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My Korean boyfriend was born and raised in South Korea and I was born and raised in Europe. As I tried to prepare for the difficult journey ahead – with almost 6,000 miles (around 10 000 km) of distance between our countries and expecting culture clashes, misunderstandings and language barriers – I turned to guidance online by people who had already gone through what still lay ahead for me. To my great surprise, information was either scarce or worryingly negative. Still, we didn’t even consider giving up and meeting each other in person became the most important thing in our lives.And then…

I met my Korean boyfriend

dating Korean guys love South Korean manThat night everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. My carefully perfected plan was ruined. After taking 6 hours to get there it turned out the place where I wanted to get the food had been closed for a year, the bus didn’t show up, I spent all the money on a cab fare and, on the day when it was crucial I look my best, I looked exhausted and defeated.

This late at night the airport was in semi-darkness and looked deserted. The time seemed to have both slowed down and sped up. I wanted it to pass, and yet, I wasn’t ready. Slowly, a few people gathered. Among them I saw a few black-haired heads. Asians! That was a good sign.

Finally, the gates opened and people started pouring out. And then… I saw him! I had no trouble recognizing him. After all, I haven’t done much else than stare at his photos for the last few months. He was weaving among people, and every few seconds, I would lose sight of him. He grabbed his suitcase and headed… straight towards me!

Yesterday we were thousands of kilometers apart. Now we were so close we could have touched each other. Could have, had it not been for a huge glass pane dividing the arrivals from people ready to greet them. I motioned towards the doors. Before I knew what had happened I was awkwardly hugging him. I had played this hug in my head hundreds of times. Somehow in my mind I always did it much more gracefully. But then again in my mind he didn’t have that huge backpack on.

Dazed, we both made it out, murmuring, trying to make a conversation, our hearts pounding. In the meantime the missing bus magically appeared and we settled in the seats next to each other.

For the first time I looked at him. Really looked at him. It was my boyfriend. My Korean boyfriend. My Korean boyfriend who I was seeing in person for the first time in my life. My eyes slid from his face along his arms. Muscular arms. Down to his hands resting in his lap. There was that watch, the silver watch I would recognize in an instant because it was on every photo of him I have seen. And his hands were just as manly and beautiful as in the photos.

“Is this what you want?”

I looked up to see him smiling at me. My eyes went down again to his hand but this time it wasn’t resting in his lap. It was outstreched, palm-upward, ready for me to hold it. Big smile settled in on my face as our hands wrapped around each other.

Actually, nothing had gone wrong that night.

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We’ve been through a lot, both together and now apart, but not for a moment did either of us regret it.

If you have a Korean guy you like, or if you are already in a relationship with one, we are happy to have been able to share our experiences and tell you what we have learned, but we would also love to hear any tips that you might have .

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346 thoughts on “About Loving Korean

