[Q&A] Can I find Korean Muslim to marry?

A woman wants to know if she can find a man of Islam in Korea.

Seoul central mosquelonely101 asked:

I am a Muslim girl who thinks Korean men are good looking (as in people from my culture are not). As a Muslim, I can only marry a respectable Muslim guy but it seems impossible for me to find a Muslim Korean. My ultimate question: do they even exist? Can you just either raise my hopes or crush them so that I can move on from this? Thanks.

In South Korea, the number of people of Muslim faith has been steadily increasing since the Korean War. The data I found says there are fewer than 30 000 Korean Muslims, most of them living in Seoul. If you include the immigrants from South Asia and Middle East the number rises to around 35 000. However, I have not been able to find official statistics that even mention Islam. According to 2005. data from KOSTAT on Korean population divided by religion, Atheism, Buddism, Protestantism make up most of the 47 million citizens, while 163 000 are categorized as “The other”. I believe Islam is one of the religions that make up this category. As you can see, that is a very small percentage of total population. But to answer your question, yes, they do exist.

I asked Kimchi Man and he said he has never met a Muslim person even though he met many people in schools he attended, and army barracs during his military service, but he has seen them on TV in Korea.

However, may I suggest another point of view? You say you don’t consider people from your culture good looking, as I see it, you are not attracted to them. While it is possible that it is all about physical attraction, have you ever considered the possibility that you are attracted to what Korean men represent for you? I assume you don’t know many Koreans in person and your knowledge about Korea comes from some sort of media. (I know I may be assuming too much). So, when you say a Korean guy, you actually mean an idea of a perfect guy you have. For example, a guy that will give you stuffed toys and carry you on his back when you get tired. So maybe all you need to do is find a guy with that personality in your culture and you will suddenly see he is really good looking.

– Oegukeen



Edit: One of the commenters, Ms. KIM Touria, left a link for Facebook group and a story about Korean man who turned to Islam.

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  1. i’m an algerian muslim young girl i’d like to meet a korean muslm guy to marry who will be kind and comprehensive i’m very serious so contact if you’re interested

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