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Tell us your story about dating Korean man, loving Korean man, marrying a Korean man, or even just having a secret crush. Whether he is a K-pop celebrity, a guy at your school or someone you met online, we want to hear it.

How did you two meet? Why do you like him? Does he know you like him?

This is a place to share your story, be it happy or sad, but not to ask questions about your relationship. In case you are puzzled about some aspect of Korean dating culture, please read dozens of answers about dating and marrying Korean men we have already given. You can also read thousands of comments we answered with all kinds of lovesick troubles: Ask Us archives part 1 and Ask Us archives part 2.


Leave your story in the comments below, and your story just might end up being featured as one of our Your Korean love story posts.

166 thoughts on “Your Story

  1. Hi. I’m almost eighteen, and I never had a boyfriend. I have liked Korean guys because they have fun personalities and I want to know how to get a boy’s attention without appearing desperate.

  2. Here’s my story: I met my first boyfriend about a few months ago. We met at a car accident, I was the victim and he had scratched my car. I wasn’t really pissed off, just agitated because it was my first day of class, and there I was losing track of time. He stand before me asking if I was alright and asked if he could pay for damages. His english was a bit off, I thought he was a foreginer. I simply replied with a pumped up attitude, and told him I was fine and no need to pay for anything. He looked stunned underneath his sunglasses, I immediately joked that I don’t need money but a humble smile. I literally said that. He smiled and chuckled at mumbled underneath his breath something I couldn’t understand. It sounded Asian. The next thing I knew I remember I was going to be late. I turned on the engine and went straight to the campus. I ran inside the building I was assigned to. My luck soar, that day my professor wasn’t there today. I quickly walked over to an empty row and felt exhausted. I suddenly felt this presence and I slowly looked up and this guy was staring at me, I was taken back by his good looks. He smiled at me and asked if he could sit next to me, I nodded. He said, “Thank-you”, he was a foreigner as well. We sat there together during the lecture, I couldn’t relax. I felt him sneaking glances at me. I asked myself if I was weird looking. I was comfortable with my appearance, I didn’t looked too average. I was reminded by my old friends I was pretty, but I didn’t felt like it. After the lecture he followed me to the library. I thought that he must be intrested in books, I had stupid thoughts that he felt a thing for me. So I tried to loose him by hiding near a bookshelf. I noticed him looking for something- possibly a book perhaps. I felt at ease and suck up the courage to walk past him. As I ignored him, he grabs my wrist. I looked at him with my confused expression. He said, “That accident was a pretty lucky day for both of us.” I remembered what happened and immediately said, I was really okay. He intrupted me and asked for my name. I didn’t want to answer because I never liked my name, but I gave it to him. He repeated my name then he gave me his name. His name was hard to pronounce, he told me to call him Jacob. He asked if I could become his first American friend. I laughed and told him I will be his first Mexican-American friend. He seemed excited he wasn’t the only one who was from a different country. I don’t really considered myself as a Mexican because my skin color is pale and tan. We hit it off hanging out on campus, then making more friends with all types of people. He once asked if we could just hang out together, but I didn’t know it was a date. We headed outside the campus, to the movie theaters cause I love movies. He looked nervousness the whole time, after the amazing time I had. He surprised me with a hug, I laughed and hugged him back. We slowly parted from each other, slowly his lips pressed onto mine. I was surprised by him and his sudden affection. I should have realized it was a date. I flushed from embarrassment and awkwardly told him it was my first kiss. I know it sounds like a joke, but I wanted to save it before marriage. Funny huh. He told me he was very happy he was my first. On that day forward we continued our mutal relationship. My like for him is awkward and comfortable, because he made me feel important. Even now.

  3. Hi. I’m a bisexual with a long term gf now. And then i fell in love with a korean guy. Here are the info:

    1. He said he only likes korean girls. But when i told him i like him he said “whether you’re korean or not, you already have a gf”
    2. He once suggested that if i like someone else, i should break up with my gf whether my crush (himself) likes me or not.
    3. I said “please take my heart ❤️” he didnt say “no”.
    4. We talk a lot maybe more than normal friends.
    5. He always, always replies to my text messages.
    6. He is concerned with my well being. He doesnt like me to skip meals, etc.
    7. He gave a cute stufftoy as a souvenir when he went on an out of country trip.

