[Q&A] Can I find Korean Muslim to marry?

A woman wants to know if she can find a man of Islam in Korea.

Seoul central mosquelonely101 asked:

I am a Muslim girl who thinks Korean men are good looking (as in people from my culture are not). As a Muslim, I can only marry a respectable Muslim guy but it seems impossible for me to find a Muslim Korean. My ultimate question: do they even exist? Can you just either raise my hopes or crush them so that I can move on from this? Thanks.

In South Korea, the number of people of Muslim faith has been steadily increasing since the Korean War. The data I found says there are fewer than 30 000 Korean Muslims, most of them living in Seoul. If you include the immigrants from South Asia and Middle East the number rises to around 35 000. However, I have not been able to find official statistics that even mention Islam. According to 2005. data from KOSTAT on Korean population divided by religion, Atheism, Buddism, Protestantism make up most of the 47 million citizens, while 163 000 are categorized as “The other”. I believe Islam is one of the religions that make up this category. As you can see, that is a very small percentage of total population. But to answer your question, yes, they do exist.

I asked Kimchi Man and he said he has never met a Muslim person even though he met many people in schools he attended, and army barracs during his military service, but he has seen them on TV in Korea.

However, may I suggest another point of view? You say you don’t consider people from your culture good looking, as I see it, you are not attracted to them. While it is possible that it is all about physical attraction, have you ever considered the possibility that you are attracted to what Korean men represent for you? I assume you don’t know many Koreans in person and your knowledge about Korea comes from some sort of media. (I know I may be assuming too much). So, when you say a Korean guy, you actually mean an idea of a perfect guy you have. For example, a guy that will give you stuffed toys and carry you on his back when you get tired. So maybe all you need to do is find a guy with that personality in your culture and you will suddenly see he is really good looking.

– Oegukeen



Edit: One of the commenters, Ms. KIM Touria, left a link for Facebook group and a story about Korean man who turned to Islam.

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176 thoughts on “[Q&A] Can I find Korean Muslim to marry?

  1. am from Tunisia and want to marry a nice loving husband (muslim) who will not tell me to stay home but to o and study. is there even such a man in the world

    • Yeah i want to merry with a girl in Tunisia because i have been there, and i want to stay there also, So if you want to know about me we talk each other i will wait for your reply. Thank you.

    • Assalamualaikum sis, i sure there are many people like that, but are u sure that what u want..before that i’m sorry, i have no right to advise you, im just a low life human being.. because im lowly life that why i depend on Allah swt. its ok im stupid because i have Allah swt n Allah swt is not stupid, its ok im poor because i have Allah swt n Allah swt the most rich..All i need is Allah SWT, its ok if i didt have person with me,i didt knew if Allah SWT with me or not but i’m very afraid if i not with Allah swt..that all :D

      • Personally I truly love Korean culture from movies to music to products! I have done since I was a school girl! I think physically they are what I find attractive there’s subtle aspects in their face that appeals to me. I also like the way they appear to treat people and their lovers.

        • It is sad how most of you here are saying you want to marry a “Korean” man or woman. There is nothing wrong in liking someone. How can you expect to like it love someone you don’t even know how they are solely based on their race?

          Isn’t this a form of racism in another form where you are preferring Korean over all other race? Shaytan was caste out from Heaven for Racism against Adam (PBUH), then what are you guys doing?? There are many beautiful people of different races out there, give them a chance.

          I would understand if you got acquainted with a Korean person at a workplace or school or somewhere and you know them personally and would like to marry them, which would be ok. But to place a wanted ad like on Kijiji or Craigslist “I would like a Korean, please and Thank you”
          Does this even make sense?

          You are meant to choose a partner if you are to follow Islam, is by looking at how they are nature wise, their virtue, and much more, race should definitely not be on your mind based on looks, looks do not last long, what will you do when you married a Korean that starts having saggy skin? Will you leave them?

          Use your common sense and think clearly what you are asking for.

          Yes Koreans look great in their K-dramas and K-pop but looks should be the last on your mind.

          After reading many of the matrimonial ads for Koreans here, I just had to say something. My intention was not to joke or hurt anyone with my comments, if it did, I do apologize.

          Take care,

  2. Assalamou Alaykom,
    I am Australian Muslim originally from North Africa, and am looking for muslim Korean girl for marriage.
    I am serious man.

  3. it seems most of us here love Korean culture but finding a significant other from said culture is an improbable task! how sad! i have lost the hope of ever finding a Korean husband so solitude life it is for me!

    • it looks funny ! why all of you gays want a Korean spouse? you know i saw more charming and caring personalities even in Pakistan they just only need to be dressed up and some attention !

      • Maybe so! But then why are you on this thread?! Anyway I’m not saying Pakistanis aren’t good it’s just not attractive to me personally. I like Korean looks and their culture a lot more. I’m Asian obviously I know of Pakistani culture but it doesn’t appeal to me as much.

        • Yeah because you only know what media show you . And they aren’t perfect how much they are on tv . By the way i was talking about people not culture 🙂

          • First off their portrayal on TV sure is perfect.. if you’d like but living in korean town in the UK I do know what I am talking about when it comes to their mannerisms. You have your opinions and I have mine6. Their physique are more appealing anyway. I’m sure there are other men from other races that people find attractive. But on this thread it’s about the loveable koreans…

  4. Bismillah.
    Eh, I’m sorry for asking something wierd (maybe). I just want to now, what do you think about Indonesian Muslimah, akhi? Lets underlined the words ‘Muslimah’ not just a ‘girl’. Because I think every Muslimah are girl, but not every girls are Muslimah.

    I heard much of korean a little bit unlike Indonesian, beside a black skinned people. Is that true?

    Please give me a description on your answers.

    Thank you, may Allah bless you :)

    • Salaam.
      Hello, Im an Indonesian girl and I’m a muslim. I think every girl has their own opinion about being “muslimah”. In my opinion, Indonesian muslimah has no different like the others since we are in same religion. And hahaha not every Indonesian girl has a black skinned.
      Nice to meet you and may Allah bless you :))

  5. Assalam Alaykum,
    I’m a European revert sister. I would like to marry a Korean Muslim man.
    In Sha Allah

  6. To be it seems that there’s no korean muslim man available in anyway or form.

    Allah is the best planner. What he plans is always perfect. It’s time to move on. :(

    • Yes I am totally interested in Korean muslim girl. Can you give me something I can contact you personally and not publiclly. Thank you

        • Ayesha, I think all these poor people looking for a Korean Spouse, are those who have watched too many Korean Dramas and/or Kpop songs which are all awesome. It’s like people in the world wanting American wife or husband because they look super cute in the movies and all.

          Unfortunately people look for Spouse for wrong reasons, just the looks without looking at their Character, Traits and so on. What will happen when someone does find a Korean Spouse and they get old or don’t look the same? It’s the nature, the character that stays the same throughout, why marry for looks, which in fact does play some role in choosing.

          I don’t know why I came here to reply, I normally read many matrimonial ads that come up on this forum, which makes me chuckle at times.

          All the best to you guys finding your wife or husband. May God have Mercy on your souls as well as myself.

          Peace :)

  7. ASSALAMALEKOM. I am OMAR..i am from pakistan but i live in Malaysia..I have been teaching koreans for about 8 years now…it will be an honor to marry a korean muslim woman….plz contact me on sandman41688@gmail.com…………….kakao talk id is …candyman420

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