[Q&A] Is there hope for Hispanic / Asian relationship?

Val asked:

So I want to get into interracial relationship mostly likely it will be long distance since I have some interest in a Korean guy I met, what do I need to know in terms of what I should be prepared for if we do end up forming a relationship? Would I offend him if I asked him out?

I’m not sure of my chances in the long run since I am Mexican and such and it’s quite rare, meaning I haven’t seen too many Hispanic/Asian relationships. They don’t seem very common, I do look pretty white though compared to everyone else in my family and some of my white friends. I guess I just want to know how to hit it off since I ended up meeting him because I’m an artist and I really love the Asian culture art wise, and from there I became curious with everything else. I asked him questions and stuff. I am labeled weird for my interests and such. Along with the retort that I only like Asian guys, I like to joke about it but that’s not it I’m just into their culture. I will admit that 2 years ago is when I got into the culture and then late last year I found kpop.

I am into other Asian countries too since I’ve had friends from Japan, China, and Vietnam. So yes I am into anime, manga, and such but I love viewing the animation and illustration aspect I sit there amazed as to how they do these things. I went from looking at these countries historically to looking and avidly following some of the new things that have sprung up. So I wonder is this good or bad and what can I do to hit it off in the end?
Sorry for the ramble ^_^;

Long distance relationshipschopsticks and fork are not easy. Still, I strongly believe that if a couple would work in a normal relationship so would they in a long distance one.

Hispanic/Asian relationships are rare, you are right. But in an intimate relationship between two people it is really about how well they match, not how well their cultures match. I am sure you have neighbors who you feel are from another planet. So growing up in the same environment is no guarantee of anything.

Kimchi Man bows at people and eats with chopsticks. I shake hands and eat with fork and knife. That really has no influence on our relationship, except maybe making it even more fun.

We agree on all the important aspects of life (like which movies are good and which are rubbish ;) ), and that is because of who we are, not because of what our cultures are.

You mentioned you look white compared to your family and friends. I understand that, since you like him, it is very important to you that he likes you back. I am also aware that some Korean people value light skin color. But try to rise above the need to please him. When we are in love it is instinctual to want to fit the other person’s ideal, but, trust me, you do not want to spend your life with a guy who cares about skin color.

I am not judging you, I was exactly the same. You see, I am towering above most Korean people, including Kimchi Man. I wear larger shoes. Longer pants. Bigger jackets. I am in no way little fragile female. On top of that, my arms are almost harrier than his. (I said almost!)

I don’t want to lose him, so I still worry about it sometimes. But we have been through some difficult times, always sticking together, and he has proved that shoe size is the least important thing for him.

So try, as much as you can, not to worry about your skin color and how you came to be interested in Korea, and if he really is your match everything will be sweet and smooth. If not, you are going to suffer a bit but in the end it will be better for both of you.

Oh, and I don’t see how anyone would be offended if you asked them out!

– Oegukeen

16 thoughts on “[Q&A] Is there hope for Hispanic / Asian relationship?

  1. Why the heck not? I’m white & my boyfriend is Asian, and I’ve seen black girls date Asian guys too. I’m sure there are Hispanic girls that do the same thing, and there are actually lots of Spanish-speaking countries with fairly large Asian populations…Which of course leads to some interracial families, etc. it is not impossible! :)

  2. My wife and I are a proof that it happens. All depends on your resolve.
    I’m married to an Argentine for over 10 years, although she is white but her culture is Latin. We all know “Latin” or “Hispanic” is a culture and NOT a race, any race can be Hispanic or latin.
    Perhaps it easier for us because we live in the US but Koreans don’t have negative preconception of Hispanics. They are not familiar with them so if you are in Korea they might stare especially if you look like a “typical” tan skinned Hispanic. And if you’re white not as much. But don’t take it personal, its just curocity. Shit, I get stared at whether I’m in US, Korea, Argentina or Europe since I’m 6′ 2 ” tall,well buit with some tattoos. LOL ! Whatcha gonna do?
    Anyway, South Korea is becoming a muticultural society.

