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Tell us your story about dating Korean man, loving Korean man, marrying a Korean man, or even just having a secret crush. Whether he is a K-pop celebrity, a guy at your school or someone you met online, we want to hear it.

How did you two meet? Why do you like him? Does he know you like him?

This is a place to share your story, be it happy or sad, but not to ask questions about your relationship. In case you are puzzled about some aspect of Korean dating culture, please read dozens of answers about dating and marrying Korean men we have already given. You can also read thousands of comments we answered with all kinds of lovesick troubles: Ask Us archives part 1 and Ask Us archives part 2.


Leave your story in the comments below, and your story just might end up being featured as one of our Your Korean love story posts.

167 thoughts on “Your Story

  1. Hi guys I’m Eya from Tunisia
    i really wanna tell u about something and please tell me if that person love me or just words if he’s interested in me or not i really need ur help
    Well i met a Korean guy in app it calls MEEF we were talking for year ago he’s 22 and I’m 16 sometimes i feel he’s too interested in me sometimes not he asks me about everything like what u eat , what are u doing? , did u sleep well ? , how are u? He asks me about my hobbies , my fav team , my birthday even he asks me about the place i born in , in general the things i like , he know everything about me ..
    One day when we were talking and it was too late in Korea he said good night , love u 😘😘 i answer him by ” finally u saly it , love u Moore ” but Actually he only read the msg and didn’t answer maybe coz he slept or what , i remember he asked me if I like to sleep with him or not i said idk i must trust u first and i asked the same question he said Yess !! I want sleep with u
    And yesterday he sent me a msg he said i wanna hug and sleep with i said come 🀧❀️ and he read the msg and didn’t answer
    Does he felt shy ? Or what didn’t understand πŸ˜πŸ’”
    But i really whenever i ask him about something about me he guess it truly , he said I’m the prettiest girl he has ever seen he said he saw many girls but he prefers me and I’m the prettiest , kind and wonderful girl he said when he talks to me he rest and he loves Arabs because of me and he envy me coz i can understand Arabic and watch Arabic movies and he still awake at late hours to talk to me
    Sometimes i believe him sometimes i say all the guys say that coz they feel lonely that’s why I send him my pic with my friend and we were both wearing hijab ( covering our hair ) and i told him if u really like me u must know which one is me and he guess me truly i really shocked how ? Even in 2021 he saw only pic in an app and he stills remember my face even in 2022 ?!!
    I remember i was offline for 3 or 4 days when i open my phone i found many msgs from him more than 15 msgs in different time but he deleted all of them i don’t know what he sent but I’m really curious about so when i texted him he said i thought u died πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ doesn’t it a cold answer does he don’t wanna show me he worried about me or he really don’t care ?
    Please if u read this help me i really wanna know ur opinion about that coz i feel i really love him and attached on him

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