Loving Korean was featured on a radio segment in Korea

Loving Korean on tbs efm English Korean radioThe most amazing thing happened on Friday to Loving Korean: our latest article “Is it normal to talk to strangers in Korea?” got featured on a tbs eFM radio’s 1013 Mainstreet show. In Korea!

I accidentally found out on Saturday and even though I was really happy and thought it’s so cool I felt a bit sad that we missed it. But Kimchi Man wanted to hear it, and when he wants something there is not many things that can stop him (hence flying half-way across the world to meet me ^^) so just a few minutes later we had the clip.

It’s a really interesting piece, the anchor lady talked about what we’ve written as an answer, as well as her own experience in Korea as opposed to Australia where she’s from.

Kimchi Man got called my husband, which seems to be a mistake many people make. :) We both laughed, especially since it happens so often that “Internet has married us” became our recurrent joke. Now we are really curious, if you though we are married, what gave you the impression? :)

Another thing, which Kimchi Man didn’t mention but I’ve felt a bit guilty about, is that the way they talked about this blog is as if I, Oegukeen, was the only one giving the answers. That is actually my fault because I’m the one eventually typing out our answers and just like in this instance I am always writing in first person. It just feels strange talking about myself in third person, even though I am using a nickname.

Of course, without Kimchi Man this blog would be impossible. While I may have a lot to say about living with and being in a relationship with a Korean man, he’s the source of all information about Korea on this site. After all, he’s been living there all his life and knows Korea as well as anyone can.

So I thought this might be a great opportunity to tell you about our process, and what we do to get the answers to you.

Majority of comments you write get read by both of us. He can’t read them if he’s too busy, and I can’t read them if they’re written in Korean, but we usually let the other one know what it’s about.

The search for links and data is mostly done by Kimchi Man since he is immensely better than me at navigating Korean sites.

How the rest of the work gets done depends whether we are together or not. If he’s with me in Europe, then it’s easy: we discuss the answer for a while, sometimes even over a few days, I type it out, he reads it and adds anything if he wants.

If he’s in Korea then it takes a bit of creativity since I usually go to sleep before he wakes up. In those cases I either leave an e-mail waiting for him when he wakes up or, more often, we wait until we have enough time to talk on Skype about it. The rest is the same as before, I type it out, he reads it and adds something if necessary and sends it back.

Of course, there are also a few articles Kimchi Man wrote all by himself and I was just “lazying” around :)

In conclusion, we both think it’s great we got noticed and that, together with encouraging messages we get from you – our readers, really makes it worth it. Thank you all.

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13 thoughts on “Loving Korean was featured on a radio segment in Korea

  1. Congrats! I know exactly what you mean about working together, discussing things, reading comments etc. Sometimes people don’t realise that it’s not just one person.

    • Thank you :D
      You are right, but as I said, I think it’s my fault because of the way I was making it sound. Work here is actually really very close to being split 50/50 :)

  2. Wow! Congratulations to both of you! Your blog really helps us understand Koreans and their culture. Not only that, it is nice of you to share your Q&As since most cases apply to many and it is good for you to help out and make things clear for us. I am happy to meet you!

  3. Congrats :) I’m so weirdly happy for you :) this is great and ummh no never I always knew you weren’t married just most times you mention “boyfriend” when its a post that involves more mention of your life with Kimchiman :) and although none of these posts relate to me in “real life” I so enjoy reading them and they are informative all the time :) so more power to you guys really mean it <3 so happy for you!

    PS : I always thought you lived in Korea though :D guess that's my assumption I went and made ㅋㅋㅋ

    축하해요 <3

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