    Idk if i should stop liking him. Idk if he likes me or if he only likes the attention. Idk if he doesnt like me because i have a gf. I am falling in love. Deeper. Everyday.

    • Korean guys are very kind, even if they are heterosexual, sometimes to other races, he might have thought you wanted to be his friend.

  4. Hello >< and hope we can make it together , cuz he is the most amazing and lovely oppa in this world ♡ i love him so much kk

  5. Hi. Recently I’m currently in a relationship. So far so good….. But he suddenly asked me to meet his parents. I intentionally tried to avoid his question, but I couldn’t say no. His parents were currently visiting Los Angeles to celebrate their eldest son’s birthday. I had a major meltdown. I thought his parents would disapprove our relationship. What would they think? Or will they freak!! The days were outnumbered and I to accompany Jacob. I made sure to wear something comfortable. I remembered my Korean language perfectly. On that day, they were surprised to meet me. They were awfully kind and were very considerate, and glad I knew their language. I also met Jacob’s younger brother David. He was a few years younger than I am, probably seventeen. He was very cautious around me. I could understand their parents are loaded, I would feel cautious as well. I had the time of my life, until Jacob’s mother asked about my hand in marriage! Jacob was so adorable when he blushed. I chuckled and told her, he had never asked. She looked disappointed, she told me she wanted me as her daughter-in law. I felt honored. Maybe I might get married to Jacob. If he’s ever ready.

    • Hi its been awhile and I’m reporting that I have been studying aboard from Korea, Seoul; along with my (korean) boyfriend Jacob. Ha i still call him that. So my second semester has been excellent I’ve been currently studying and made new friends. I’ve been staying with my boyfriend’s family. At first I was extremely tired from my air flight, but i managed. I got to know Jacob’s relatives, celebations, and his house! David is slowly content that I’m not some god digger. Staying at my boyfriend’s house is very akward cause I’m still not used to it. Although I do love staying there, even Jacob does too. Its very diffcult to have time to ourselves, what with avoiding the flirting. The best part was that I got engaged! Meet Mrs. Kim Ruby. Kim is Jacob’s surname. It happened when the Lunar celebartion, (korean holiday) where all woman cook a feast (including me!). Everyone enjoyed my jokes and personality. Then, he propsed in a daring way, it was so embarasing in front of his whole family. I accepted immediately, and his family chanted that I kiss him. I did! My engagement ring was not a ruby, but a birthstone. So considerate. I am so in love. We decided to hold a small wedding at LA, then a huge ceremony after graduation. The akward part is that his parents insisted to have the both of us in my bedroom (guest room) right now I can’t sleep, and he is. I question myself if i was going to live with my in laws still.

  6. I started texting with this korean through an app called SKOUT. I joined it because my roommate made me get one and he joined it because of a bad break up with his girlfriend. Just when i was about to give up on the app he messaged me and i replied and we hit it off very well we would talk about EVERYTHING and it turns out he was an international student here in the US but i met him after he went back to his country to serve for the military (he still had not started his duty but was in the process) we began texting as friends, then talking on the phone, then eventually skype. After 1 month or so of talking as friends i got drunk and told him i liked him (i know so embarassing) and at first he hesitated because he knew he’d eventually leave to the military). Eventually, we became a couple…at first he was cold because he was still into his ex but after 2 months he was so sweet and nice and caring, it was just perfect. He told me he loved me and i feel the same and we were more serious about everything but after 3 months he had to go to the military (on july 6) and he told me he didnt want me to put my life on hold for him but after 2 years are up he hopes neither of us change so we can pick up where we left off…and he will contact me in 5 weeks after his basic training i believe but im so heartbroken….if he contacts me im afraid things wont be the same, im afraid he’ll change…what should i tell him??? :(

  7. i am an Indian and i like Korean literature, culture and Korean drama. i found this site very interesting. but i have a doubt, i found in internet that Korean men spend more money on beautification, is it true?

    • “South Korean men are increasingly turning to BB cream foundation and anti-aging products to achieve K-Pop perfection, spending $900 million a year on cosmetics, according to research firm Euromonitor.

