Type Korean

Korean keyboard layout typing Hangul on computer

Korean keyboard layout

If you have been wondering how to input Hangul into your computer, phone or tablet here is a simple guide for typing Korean letters. First we will give you all the steps you need to properly set up your device to type Korean alphabet and then explain how to type Hangul. The good news is, you don’t really need to buy Hangul keyboard, every suggestion here is a free Korean keyboard.

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As you already know Hangul is Korean alphabet, but instead of being written sequentially (in a horizontal line one after the other) like Latin letters, Hangul letters are grouped into blocks. How these blocks are formed can be confusing for the person attempting to type in Korean it for the first time. Don’t worry, it is all automatic and easier than you think.


  1. Windows
    • How to enable Korean keyboard in Windows
    • Typing
  2. Android
    • How to enable Korean keyboard on Android device
    • Typing
  3. iPhone
    • How to enable Korean keyboard on iPhone
    • Typing
  4. Virtual Keyboards for typing Korean
  5. Type Korean using Romanization

1. Windows

How to enable Korean keyboard in Windows

Find the icon on the right side of your taskbar that shows which language you have enabled at the moment. Right click it and choose Settings.

(If you are unable to find it, go to Control Panel -> Region and Language, on the Keyboards and Languages tab, click Change keyboards.)

change Korean keyboard step 1

Click the Addbutton on the right side.

Change Korean keyboard step 2

Scroll down to find Korean and check the box for Microsoft IME. Click OK.

change Korean keyboard step 3

Now Korean keyboard has been added to your list.

change Korean keyboard step 4

Click OK again.

You can toggle between multiple keyboards by pressing Alt+Shift at the same time. You will see the two letters change to indicate which keyboard is active at the moment. If you press AltGr (right Alt) you will toggle between using Latin alphabet marked by A

change Korean keyboard step 5

or Hangul marked by 가.

change Korean keyboard step 6

You are ready to type Hangul and impress everyone with your knowledge of Korean!

Typing Hangul using computer keyboard

Let’s say you want to type 사랑해요. Assuming you have keyboard with Latin alphabet you are going to press T -> K -> F

type sarang step 1

and on your screen 살 will show up. You might think: “But I wantㄹ in the second syllable, not first!”. No worries. As soon as you press K

type sarang step 2

this is going to happen 사라. The “ㄹ” is automatically moved to the next syllable. Computer knows that the combination 살ㅏ is impossible in Korean language so it knows to move the “ㄹ” into the next syllable. Neat, right?

Now just continue D -> G -> O -> D -> Y

type sarang step 3

And you have 사랑해요!

How to type sarang in Korean

Typing love in Korean with keyboard

To get double consonants like ㅉ press SHIFT+ㅈ.

Here is a Korean keyboard layout, click on it to see it full size.

Korean keyboard layout typing Hangul on computer

you can save this picture on your computer and use it, or buy cute Korean alphabet keyboard stickers like the ones I got from Korea, and put them on your keyboard so you know where each letter is.

korean keyboard stickers

2. Android

How to enable Korean keyboard on Android device

Visit Android Market on your device. Search for “Korean keyboard”. I use Korean Hangul Keyboard (Beta) but you can choose any you like. Note that all the keyboards I came across are not apps but have to be enabled through Settings.

Korean keyboard Android settings

Click Settings, then choose Language & input, then Configure input methods. Select keyboards you installed.

Korean keyboard android settings step 2

Typing Korean on Android tablet or Android phone

Different keyboards have different input methods but you can find explanations how to use them in the app description. There are usually two main types, those that come with full keyboard like this one:

korean keyboard for android

Full keyboard for Android.

korean keyboard for android shift up

After pressing shift letters like ㅉ,ㄸ,ㄲ,… become available.

which is convenient for bigger devices like tablets, and those that are more compact like this one:

Korean moakey keyboard

You can find this keyboard by searching ‘Moakey’ on Android Market.

