INFINITE “The Chaser” won; other results and what I’ll do with it

INFINITE The Chaser danceFavorite Kpop song poll that started a week ago has ended yesterday. INFINITE “The Chaser” won with a big lead, taking 42% of all the votes. More than 1100 people voted for it!

I knew Kpop is popular, but I was really shocked by the turnout. Especially considering that I never wrote about Kpop before, in all of the two and a half years this site has existed. I guess there’s no denying that majority of readers here are Kpop fans, and that they are quite passionate about the bands they support.

Here are the results:

Best popular Kpop INFINITE Chaser MBLAQ Smokey Girl Taeyang Jaejoong stats pie chart

Name Number of votes Percent
INFINITE “The Chaser” 1,176 42.2%
MBLAQ “Smoky Girl” 810 29.06%
Taeyang “Eyes, Nose, Lips” 169 6.06%
Kim Jaejoong “Just Another Girl” 165 5.92%
SHINee “Hello” 90 3.23%
Kim Junsu (Xia) “Tarantallegra” 72 2.58%
Super Junior “It’s You/Neorago” 50 1.79%
2NE1 “I am the Best” 39 1.4%
EXO “Overdose” 32 1.15%
B.A.P. “1004” 32 1.15%
B2ST “No More” 28 1%
Nell “White Night” 25 0.9%
Urban Zakapa “I Hate You” 19 0.68%
BTS “Just One Day” 10 0.36%
Urban Zakapa “One Day” 10 0.36%
Teen Top “Miss Right” 10 0.36%
NU’EST “Hello” 9 0.32%
ZE:A “All Day Long” 8 0.29%
SS501 “Let Me Be The One” 4 0.14%
AKMU “Melted” 4 0.14%
BOYFRIEND “Good Night” 2 0.07%
B.A.P “Coffee Shop” 2 0.07%
Mad Soul Child “Dear” 2 0.07%
Geeks “Wash Away” ft. Ailee 1 0.04%
Lim Kim “Like You Know It All” 1 0.04%
BIGSTAR “I Got A Feeling” 0 0%
AKMU “On The Subway” 0 0%

I’m really grateful to everyone who voted. And it was fun to watch how the results changed hourly. Especially uncertain were Mr. Taeyang and Mr. Jaejoong who battled over 3rd and 4th place.

So next in the Korean language masterlist is top 10 ways to learn Korean vocabulary. I intended to write it as a single post, but considering I haven’t even written half of it yet and it’s already really long, and taking into account the surprising number of people who came here to vote, I think I owe it to you to write it as long and detailed as possible. I will probably break it into two parts. (Edit: Here it is: How to learn Korean vocabulary with Kpop (ft. INFINITE The Chaser))

So, now I’m curious, what do you think of the results? I don’t know much about Kpop but I saw EXO mentioned often on my followers’ Twitter so I expected them to score higher. Maybe it also depends on how fast the word of the vote spread among the fans.

Seeing people vote and suggest K-pop groups I got a chance to learn about some new groups. How about you, are the results as you expected?

2 thoughts on “INFINITE “The Chaser” won; other results and what I’ll do with it

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