  1. Forgetting him

    2 years ago I met this korean guy at school. I was 1st year in college, on the first day of school, I saw him on the hallway. I was really into kpop and kdrama so I got excited to see a korean in my school. I hoped and wished that he’d be in my class but much to my disappointment we have different course he’s a Marketing student and I’m a tourism student. But fortunately, he’s classmates with my high school friend. I asked my friend if he could get his number for me. My friend knows how obsessed I was with koreans so he helped me get his number. I didn’t contact him right away, I had to worked up my guts thanks to my courage finally kicked me and my friend, we started to text each other every day. I was really happy. I always see him in school, bump him on hallways but he doesn’t know what I look like so one day he asked if we could meet. I said yes we can. Wr met in the hallway for the first time I was really shy I didn’t know what to say so we just smile at each other that day but i was still happy. I started to get comfortable talking to him through text until he sent me a request on fb and we just chatted everyday until our first hangout with my friends. He was really nice he’s so my style. Until the second time we were okay well I thought we were okay, I thought things will work for us. But I was wrong It’s just me I just assumed. One fine day, I was riding my jeep going home I saw him holding hands with a girl they were crossing the street, I was really hurt because he told me he doesn’t have friends here because he just transferred here from cebu and either a girlfriend. I was really hurt I felt my heart broke my chest tight . i dont know why but I cried to sleep that night. He didnt know i saw him with the girl that day but i continued to chat with him and i didnt asked him about it either. For how many mmonths i still chat him we would see on the hallways and he would say hi to me but I always see him with that girl. I was really hurt I think I was jealous they were classmates but they seem rather close. I think they had a special relationship and I dont want it I start feeling sad and my heart would always feel like it shattered to million pieces when i saw him with her and I dont like it I dont like the feeling so I started to ignore him. He would chat me everyday and and sometimes even call me and talk to me at school but I already feel uncomfortable to talk to him knowing he’s talking with this girl. he eventually stopped talking to me too and started ignoring me. We didn’t hangout and talk for almost 6months last 2015 buut last October he suddenly messaged me on fb. I was really shocked cuz he rarely chat me first. I tried so hard to ignore his messages as I already moved on well, thats what I thought. I told myself that I’m okay talking to him now that I already accepted that we’re only just friends so I replied. We started chatting again everyday… Until he asked me out on some kind of date?? Yea smthng like that. He said he wanted to spend more time with me and create memories before he goes back to korea after his graduation. So to cut the story short, I agreed. it might be the last time I can be with him I need to be selfish just once you know. While we were having lunch he asked me why I started ignoring him and why I dont reply to his messages anymore. I wanted to tell him about the girl he’s always with but I cant bring myself to ask so I just said ‘nothing’ he tried asking multiple times as if he knows already that it’s because of ‘the girl’. Actually I wasnt sure if she is his girlfriend i just assumed because they were really close. Nevertheless I enjoyed the whole day. He’s really protective and gentleman maybe that’s why I fell for him but then he said this when we were driving back “You remind me of my ex gf but you’re like my little sister'” and it slapped right in the face. From friendzone to little-sisterzone real quick We re 5yrs apart btw. now, we still chat but i started ignoring him again. He’s graduating on May :((Turned out that he really did date that girl she is also18 but they just broke up last month now he is dating this new girl i think they were same age I really thought that he loved that girl but it turned out that he waa a playboy. I doubted why hes so nice to so many girls he was alwys around so many girls but still I like him even now I stll like him so much even tho i met this korean guy last month rightafterthe girl and him broke up. I wanted to give it a go so i started to chat this new korean guy so i can move on. He was so different from him everyday when we chat i start to compare them thw were really ddifferent. SW(new kr guy) said he likes me but wants to keep it a secret i dont know korean guys are really complicated i dont think i can handle to be in a serious relationship with one Im really fragile I cant handle a pain and heart break really well I get depressed easily :( i want to forget the playboy and I want to like the new boy but he’s way too reserved hes complicated If he likes me why would he want to keep it a secret if he loves me like he said why dont he show it. Is he embarassed of me because im not korean? Whats holding him back? If only he try and prove it i will forget the playboy and fall in love with him but everyday i see their difference……… :( What’s holding me back?

    • It is probably because u feel some kind of regret for never telling the first Korean guy your feelings and it just got stuck there. You probably should either forget him totally because it is really not good to compare people to each other
      (I have been guilty myself) you will be focusing on finding someone just like him and and that is very bad for the person and for yourself(unfair)because you will like the guy for resembling your past love (that is really toxic)…or you could start contacting that guy and tell him everything you felt so you finally get it out of you and move on.

      ((((This is only an opinion don’t take it too seriously.not responsible for consequences)))

        • Omg same here girl! We’ve been dating for more than 3 months now and I’m lucky and happy that he visited me here in the Philippines. Best 4 days of my life. Hope you stay strong together ❤❤❤

      • There is an app called Doongle, its not strictly a dating app,many people who already have partmers use it for various purposes, I have been usong ot for 3 years now and had great experoence!

    • omg its like looking in a mirror…are u my other me in another city? xD what i wanted to say is that i had the same situation and it hurts so badly, i just cant get over him and everytimes i meet a new guy i also started to compare them :(

  2. Hi! I really love how your relationship turned out with your Korean Boyfriend. I can relate to your experience because I have Korean Boyfriend too and I will meet him for the first time this August when I go to Seoul for tour. We really love each other and he said he wants to propose to me. His parents know about me and my parents also know about us. I promised to myself that I will never ever love again but he changed my perspective. We really have the same qualities, same mind, before he says what he thinks I already said it and we have same favorite foods, same humor, even our horoscopes matches well. I never feel this kind of strong feeling in my life. I think he’s the one and when he asks me to marry him. I will definitely say yes. I just want to say that I really love my Korean Boyfriend. I never knew that I will get my Ideal type of guy. While I’m typing this I really want to cry badly because of happiness.

