Do I regret relationship with a foreign woman?

It’s difficult when we realize something nice is no longer available.

Yes it’s not easy for me that it’s over.

But when I look back, I can only recall something nice. How lucky and happy I was.

I heard and saw it can get ugly when people break up like they forget everything and

They suddenly become a nemesis

But with her, I still only can think how nice and kind she is.

Thanks to her nice personality

I could learn many things from her and her family which will make me a better person.



Literally: a frog at the bottom of a well (who can only see a small part of the sky through the opening)


(frog in a well would not be able to put into words (the idea) of an ocean)

Even though it is more than 2000 year-old saying it describes me perfectly.

Before I met her I couldn’t even dream about being in a relationship with a woman from abroad.

I thought It can only happen to some special people and

I’m only an ordinary Korean who lived in this tiny country my whole life, a typical kimchi man.

But she treats me like I’m the best in the world and showed me a new world, and never stopped put into the idea of brand new world.

Even our relationship didn’t work out but her effort won’t just disappear.


So how can I regret it?

I’m very grateful to her and I don’t know how to thank her enough.

It’s not easy for both of us now but since we agreed that it’s not working

Our relationship wasn’t a thing to regret.

I believe we both will learn more and more and not staying in a one small well

I think she is a very good writer and most of people here would agree.

I believe the topics she writes may be changed but her talent for writing won’t change.

Hope she get her strength back soon and continue the good work.(I saw many people are supporting her and it will surely support her)


Thank you for all of your support and

Best wishes to Oegukeen and all of you,

Kimchi man


5 thoughts on “Do I regret relationship with a foreign woman?

  1. Reblogged this on ndy93blog and commented:
    I know one thing.Sometimes…not frequently…It can be such a connection-if there be a karmatic connection…there were some rare successful connections in the History-.But it is still not acceptable too much.The Karmatic lesson which has to be studied:to Respect each other culture and religion against the ciecumstances.

  2. “I’m only an ordinary Korean who lived in this tiny country my whole life, a typical kimchi man.”
    Thank you for sharing your experiences in this blog. One thing I am sure of, it would be a pleasure to meet you in person, and you are a special person. You have an open mind and an open heart. May the future bring you much happiness.

  3. I know I’m late but I just like to say that’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve witnessed anyone day, I hope others can learn that not always you end your relationship in bitterness and anger. Although it’s unfortunate to have ended it but at the same time I hope to be as mature and graceful as you two . I was really moved , I wish you both the best

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