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18 thoughts on “Start Here

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  3. So I’m in trouble…I have found a Korean guy I like but I haven’t got the courage to message him because I don’t know whether he likes European girls like me, plus I sent him a friend request a week ago and he has been active but hasn’t added me…is this a friend-zone or is he too shy to reply?

    • I would message him to find out. I know it a scary thing but i would just message and see if he reply. Just my opinion ^^

  4. Is there a site or something, to find korean men? i am living in the usa and am attracted to Korean guys very much so the problem is there is none where i am and i dont even know if they would like someone like me and i’m kinda the internet is my best bet to look for them. I dont know if you are active in here or not so my search continues!

  5. Hi ! I’m a 17 year old girl from Italy and I plan to visit Korea in 2019. I know it’s a little early to worry about this, but I’m a little bit scared about going alone; I’m studying Korean on my own and I’d reeeally love to go to Korea. None of my friends are interested in going with me, so I’m both afraid and excited to go alone. The thing is: I read a lot about experiences of women/girls who said that Korean men use physical contact a lot and I’m really no good with this kind of things. I don’t if this is true and happens to everyone or if it’s just a case; I’d really like to know what you think or what is really like. Thank you ! :)

    • I went to Korea on my own in 2016 and it was amazing. I highly recommend going alone because you will then make Korean friends easily – I was meeting new people everyday lol, felt like a celebrity :) Korean men are actually very polite most of the time, just make sure they don’t make you drink too much. Good luck, you will really love Korea

  6. why dont u all stop fetishising korean men LOL like why is getting a specifically korean boyfriend to you SO important? thats so weird??? Like why do u all half-ass learn Korean for ur perfect ‘oppa’ jesus SK is a country at the end of the day with people living there, with all its good and bad history and flaws and discrimination. Stop revolving your life around your fetishisation of Korean men.

    • just who are you talking with? because I didn’t “fetishised” anyone, I just asked since some girls made a fuss about it.

    • With all due respect, I find that comment very rude, seeing as you know none of us. As far as I’ve seen girls here are already having a relationship or crush with a Korean man, they’re not here to find out how to get one. I completely agree with the fact that you should not fetishize any race whatsoever, but please do not speak on what you don’t know, especially because you’re also on this site, which says something. No hate.

  7. My message is too long but please read!!!
    He is 32 and am 23 = 9 year gap
    Hello!!! From UK.
    I want to share my love story is still new but am confused because is a LDR and my friends I ask about it without telling them is me, they said they will never be in a LDR and that is really bad and that it won’t last, so is making me so scared and confuse.
    I met this guy online on a dating/ learning app, have been using this app for over a year and some months now, so one day I saw a normal message anyone will send like introducing yourself, he just greeted me and introduced himself, he saw my location and ask me if I stay in London and I said yes he said he visited London and he is travelling at the moment and we just talk normal like someone you meet for the first time then he ask me for my KakaoTalk ID and I gave him and we started talking there, we started talking about everything, life, school, stories and relationships and then we talked about our past relationships, I told him how I was hurt and how so many guys I met just want sex and not long & serious relationship, then the next day we talk as usual and normal and then he ask me what type of guy I like and then I explain to him important thing I said was that I want a long and serious relationship and then he said it him and his hands up like emoji saying he is the type of guy I like but then he didn’t ask me out or anything that time. We continue talking about our daily lives because he was travelling to places when we met he send me pictures showing himself and his trips and was trying everything possible to impress me, I also send my pictures, he always say am beautiful and and all we became very close friends I told him I have plans of visiting Korea he ask me why I like Korea and everything, long story short haha
    Whenever we talk about relationship and the type of person we want we always point at each other he was being a gentleman and trying to impress me and then I started falling in love and then he said he like me but I didn’t take it serious and he said he was serious but then we didn’t talk about it again but continue talking as normal with love and funny emojis to express ourselves and then two days ago after a month of knowing each other I told him I like him and he was really happy but said he was scared that I might not like him but then I told him I like him very much and he said to me too but we don’t really communicate well but he always make sure to text me whenever he can find WiFi because he is travelling now and will be going back to Korea soon and he promise we talk very well then. I have plans of going to Korea this year so we are going to meet then but then am scared of many things
    1. How will he look like
    2. Will he like me in real life
    3. LDR am having so many discouraging talks from all around about it and am scared that I might be making a wrong choice and it might not work, I don’t want to get hurt because I have suffer a lot in past relationships and other scary things making me scared. We like each other really well, He told me he like me very much and since we started talking he have always be respecting me, he never talk about any bad things that play boys will say and he tries everything possible to impress me all day, we just start recently but am so scared and discouraged.
    Please can someone advise me on what to do just want to follow my heart but people around me are really discouraging me about the relationship and it being LDR.
    thank you :)

    • Follow your heart no matter what anyone else says. Tell him about your feelings about LDR and your worries. Love is love no matter the distance. Don’t think about anyone but you and him and what you both want!

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