      South Korea is by far the largest in a growing global market for men’s cosmetics, accounting for nearly a quarter of sales in the skin care market.” according to abcnews

  8. Hi; everyone im frome Morrcco for me i never had boyfriend but i really like Korean boyz cuz they respect woman and give her all the love that she want and make her feel like princes

  9. Hi!
    I’ve been contemplating for several weeks now if I have to write here or not. But just to ease my mind, here it goes. ^^
    It’s been over 2 months since me and this korean guy started chatting over kakao and a language exchange app. Well, basically, we chat to do language exchange, I teach him english, he teaches me korean. Now, me, being a first timer in such things, I tend to chat with him like what normal people do (ask for name, what are his hobbies, interests, etc). He does the same as well. We chat almost everyday, telling each other what we’re doing at the moment, what are our plans for the day… when we were talking about travel, he mentioned that he’ll be going here in our country to study english for 2 months and after that he will go to Australia and live there for 2 yrs. To make the story short, I am very fond of him to the point that I’m always looking out for his messages everyday (maybe because I’m used to?).. and I’m starting to have this feeling that I think I like him. I’m kinda checking him out too, if he’s interested on me or what. I remember, he said to me before that he’s like to meet me once he gets here. When he said that 1st time, I just blatanly said that yeah ‘let’s hang out once you’re here’. And then he said it again 2nd time but my reply now was a bit sincere and said I want to meet him too. In order for us to meet one needs to ride a plane. The reason is, the school he enrolled us is too far from my either he goes to me or I go to him. Then he said that I should go to him and he’ll pay for the plane ticket. Since I’m not that type of person who takes advatage of such acts (coz of being shy too), I said that I can manage the plane ticket and we’ll discuss it one he gets here. Now, he’s here already and still the communication is strong. He asks me for motivation coz he’s feeling nervous and all. And me, I feel so excited for him so I just give him motivating words everyday to boost his courage. We haven’t talked about if we’ll be able to hang out. I’m waiting for him to start it up but I’m thinking if he’s also waiting for me to open up the idea again. You see, we’ve shared our interests and we have same interests in movies, foods, etc. We even mentioned to each other our relationship status which both are single.. and teased each other in a most subtle way (I can’t explain it but it seems both me and him are being too careful). I just don’t want to push myself too much coz it’s not very usual of me. But, I kept on thinking that, if I like this guy, maybe I should start opening up myself a bit more of what I used to and be a little aggressive. But then, I just remind myself to just be myself which I’m doing. And also, I really can’t guess what he’s thinking of me. Is he interested or what. We actually even exchange photos so we both know what we look like..even family photos, friends… I’m totally fine with being friends and’s just that there will always be that feeling of wanting to know how someone thinks of you, right. There was even a time when I wanted to say I miss him in a casual way because he was travelling and didn’t get to send messages that much. But I restrained myself.. anyway, not sure if I’m still making sense coz it’s 3am already.. but hopefully you get the jist of it. TIA ^^

  10. There is this one guy that I fell in love. I have known him since two years ago. But I never really felt this way. I only know him as a friend and not even that close. But everything changed after I found out that I love him. I didn’t really know at first but these days, when I see him, my heart fluttered so fast. My face turned really red. I am trying my hardest to hide it. ~~ Also, he’s a player. Before, I never really cared whether he hugs me, put his hand around me or hold my hands. And he does that to almost every other girls. But now, I get really jealous and mad. “Why would he do that to others? When he has me?” then I laugh at myself. I mean he don’t even like me, at the very least, he don’t even know that I like him.I gave him hints. But he never gets them. I don’t want to tell him my feelings either. I don’t want to be called cheap. I don’t want to become the laugh stock among him and his friends. And he might have someone that he likes, too. After having this one-sided crush for too long, I really want to forget him. I mean there are some guys who’s willing date me. But why this guy?! I tried to forget him but every time I see his smile, I fell in love again. I don’t know what to do anymore.

  11. Hi community, can someone of you educate me on Korean culture of sex. Do they do one night stands, shall I sleep with them on the first date, is it normal that they post picture of a bar interior and the opposite sex comments things I cant comprehend or translate w Google Translator? How can I grasp that they have serious intentions?

