It is over

Kimchi Man and Oegukeen are no more. We broke up.

I know many people are going to ask “What happened!?”

Nothing happened, really. Which I guess was the problem. Both of us got very ill, at different times and from different illnesses, but with the same results: our lives were put on hold.

And in such situation, separated for a year, half-way across the world, those things we shared in common began to fade, and those parts of our personalities that were incompatible became more apparent by the day.

We never fought much, I think we both respected each other too much for that. Maybe even loved too much at some point.

It was more of a quiet death of love.


Despite that, I still believe he is a good man.

And more importantly for the readers of this blog, I still believe in everything I wrote here. Being different nationalities is no obstacle for love.  There was not a single thing about him being Korean that had anything to do with our breakup.

I assure you, what happened between us, you’ve never seen in no Korean movie nor drama.

People are unique.

If you are wondering what will happen with this blog, I honestly don’t know.

We certainly won’t be answering no more questions about relationships. I am alright with that, since all the common concerns with dating Koreans were answered anyway, and you can easily find them among the posts.

He was, after all, the Korean and I was a fleeting passenger, getting just a glimpse of the culture. Even though now, when I look back at the beginning and compare, I can see the enormous amount that I have learned and realize there is no going back: I will always have a piece of Korea in my heart. Because of him.

Good bye Kimchi Man,



44 thoughts on “It is over

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  3. I found your blog just today and I can just say I admire you for your honest way of writing, for your maturity. You two broke up but your words are comforting. I hope you can have the best from your life, and be happy.

  4. This news really surprised me, but I believe that you have no regrets whatsoever. I have also been very busy,so it’s just now that I saw this post. I pray for your happiness and the right love to come at the right time. =)

    • I believe it hasn’t been easy for either of us, but we both know it was the right thing to do. It’s been almost 10 months since we broke up and we spoke the other day and I’m glad to say it was a pleasant chat.

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