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15 thoughts on “Start Here

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  3. So I’m in trouble…I have found a Korean guy I like but I haven’t got the courage to message him because I don’t know whether he likes European girls like me, plus I sent him a friend request a week ago and he has been active but hasn’t added me…is this a friend-zone or is he too shy to reply?

    • I would message him to find out. I know it a scary thing but i would just message and see if he reply. Just my opinion ^^

  4. Is there a site or something, to find korean men? i am living in the usa and am attracted to Korean guys very much so the problem is there is none where i am and i dont even know if they would like someone like me and i’m kinda the internet is my best bet to look for them. I dont know if you are active in here or not so my search continues!

  5. Hi ! I’m a 17 year old girl from Italy and I plan to visit Korea in 2019. I know it’s a little early to worry about this, but I’m a little bit scared about going alone; I’m studying Korean on my own and I’d reeeally love to go to Korea. None of my friends are interested in going with me, so I’m both afraid and excited to go alone. The thing is: I read a lot about experiences of women/girls who said that Korean men use physical contact a lot and I’m really no good with this kind of things. I don’t if this is true and happens to everyone or if it’s just a case; I’d really like to know what you think or what is really like. Thank you ! :)

    • I went to Korea on my own in 2016 and it was amazing. I highly recommend going alone because you will then make Korean friends easily – I was meeting new people everyday lol, felt like a celebrity :) Korean men are actually very polite most of the time, just make sure they don’t make you drink too much. Good luck, you will really love Korea

  6. why dont u all stop fetishising korean men LOL like why is getting a specifically korean boyfriend to you SO important? thats so weird??? Like why do u all half-ass learn Korean for ur perfect ‘oppa’ jesus SK is a country at the end of the day with people living there, with all its good and bad history and flaws and discrimination. Stop revolving your life around your fetishisation of Korean men.

    • just who are you talking with? because I didn’t “fetishised” anyone, I just asked since some girls made a fuss about it.

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