  12. hi. there is a korean exchange student on our university.. actually i’am fan of korea..from it’s culture language..and just anything in korea..i really want to go in korea someday..

    so…their english tutor was in the same department as mine..(but we are not friend) i stalk to her account so that i can know what the names of the different exchange student..i sent them all friend request..but only one respond.

    then the story begin.. i first say hi..and he chatted back..i ask him if he is enjoying his stay in our country..then we continuously to chat.. everyday..almost every first i was the one who open topic on conversation..but about one week pass..he is the one who opened is more like getting to know each other because he ask about my personal information..but as for me..i’am afraid to tell what my background is because i know this will be just a short period friendship..i know when he will be back in korea we will never be in touch again..that is what i assume..

    so i gave him false information about myself..

    he will just stay in our country about two months..then we still continue chatting..we almost spent time holding almost stop chatting around 2 am even i have class at 7 am.. that become our daily routine for almost 1 and a half month..

    in that time he confess already to me even we didn’t meet in person already..the time for him to go back to korea is getting near..

    one time he ask us to meet..but still.. i’am afraid..i am afraid because i know i’am a liar.. i know all about him..but he know false information about me..i’am guity..really guilt..

    i can’t meet him..i can’t face him..

    .there is a time that heavy rain comes..i don’t have umbrella that time..i left it..he insisted to give me an umbrella..but i don’t agree because i don’t want to face him..i can’t even i want i just go without umbrella..that makes him angry..

    that night.. i received a text from him..he really frustrate about my action..he believe it is look like i’am avoiding him too much..

    you first i didn’t take it seriously..but as the time goes by.. i know i have this something i felt for him..but i shouldn’t because i know he will leave me..soon

    but our heart speak louder than our mouth..i can’t control my feeling anymore..i know i like i decide to meet him 2 days before he leave..but still he doesn’t know the truth on me..

    the time with him personally is. different from the time we chat.. i really feel special around him..that makes me fall to him more. we enjoy company of each other.

    it hurt that i know he will leave me soon.. but i should take the risk..i like him..we like each we decided to make it to the next special friend only..but how we care to each other is like a couple..

    the day of him going back to korea..i said all things to him..all the lie..all secret..i know he deserve to know.. so i tell..

    now he back in korea..

    but i don’t like long distance i don’t know if we really felt the same as before..we always talk too.. but not like before..

    he don’t any opportunity to back here i think that is the reason why he change little bit to little bit..

    that is why i hate LDR..i know something will change..and that is what i’am afraid of.

    • I think most of the people don’ like that the person they love lied to them. I just hope that he is just replying to your messages out of convenience.

      Koreans usually don’t like LDR because they usually want to be with the girl they love. “Out of sight,out of mind” is one of a very famous saying in Korea. That’s why LDR doesn’t usually work for them. But there are still guys who are ready to take a risk.^^

  13. Hi, I’m really feeling confused slash happy at the same time right now and I’d like to share it!
    So I met this Korean guy last week, he’s just 1 year older than me which is 23.
    He’s actually kinda cute I think, I enjoy being with him. We met at an event, the event was held for 5 days in a row.
    This guy, I can feel that he is interested in me because he often look at me and he acts funnily when he is around me. Since I was kinda interested as well, I jokingly ask if he is popular in school because he is handsome. And he replied saying I’m pretty.
    And I was really surprised because during our last day he even asked me out for dinner. Which I wasn’t able to.
    Anyways, that night he immediately text me “I’ll miss you.” which makes my heart flutter.
    And the next day he told me I’m cute.
    Now, my question is, how does Korean guys flirt? Is this part of their culture to be so fast and saying things directly without hesitation? When they flirt, they always act so sweet, is that it?
    I’m just curious. Oh and how are we supposed to respond as girls?
    Do they like girls who jokes back or shy or…? I don’t want to scare him off or anything.
    I would be really happy if you answer my question :) thanks a lot!

    • I’ll just say a couple of things:
      1) Korean men, just like any other men, are men before they’re Korean. I’m sorry if it annoys you to hear this, even I was annoyed when I first heard this, but honestly it depends on the personality. I guess being nice is something they’d do, via text or face-to-face, compliments, the pattern I see (and receive I guess) a lot from Korean guys is that the compliments usually involve the word “cute” or “pretty”, but that could just be the Korean guy I’m texting. Something mainstream is to be cute, e.g. 나 배고팡 instead of 나 배고파.. but some guys like it some guys despise it, like the guy I’m texting, he doesn’t mind being cute but only low-key cute. So, like I said before (and I’ll say it again), personality matters.

