Your Story

Tell us your story about dating Korean man, loving Korean man, marrying a Korean man, or even just having a secret crush. Whether he is a K-pop celebrity, a guy at your school or someone you met online, we want to hear it.

How did you two meet? Why do you like him? Does he know you like him?

This is a place to share your story, be it happy or sad, but not to ask questions about your relationship. In case you are puzzled about some aspect of Korean dating culture, please read dozens of answers about dating and marrying Korean men we have already given. You can also read thousands of comments we answered with all kinds of lovesick troubles: Ask Us archives part 1 and Ask Us archives part 2.


Leave your story in the comments below, and your story just might end up being featured as one of our Your Korean love story posts.


139 thoughts on “Your Story

  1. HELLO everyone~
    i am moroccan
    so i met a korean guy online 1 month now, and we talk everyday we share music, pictures of activities that we do everyday or food or places, and he is 26 i am 18, one day he mentioned marriage in Morocco, he told me that he want to get marriage before he turn to 30 and he hope i will be in korea, i have never met him and i really really care about him like a lot even this short duration and i like him, he called me baby one time i have some quations and i want answers please :3
    -how can i tell that i like him ? and it is normal to tell him that?
    -is this age difference normal ?
    -do you think that he thinking of marrigae with me ?
    THANK YOU :3

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