  3. It’s difficult to meet any Korean men where I live…so I’ve started using dating apps (bare with me I know they don’t work) but is there a different way I should approach this guy? I’ve messaged him but he won’t respond maybe it’s because he’s shy??

  4. I have a korean boyfriend. He is 28yrs old in korean age. So he’ s 27 years old and I am 21. 6Years Gap We.’ve known each other from a korean dating app. At first, i just thought that we could only be friends but after a few days he admitted that she likes me and he wants me to be her girlfriend.. its just a week when I accEpted his proposal. I am Very Nervous when i did it. After another days, He said that he misses me very much that he wanted to see me in personal. He said that he wants to go here in philippines this june. But if we cannot meet this june he will not going to come here. I am very excited to meet him but i am nervous and to see him . Although weve seen each other once in a video call and sent photos of ourselves im still afraid about his reaction when he meets me.
    Now, i still didnt tell him whether he can go now or. Not.

    Please help.me what should i do?

    • Meet him.. i have korean guy friends i met online and also met them in personal they are all gentleman and respects lady. Im from philippines also 😊

  5. hi evrybody am looking for a korean guys so help me plz to found any site web to chating with korean guys and thnx

  6. I have this weird dream almost everyday, that when I go to visit Korea, which is only in 2 more years 1121 days!, i’ll meet the boy of my dreams and lucky for both if us I plan on living there in the future so we might have a good chance. the only problem is I’m not very good at Korean you see. So does anyone know any apps, books or websites to help me become decently fluent?

  7. I think I like this boy in my school but idk.
    The problem is I’m planning on going to Korea next year and staying there but what will happen to us, why am I even saying us when we’re not together? lol
    It’s just that everything he does is perfect even today when I was dying! He asked me “Do you like my gloves?” and I know that sounds like a stupid reasons to make you happy, I’ve been told by my friends. But him just talking to me makes my heart jump, his smile when he heard me answer almost made me faint and his voice is like my kryptonite and his face is as soft as a pillow his hair reminds me of clouds.
    Ugh! what do I do?

    • I can easily answer your question with a yes :D there is no way you can say such nice things about someone and feel so happy over him asking if you like his freaking gloves and tell me it’s not love. you just can’t!

  8. I came back from Korea last night with a breaking heart. Maybe I am being very pessimistic. I hope someone can give me some advice on my story. My story begins this way… One week ago, I planned for a solo trip and I picked Korea as i think it is safe lol. So I contacted this Korean guy through a tour guide application as my tour guide for one day. And that was set! He was so sweet and had been sending me messages before the day we met. And on the day we met, he picked me up at my guesthouse. Wow, that already impressed me as for how sweet and considerate he was. He appeared to be so shy when he saw me and till now I still can remember his cute reaction – he didn’t know if he should give me a hug or shake the hand, so at the end I initiate to shake hand. By the way he went to the USA for his college so he has a bit of western behavior? lol anyway he brought me to a Park, with tree and all the nice cafe by the side. Wow that was such a romantic walk with him. OMG. then we went to a cafe and he even told me what he used to eat while he was a child. We talked everything under the sky. Next, he asked me if I like to sing, and he decided to bring me to the coin KTV, which was something only the local young people do. and I was so excited to try that out. The room was so small and i think it can only fit 2 persons and the most three lol. and can you imagine how close we were. The highlight was, he sang so well and he was so cute while he was singing the Korean songs! I was completely melted. And that haven’t ended. After that, he drove to the Mountain, and brought me to see the night view of Seoul!!! OMG!!! I couldn’t believe that happen. Seeing the stunning night view of Seoul was too awesome but was hella cold during winter lol, he kept complaining that his hands are freezing and so did I lol. Then I ask him to put his hands in my pocket which I think was super warm, I kept mine in my pocket all the time to keep warm. He said that was too small, he asked me to try his, and i did, and he held my hand saying he can keep me warm!!! OMG. who doesn’t melt plzzz. After that, he found a wine place for dinner. (during earlier conversation he knew that I love wine) I was really surprised to have wine in Seoul lol. I never ever expected myself trying out wine in Korea. lol everybody would just go for Soju beer right!! It was an unique experience of drinking wine in Korea as I didnt know wine can go so well with Korean food like pork belly and pancake.=) I found that he was sincerely and true about himself to me. I totally fell in love with him. Who doesn’t??? and Of course, we did what most couples do that night. And the next few days I was away from Seoul to another city, we still keep in touch but when I was back to Seoul, he was busy with work, we only met another one night. On my last night, he suddenly told me that he got sick, and he got so sick that he had to go to the hospital to take a vaccine. I was so sad that we didn’t meet on the last night, and I was not allowed to see him because he was resting at home. And deep in my heart, I was suspecting if he was really sick??? Or he just did not want to see me on the last night? but why? I was a bit angry and sad and I am not sure if I showed that in my text, I am not sure he noticed and I can sense that he was trying to tell me how sick he is until today. We are still keeping in touch till today, and he told me he wanted to see me soon. Should I trust him? Someone like him can easily find any beautiful Korean girls in Korea (he is quite handsome). I think I am wasting my time if I would have any hope for him?? But I am feeling super sad now I don’t know why and having serious withdrawal syndrome.. Please give me some advice.