      2) Ready for the cheesy, cliche answer? BE. YOURSELF. Just, think about it… if you’re not being yourself… and this Korean dude that you like falls for that you (the you which is not yourself).. what does that mean? A lot of things, firstly, you’ll have to be persistent -I don’t know, maybe you can-, secondly, he’s fallen for the you that’s NOT yourself, meaning he likes that you… who knows, he might’ve liked the you that is yourself as well… maybe more, but how can we figure that out if you’re not being yourself? Thirdly (but definitely not finally) your relationship now also balances on that… because people fall for personality (I’m talking long-term) and when people change, relationships change. You either get closer or… further. So, do yourself and the Korean guy a favor, and be the awesome you that you are!

  14. Hi so I met this Korean guy on Tinder. I swiped when I was in Korea, we exchanged Line info and we tried to meet but never got to because my schedule of touring was really tight. So after I went back to my country, he would still chat me. He was really sweet and he would send me videos of him doing cute things. He would sing when I asked him to. But he’s studying in the US and went back to the US on January 1. Before he left, I sent him a video message greeting him a happy new year, to have a safe flight and take care of himself.

    I waited for his plane to land and even tracked his flight online. He then messaged me that he was already unpacking and he’s back in the US. After he went back to the US, his messages became scarce and would reply like an hour or two late. It was really frustrating, and he told me that we didn’t have any issues when we are in similar timezones and that we will get used to this set-up soon.

    I really think he’s doing that mildang thing. Because sometimes I don’t initiate a conversation and when he finally sends me a message and I reply, he replies like really late. We were really okay when he was in Korea. I understand he might be busy with school but I also have work and I am doing my best. I opened it up to him and he said that I should try to understand him.

    Is this even worth it?

  15. I met a Korean guy and I’m wondering what does he feel about me. So here’s my story. It’s kinda long tho.
    I met him at a hotel where I am working. He’s 28 and I’m 21 years old.
    I was attracted to him when I first saw him.I didn’t hesitate to ask a picture with him. When we were taking pictures i noticed him sweat and he seemed anxious. After that, I thanked him and he went back to his room.After a few mins, he went down to the lobby and asked my age. After 2 days, he asked me if i could go out on a date with him. (I can speak a little korean. Just the basic conversational phrases). When we had our date, it was a little awkward but the longer we chat, we got comfortable with each other. he’s so talkative and asked so many questions like is someone courting me and so so. he’s such a gentleman! 😍 After our date, we exchanged katalk ID’s. (I have kakaotalk for kpop idol updates. Lol) He added me on facebook and followed me on instagram. After that every night he sends me goodnight messages, cute emoticons and flooded me with his pictures. Haha i don’t know if he’s just drunk or what. He asks me if i already ate, or offer me drinks.
    On the day that he will check-out, he stayed at the lobby while waiting for his agency to pick him up. Almost 4 hours i guess. He’s just standing in front of me and kept saying goodbye. I think he wanted to say something but he just couldn’t express it. Kept on holding my hand. He promised me that he’ll keep in touch with me. 1st month was good.
    He’s sending messages everyday. But on the 3rd month, he seemed to be busy and just contact me twice a week just asking if i ate, where am i, what am i doing. I asked him if there’s someone he likes and he told me “none”. I asked him if am i just a younger sister to him and he answered me “아직은 그렇다는거야”. I don’t know what exactly does he mean. If he only see’s me as a younger sister, what’s the meaning of his gestures way back then? I already told him I like him. But he always change the topic or ask me if i’m sure.. And by the way, after our date he told me he likes me. I don’t know what happend. Change of heart maybe? Lol.

    • “아직은 그렇다는거야” means “I still see you that way”. And I think he’s just confuse because as far as I know (I have korean friends and a boyfriend), koreans(not all) doesn’t really want to be in a long distance relationship. We all know it’s hard to be in an LDR so maybe that’s the reason. thaaaaat is just what I think. I might be wrong but dont give up! :) you don’t know maybe later he will just confess to you. just go with the flow. :)

      • Thanks for getting my hopes up! :) But maybe i’ll just not expect too much. He always tell me to go to Korea or ask me when am i going to Korea. Does he want to see me? or he’s just promoting his country? Hahaha!

        • Hahaha LOL it means that he really wants to see you :) He won’t be asking you for a couple of times if he just wants to promote his country. :3 My love also always asks me to go and stay in Korea so that he won’t be having a hard time with LDR. Korean men hates it, and they usually think that they won’t be able to handle this kind of relationship. But, don’t worry because they also know now to take risks. ^^ Just have faith with him. <3

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