Privacy Policy

This website uses service. WordPress is owned by Automattic. Automattic also owns Jetpack service (Stats, Related Posts, Publicize and Comments, among other features on this site, all form part of Jetpack).

Comments and feedback are the main way we collect information from visitors.

In order to provide service to readers and followers and email updates this site saves information about a person who follows it or comments as listed:

  • commenter’s name (if provided to the comment form. Not required in order to leave a comment)
  • email address (if provided to the comment form. Not required in order to leave a comment)
  • site URL (if provided to the comment form. Not required in order to leave a comment)
  • submission date/time
  • IP address.

Your IP address is always automatically saved when you leave a comment. You can avoid the owner of this site seeing your IP address by not leaving comments.

For email followers – email address is saved and visible to the owner of the site.

For followers – owner of this site does not have access to email addresses, as that would be violating both privacy policy and the GDPR, as those followers provided their email addresses to, not to this site.

If a visitor to this site requests access to the personal data saved about them they will be gathered via Automattic company service. At a visitors request their data will be deleted.

Additionally, a IFrame receives the following data: blog ID attached to the site, ID of the post on which the comment is being submitted, commenter’s local user ID (if available), commenter’s local username (if available), commenter’s site URL (if available), MD5 hash of the commenter’s email address (if available), and the comment content.

The following information is sent to the Akismet (also owned by Automattic) service for the sole purpose of spam checking: commenter’s name (if provided), email address (if provided), site URL (if provided), IP address, and user agent.

Automatic’s system logs, which record information about visitors to Automattic’s websites, are kept for 30 days after which they are deleted.

Automatic’s servers are installed all over the world, at present all personal and site data is stored exclusively on US based servers.


Further information:

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