  9. Hello,
    Your post was written 1 month ago, but I’ll still give you my own answer. Sorry in advance, my native language isn’t English, but I’ll try to give you an advice. I’ll give you my 2 cents and it may apply to all girls around.

    For all the girls reading this answer, DON’T LOWER your standards. You should be treated like a queen, you all deserve it. All mens shoud treat you with the respect you deserve. Your time is valuable. More importantly, your love is valuable. People know this and yet, some of them still waste your time and toy with your feelings. They’re not good people but there’s no escaping that reality. No matter the culture. No matter the language. IF HE LOVES YOU, HE WILL MAKE EVERYTHING FOR YOU. And don’t lower that for him.

    Been there, done that.

    First of all, a korean is a man. A man can be a player. And unfortunaly, a lot of mans are players. So are Koreans. Since the Hallyu wave, some Korean mens knows that a lot foreign girls are into them and they take advantage of it to get them in their bed. You shouldn’t bury your heads in the sand and deny that reality. I mean, I see a lot of girls fangirling around Korean mens, being naives, thinking about korean drama.
    Unfortunaly, Korean players KNOWS it. They KNOW how to attract you. They KNOW how to be romantic, cute, whatsover. But first of all, again, Korean are mens.

    Then what separates a true player from a single guy IS MANIPULATION. Guys know just what they’re doing. They know exactly what to say and what to do in order to get a girl in bed but they have no plans to make her their girlfriend. Instead, they just do whatever they can to get exactly what they want and nothing more. The girl then falls for them and, since she cares so much about him, she does everything he wants. Guys play girls because they’re selfish.
    Some examples :
    1. Any form of intentional dishonesty, no matter how small, is a major red flag.
    2. If he’s acting like he has something to hide, then chances are he has something to hide
    3. If he’s not ready for commitment
    4. If the guy you’re dating avoids being specific about details like what he does in his free time, then this should also be taken into consideration
    5. If he invites you back to his apartment to “watch a film” on the first meeting/ date, that’s usually all he’s after.

    Situations :
    You spent the night with him and he gives you no answer the day after? Player.
    He promises you to marry you, but give you no answer the week after? Player.
    Tell you he’s sick so he HAVE to stay home? Player.

    If he really want to be with you, HE WILL.

    If you want to know how to tell if a guy is playing you, all you REALLY REALLY need to do is take a step back and view his behavior from afar. Does he seem to genuinely care about you? If not, he’s totally playing you. Imagine if he was a white/hispanic/foreign men, will you still want to date him if he behave like that?

    Last day in Korea? If he’s really into you, he’ll make everything to be with you, even if he’s sick. There’s no excuse.
    Long distance? He’ll make plan with you to make it work. He will visit you. If not, MAKE him visit you (TELL him “Visit me or GTFO”, lmao I’m exagerrating but you know what I meant).

    Most of the time, if you have doubts, most of them are based/are true. 6th sense is no lie, at least, for me!
    And again, if he really loves you, he will make everything to make your doubts disappearing.

    I may sound rude, I’m sorry! It just piss me off that some korean mens are playing with girls like that. I’ve been in your shoes too and I was manipulated. But I’m learning from my mistakes. Walk away with your head held high and don’t have expectation/be hurt <3

    Lot of love,
    Caroline xox

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