[Q&A] Korean men do not think foreign women are attracted to them?

Are foreign women attracted to Korean men TVXQ in ParisWe are going to assume: are foreigners attracted to Korean men = are western women attracted to Korean men in the following question. If you were wondering about something else, please leave your question in the comments bellow. This question was submitted on our post Dating Korean guy – the clash of prejudices.

Anonymous asked:

Is it true that Korean men do not think foreigners are attracted to them?

To have any idea what Korean men really think we need to conduct a research survey with large enough sample size. Now we’ll come down to earth and offer you what we can: our opinions.

Kimchi Man says simply: yes. Korean man – Western woman couples are so rare that Korean men assume we don’t find them attractive.

Only experience with foreign women he had before he met me was while he was doing his Korean military service. He came across soldiers serving in American army and he says they were… less than interested in Korean men, to put it politely.

My experience with Kimchi Man also says yes to this question. He was (pleasantly I hope) surprised when I showed romantic interest in him. He took my advances in a stride, however, his opinion never having any impact on the development of our relationship. He explains that he simply assumed I am the kind of person who cares far more about man’s personality than his looks. While I’m going to use this chance to boastfully say that yes, I had been in a relationship not caring about the looks,this is not the case with Kimchi Man. He is exceptionally handsome and the fact he doesn’t seem to know it makes him all the more attractive.

Remembering clearly Kimchi Man’s friend joking about visiting France after he heard what a success K-pop concert was there, I asked if the rise of K-pop and the whole Hallyu wave might have changed Korean guys’ perception a bit. Kimchi Man’s answer: “The chances went from impossible to highly unlikely.” LOL.

Keep in mind though, that Kimchi Man is the most modest person I have ever met. Other Korean guys may be more confident.

Here is what one of our readers has to say about the subject:

Sim says:

The first time I met my Korean boyfriend (before we were dating) he actually stated he was surprised that I agreed to meet him and how most white woman weren’t attracted to Asian man. I disagree with the statement, but all of my family back home in Canada sadly fall more under that stereotype.


What was your experience? Do Korean guys think foreign women find them attractive?


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40 thoughts on “[Q&A] Korean men do not think foreign women are attracted to them?

  1. I actually, have a personal experience in this field, as my boyfriend is Korean. I thought that the fact that he had decided to date me, a scrawny American-Latina girl, was extremely absurd. To bring up what was previously said, with many Asian males not particularly dating or marrying westerners, many Asian females undergo plastic surgeries in order to make their eyes appear larger, as to appear more “cute”. I believe that can be a reason as to why some Asian men break the “norm” and marry or date a western female. As they may believe that a woman with larger eyes can be taken as more attractive to an Asian male.
    That’s only what I’ve been able to find, and I hope that can help someone in one way or another!

  2. I met the first and only south Korean man on line. We took to each other immediately. I had been out of a bad marriage of 37 years and my Korean friend was so peaceful, always polite and I felt good in that. A very tender and poetic man. Far cry from the brashness of some American men I had met. Still seeing each other after almost 3 years. I respect him.

  3. I actually find Korean men very attractive and know of several European women who agree with me! I always thought that it’s the other way round and that Korean men don’t find Westerners attractive and prefer to date Korean women who are short and cute (next to whom I always feel too tall and clumsy)

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