Where is Oegukeen

Where is Oegukeen?

Those that follow this blog regularly might have noticed that it’s been quite a while since the last time I wrote anything. And they may think I have given up. Well, you won’t get rid of me that easily :) I didn’t get discouraged because of the breakup nor did I get tired of writing…


Do I regret relationship with a foreign woman?

It’s difficult when we realize something nice is no longer available. Yes it’s not easy for me that it’s over. But when I look back, I can only recall something nice. How lucky and happy I was. I heard and saw it can get ugly when people break up like they forget everything and They…

Do I regret relationship with Korean man

Do I regret relationship with Korean man?

As I went through the photos he made publicly available on Interpals, I had noticed there were quite a few photos of him in a military uniform. He didn’t strike me as a military type of guy so I asked him about it. He had explained right away that South Korea has mandatory military service…

breaking up with Korea

Am I breaking up with Korea?

It’s been a rough couple of days. It’s difficult smiling. And it’s difficult getting used to not having him in my life. I’m still not there yet. Actually, we have stayed in touch but it’s so different now. So… official. It’s been a whole week. It seems much longer. I thought the fact we both…


It is over

Kimchi Man and Oegukeen are no more. We broke up. I know many people are going to ask “What happened!?” Nothing happened, really. Which I guess was the problem. Both of us got very ill, at different times and from different illnesses, but with the same results: our lives were put on hold. And in…


Your Korean love stories #3

<- Your Korean love stories #2 Few months ago we started a new Your Story section where people who don’t have any questions to ask about the dating scene with Korean guys but would like to share their romantic or heart-breaking stories can do so. We’ve been getting many stories with amazing variety of happy…


Korean packages: pronunciation book, Kwave magazines and suprise gifts from Korean embassy

This morning a Korean pronunciation book I’ve ordered has finally arrived. I was so excited to open the package and finally take a look at the book after the whole Kindle fiasco. But I haven’t even set the package on the table and the doorbell rang again. Mailman must have forgotten something. But no, this time…