off most of the time. I don’t believe he is cheating. He is not that type of person, I would think he would break up with me first. But it just feels like I’m the one putting in all the effort and never gets recognition. I had written a list of pros and cons but the pros outweigh the cons. Its only recent he has started to behave like this. Please help me, I am so lost.

    • He is currently ignoring me. I have no idea why but he hasn’t replied to my texts in a day and he has done this before and not texted me for 6 days.

      • Hi I am a Koran guy. What a pity… dont get me wrong… I have to tell you straightly the point is he like you no more… those are common attitude of men who dont love sb at all… Just forget him and heal your broken heart… my friend… hope you read my reply.

  24. Hi everyone!! I’m a girl 19 years, slender, I do really love S.Korea dearly n’ I hope one day I’ll be there but can I get in touch with Korean people please help me I want to make foreign friends especial Koreans i know few words in Korea but I don’t know to write in hangul. but if they’re Korean people who get to read my message n’ want us be friends I can appreciate #welcome, thank u

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