[Q&A] What does it mean when Korean guy texts me a lot?

Korean guy textingM asked:

I´ve heard that Koreans do texting a lot more than for example me (European girl). Is that true? Because when I texting a guy very much it´s because I like him. So how would I be able to know if a Korean guy that is texting me a lot likes me or is just friendly?

I was unable to find exact statistics about texting in Korea and Europe (if any of you know, please share) but with South Korea being a country with fastest internet speed, most wireless subscribers, champion texters and with 60% smartphone usage, it is safe to assume Koreans text more than Europeans.

Luckily, in order to answer your question, I don’t need statistics at all. Although quantity might be an indicator of his feelings for you, quality is much more telling.

If he is texting you about latest developments in oily water separators, it is safe to assume he just finds talking to you interesting. If he is sharing love poetry, he’s smitten. So look back at what he texted you. What are the topics he writes about?  Does he give you compliments? Is he trying to paint himself in a good light? The contents of the messages will tell you much more than if you count their number.

Also, I must reject the idea that you can find conversations with the opposite sex engaging only if you are romantically interested in them. Communicating with other people shapes our identity, fulfills our social needs, is the pillar of our society and is just plain fun. To effectively rule out half of human population as unappealing for conversation seems such a waste. Some of the most interesting and engaging conversations I had were with men, where neither of us had any interest other than sharing ideas.

– Oegukeen




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5 thoughts on “[Q&A] What does it mean when Korean guy texts me a lot?

  1. Ahh…I love this post….Everytime I receive a text from my “Kimchi boy” I feel so nervous and shy (I wonder if it happens just to me haha)…I’m so lucky that he is really talkative hehe

    • It’s not only you. I still feel jittery every time Kimchi Man calls me. I get nervous and laugh at stupid things :) And we’ve been in a relationship for 3 years!

  2. I’m in this situation right now, but part of me believes that texting every day has to be a cultural thing. The other part of me believes that they’re interested.

    Since I’m from the US, there’s usually a 3 day texting rule I’m accustomed to. When I started messaging my kimchi man, I sort of panicked haha it was mainly because I wasn’t used to messaging everyday. It actually exhausted me at first, but I gradually became used to it.

    I don’t like jumping to conclusions, so I have no idea if he truly “likes” me. I can already make an assumption that we’re friends, but I will lay on the down low.

    Your article did open my eyes though, so thank you!

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