[Q&A] In what kind of relationship are Kimchi Man and Oegukeen? Where will they live?

Anonymous asked:

So, are you both living in Europe? South Korea? ..or are you still long distance? How did you decide (if you have) where to reside? I am so thankful to you for taking the time to shed a positive light on dating men in Korea. I am a new English teacher in Busan and have found a Korean man I would love to spend more time with. :) Blessings to you both.

Plans for the future in South Korean Oegukeen Kimchi Man Waiting at Incheon AirportRight now Kimchi Man is visiting me in Europe. In theory we are still in a long distance relationship but in reality he spends more time with me in Europe than he does in South Korea. He was supposed to stay here just for a short while, but every time we were about to part we just couldn’t bring ourselves to do it. I can only imagine how much his family and his Jindo dog miss him.

Unfortunately, he has to go back to Korea soon and I have to stay here. He will keep coming back to visit me for a while longer, but our plan for the future is for both to permanently live in South Korea. The reason for this is that my career is very flexible but his requires that he works in South Korea. Since the person moving has to give up their family and friends, at least it’s good if we don’t have to give up our careers too.

But this is all just a plan, and future is very difficult to predict. Who know what will happen.

Sadly, due to technical difficulties, I am unable to go to Korea right now. I am really looking forward to it more than I can describe. I am asking him questions about Korea every day, watching every imagineable YouTube video about Korea and am learning Korean.

As far as shedding positive light goes, I was saddened by often very judgmental and stereotypical way Korean men are described online. I just don’t want to see any woman give up on a man she likes just because he is Korean!

It is great you found a Korean man you enjoy being with and we both hope he will help you to not feel too homesick. You have our best wishes :)

How about you readers? Would you move to a foreign country far away to be with the person you love?

4 thoughts on “[Q&A] In what kind of relationship are Kimchi Man and Oegukeen? Where will they live?

  1. I don’t know if I will be able to move to another country and leave my families here. It’s not a really big deal to leave my friends, well not because I don’t love them, but they are more tech-friendly. We can do video calls, chats, and stuffs ^^ While my parents…. well I guess they will be so lonely if I can’t bring them along with me. I am the only child in my family, so… leaving my parents will be something that I really need to think about.
    But even if I bring them along, they don’t understand English very well. Chinese and Cantonese are what my mom’s best at, while dad understands English a bit. If my lover is a Korean, then my parents won’t be able to communicate with anyone there, which also will break my heart T^T
    sorry to leave such a long comment >_<

    • I’m an only child as well, so I understand your worries. I’m really close to my parents, and we’re like best buddies.

      BUT, I know their life existed before I was born, and so it will exist if I leave. It’s difficult for children to imagine, but their parents are not just parents, they have other aspects of their lives ^^

      Of course I don’t know your parents, or your particular situation, but parents’ biggest wish is for their children to have a free and happy life, not to be their child’s shackles.

      As you get older, your job, your career, your friends, maybe even partner, or a child of your own will take over most of your time and you’ll find yourself having less time for things you did when you were young, including spending time with your parents.

      So maybe consider that if you move away, you will still get to spend your free time with your parents but you certainly won’t take that time for granted.

  2. Well, when I’ll find the one who loves me for what I was/am/will be(please God make him a korean nice remantic person that’s all) I’ll live with him in Moon homeless…I don’t care as long as I’m with the one that he loves me and I love him back(please god make a korean only for me ²(Amin))

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