[Q&A] Are Korean men aggressive?

Are Korean men more aggressive and violent compared to Western men? Do Korean men beat their wives? This is the latest concern one of our readers is having.     Lily asked: Hey! I’ll start off by saying your blog is extremely helpful and comforting so thank you! :) I actually have a question about…

Korean drama guy Kimchi Man

[Q&A] Do Korean guys act like in Korean drama?

Are Korean men like what we see in Korean drama? Does an average Korean guy behave like characters do in Kdrama? This is the latest question we answer.   Linda asked: I happen to like Korean drama, but not like a fanatic fans who hunts everything about k-drama, but I am able to do a…


[Q&A] Do Korean guys date vegetarian and vegan girls?

Marina T. 真理菜 asked: Hi you two love birds ^^ I’m curious about something. I live vegan, I guess you know what that means, so I was curious how Korean guys see all this. I’m always imagining that Koreans (man or women) wouldn’t want to be with a vegetarian or vegan person, since they/we don’t…

Korean strangers

[Q&A] Is it normal to talk to strangers in Korea?

Is it normal and common to talk to strangers in Korea is the newest question we attempt to answer: Anonymous asked: Hello, I’m heading to Seoul in March and studying Korean for one month by myself, I would like to know is it common to talk to strangers in bookstores, coffee shops and make some local…

Korean single parent

[Q&A] Korean single mom in the eyes of Korean man

What is Korean men’s view on someone who is a single mom? single mom asked: Hello, I just actually today discovered your blog, and it is so very informative and wonderful. Thank you for all the knowledge you are sharing. I would please like to solicit your opinion on the situation I find myself in.…

Do Korean men only like skinny girls

[Q&A] Are Korean men only attracted to skinny women?

Do Korean guys only like skinny girls, one of our readers is curious. Anonymous asked: How do Korean men feel about women who are a little bit heavy but not over weight? The answer to your question is simple, but I would also like to address a more general issue concerning Koreans and weight, and…

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[Q&A] Do Korean men like black women?

Anonymous asked: Are Korean Men attracted to African American Women? First of all, as much as it is becoming a cliché, I think we can all agree each Korean man is unique and has unique taste in dating partners. Also, what does it even mean to be attracted to African American women? Does it mean…