  3. Hi,
    I am a mexican woman and I can totally relate to you. I am 28 and most of the relationships I have been in been with Asian men. Val, I am not sure what part of Mexico you came from, but in any case, all I can tell you is that there is not much difference culturally wise. In my opinion Asian Culture and Mexican culture is almost the same. We have moral values, family values and our culture is conservative as well. Mostly Asian Cultures value education and is part of their culture and for must cases is a must do. For Asian people college is not an option is a requirement to have a degree. Failure is not an option either. I know I am going beyond of the topic about relationships, but I just wanted to start with that off. I am actually in a relationship with this man and his family is really traditional and conservative, but all I want to really tell you is that is not impossible to accomplish. I really think you can learn a lot from your Asian friends because you will experience how they think and how is their lifestyles. That will give you the tools to better understand and correlate to the culture itself and when you get in a relationship either present or future you at least know what to expect and how to adapt. Of course it depends from family background but you will learn along the way. I hope these help you good luck!

    • Hello,
      It’s great to hear your experiences.
      I like your way of thinking and also feel that taking a chance with a different culture will make us better prepared for the future and more open-minded.

  4. I’m Mexican (white skinned) and my boyfriend is korean. He doesn’t care if I get a tan haha but anyway we’ve been in a long distance relationship for 6 months he comes back to the US in a month. Long distance relationships can be hard but bareable if both people are willing and patient. Also I do get plenty of odd looks from my family when I mention that I’m in a long distance relationship. They all think I’m wasting my time and that I’m too young (17), but I don’t really care what they say. So there you have it :)

  5. I am Vietnamese and the last girl I dated was from El Salvador. You see more of Asian and Hispanics dating nowadays. I’m still interested in dating Hispanics because they are fun to be with. She still had feelings for her ex so they got back together. Now that I am single, I’m going to find me another Hispanic female =]

  6. I’m dominican and I kinda like a korean guy lol. The ironic part is that I would always say how unattractive Asians were to me. Hahaha I think karma finally caught up with me. Not expecting anything from him though.it’s just rare! but whoever wants to try, try it! People fall in love despite of race or culture

  7. I’m Mexican American from NYC and I’m let’s say the typically looking Mexican girl.(To me at least)Tan skin, dark dark brown hair, dark dark brown eyes and almost short. I’m like 5’4 so I’m like above average apparently but not exactly tall either haha and I’ve been in a relationship with my Korean boyfriend for almost 2 years. This May will make it two years! Haha and your right about the almost non existing community of Asian and Hispanic relationships. Especially mine. Not trying to be mean or make anyone feel bad but that I’ve seen most Asian men who date women who are lighter skinned. Which is a damn shame because I’ve seen so many women who are darker skin but absolutely beautiful. It’s also sometimes because there’s a belief that lighter skin women are more beautiful which is of course not true. (And I’m not saying all Asian men think like this cause obviously it’s not) Also this belief is believed all around the world too so it’s not just them.( Also believed in Mexico which is a damn shame because tbh I had two cousins from my mom’s side one was white, blonde and blue eyed while the other was dark skinned, had dark black hair and eyes and was absolutely gorgeous! To be honest she was so much more beautiful then my other cousin that I was like OMG that’s my cousin?!! My other cousin didn’t even come close to her amount of beauty! I just think that all countries have to stop thinking that darker skin tones girls are ugly because we’re not . So for any Hispanics thinking that an Asian won’t like you because of how you look don’t lose hope! Cause my boyfriend is with me despite of me being darker skinned and Hispanic. He loves my culture and embraces it! We just gotta spread the Hispanic love to them and not just them but to every race as well ^^

  8. Im a hispanic guy and I ask myself that as well. I love gaming wich is a huge thing to Koreans I’m funny af and some girls think I’m cute. Do I have a chance?

  9. I think the concern with most is the Racist Media/Hollywood planting images of Latino Cartel members, illegal Hispanics, Hispanic maids…into everyone’s minds. Eventually, people in Asia watch movies with those images and they believe the foolish stereotypes not knowing there are a sea of successful Latino entrepreneurs, businessmen, doctors, lawyers, journalists, professionals in the US.

    Thus, when you are dealing with Asians whose parents are so class conscious, you need to drive that message across if you are a US citizen Latino that you are first and foremost an American and that you come from a culture that is conservative, that you are obsessed with education and are pursuing a post graduate degree (assuming you not in the work force).

    But, at the end of the day, the relationship is a 2 way street and will only work if he or she is deeply interested in you and cares about you. Good luck!

    • Actually I’ve seen quite few asian males (north asian) with latinas in southern california but not other way around. Why? It’s because majority of north asian women are highly educated and comes from good families. I know many Korean women would never even look at black/hispanic men because most them are non college educated. The education/income level has a lot to do with it.

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