[Q&A] Is it very rare for a Korean guy to share his personal life?

personal life in Korean 사생활Our reader is wondering what does it mean when Korean guy is sharing his personal life with you:

Lindy asked:

I have some situation here. I have a Korean penpal was a very friendly person. We met through a Internet site and communicate with one another is smooth and very personal. After knowing him for some months, he begins share with me about his past relationships and he is open to marry foreigner and staying in overseas. I was surprised that he is open to me about his past when I asked and he keep saying I am very pretty and good person and will be a very good wife if i marry. Is this very rare that a Korean guy will share about his private life?

He said he really want to meet me in Korea if I ever come and keep saying he buy me food and will do whatever I want. He said he wanted to come over to my country for holiday in future. But if he have someone he like and the suitation is very complicated, even if i come to Korea, how far will we develop? Do you think I stand any chance?

If you didn’t stand a chance, then Kimchi Man and I wouldn’t have stood a chance either, and neither our relationship nor this blog would exist. So there. :)

I’m not sure what you mean if it’s rare that a Korean guy shares his private life. It obviously depends on who he’s sharing it with, how close they are, and, most of all, his personality. I suspect what you mean is does sharing of his personal life with you mean he is in love with you. Not necessarily. Some people are just open and enjoy sharing.

But! He told you are pretty, a good person, that he is ready to marry a foreigner, stay overseas, wants to buy things for you and be at your service. It is really clear how he feels.

How far your relationship will develop is impossible to see. Always in motion is the future. But it would be just as impossible to see if you were next-door neighbors. The distance does not increase the uncertainty.

When I started having feelings for Kimchi Man I thought they are irrelevant. I’ve never been far away from the place I was born, so how could I ever hope to be able to reach a man who lived on the other side of this planet?

Two months later, I was eating breakfast with him.


What is your opinion? Do Korean guys talk about their private life easily and openly?



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6 thoughts on “[Q&A] Is it very rare for a Korean guy to share his personal life?

  1. I do. I’m a Korean guy and I like sharing my feelings with others. But I can see many Korean guys are rather uncomfortable to really open up themselves with others, even with their close friends. It’s really case by case.

  2. My 17 year old Korean boyfriend rarely tells me about his personal life :( .How can I get him to open up to me ?

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