Which is your favorite Kpop song?

Next up in my list of articles about learning Korean language is one on learning Korean vocabulary. I have many tips I would like to share with you, and one of those is to use what interests you and what you are passionate about to introduce new Korean words into your learning. You will learn a lot faster like that.

And there’s no denying that great majority of my readers are passionate Kpop fans. The smartest thing, thus, is to use a Kpop song as an example. Since I’m not familiar enough with Kpop, I’ll let you, who know better, choose for yourself.

WIthout further ado, which is your favorite Kpop song?


Many thanks to Alice Hni, 7littlebunnies, actuallymexican, Monika Błońska, turnbased, Denice Bennicke, myepikadventure, cinnyglot, Rachel O’Brien, phillygirl315, thelittlenightowl, missxmasgirl, rachbabe112, mandarince, nanetteninon, cinnyglot and anonymous readers for suggesting these wonderful songs.


Update: Now that the voting is over, read what happens next and see the detailed results of the poll.




6 thoughts on “Which is your favorite Kpop song?

  1. my favorite kpop song is actually in japanese, “why did I fall in love with you” by DBSK…oh, poor DBSK!

  2. I loved the 5 member group of DBSK/TVXQ as well. But I also love what they are now, JYJ (three members of the original five), and the remade two member DBSK/TVXQ (of the original five). They were the best together, but they’re still smoking hot as separate groups and as solo performers. So many of their songs were so good that I can’t list them all. I really do wish all of them the best!

  3. Lots of good songs up there! I loved Jaejoong’s whole WWW album, in particular 9+1# and Rotten Love. Like many others I first found out about DBSK as five, and their discography is so huge it’s hard to choose! But if forced I would go with the Korean version of Love in the Ice and Tonight.
    Also love anything by Mad Soul Child especially Breath.
    Looking at the translations of lyrics whilst listening to music has definitely helped me improve my vocab.

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