and thus convenient for phones. This particular Android touchscreen keyboard is called Moakey. It has a neat trick to use them. You might notice the vowels are missing on this one. You simply choose the consonant you wish to start the syllable with, and then swipe your finger in different directions to get different consonants. Here is a schematic for getting syllables that start with consonant ㅇ. You put your finger on the key you want and then without lifting your finger move it in the direction of the arrows to get the desired syllable. Click on the link above to see the video tutorial and further instructions.

moakey system

3. iPhone

How to enable Korean keyboard on iPhone

Choose Settings, then General

iPhone Korean keyboard step 1

Click Keyboard.

iPhone Korean keyboard step 2

Click International Keyboards.

iPhone Korean keyboard step 3

Click Add New Keyboard, and then choose Korean. This is what you keyboard will look like:

Typing Korean on iPhone

All letters are available on this keyboard, press SHIFT (arrow up) for double consonants and globe icon for switching between keyboards. Other than that the typing is the same as if you were using a physical computer keyboard. See the above.

Korean keyboard iPhone

4. Virtual Korean keyboards

Korean virtual keyboard is any online keyboards which you can use with only the help of your web browser. They are convenient if you don’t want to go trough trouble of setting up the keyboard on your device, or you need the keyboard rarely. You simply click with your mouse on the letters you need, one by one. Here are links to some of them:

5. Type Korean using Romanization

If you want to input Korean by only typing Romanization, for example by typing h a n g eu l to get 한글 you can use this website

SayJack romanization

Check the radio button that says “Revised Romanization” and type away. When you’re finished, copy paste the Hangul text and you’re done.

Even though this way you don’t need to memorize Korean keyboard layout, we still strongly suggest you take your time to do so. It is faster, more proper, and you can type directly without bothering to copy-paste. However, typing Korean using Romanization can be faster in the beginning  and can also help you to learn how to properly romanize Korean language.

We hope this will be helpful to you. In case you prefer traditional methods rather than all this technological stuff, check out introduction to Korean calligraphy. If you have any questions or if you would like to recommend a Korean Hangul keyboard that you like to use, feel free write in the comments bellow.


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63 thoughts on “Type Korean

  1. i enabled it, but where exactly will the characters show up…..because i am typing this email in the KO setting, and as u can see it’s in english! LoL

    • At the end of “How to enable Korean keyboard in Windows” paragraph you can see two little screenshots, one says KO and next to it A, the other KO and next to it 가. Like the post says, if you press AltGr (right Alt) you will toggle between using Latin alphabet marked by A, or Hangul marked by 가. Does that help? If not, I will gladly look further into it.

    • I struggled a lot when trying to figure out how to use Korean keyboard in Windows. The trick for me to realize was that I need to have the Microsoft IME not just the Korean keyboard. It is using the IME with the Korean keyboard that made the language bar show up with the Hangul/English toggle A/가 and I made sure it was set to display the soft keyboard so I could use my mouse to select the Hangul letters I wanted.

      I am still working on learning the Korean letters so I can type on my keyboard. I know, I know, it will make life easier when I finally sit myself down to learn this. Baby steps. At least I can now type Hangul.

    • Q=ㅂ shift Q=ㅃ
      W=ㅈ shift W=ㅉ
      eE= ㄷ ㄸ
      Q W E R T Y U I. O P
      ㅂㅈㄱ쇼ㅕㅑ ㅕㅑㅐㅔ
      A. S. D. F. G. H J. K L
      ㅁ ㄴ ㅇㄹ. 호 ㅗ ㅓㅏㅣ
      Z. X. C. V. B. N. M
      ㅋ ㅌ ㅊ ㅍ ㅠ ㅜ ㅡ
      ㅘ = HK
      ㅙ = HO
      ㅚ = HL
      ㅝ = NJ
      ㅞ = NL
      ㅢ = ML
      Double consonants by pressing shift+QWERT and ㅒ&ㅖ vowels pressing shift + O & P.

      • Q=ㅂ shift Q=ㅃ
        W=ㅈ shift W=ㅉ
        eE= ㄷ ㄸ
        Q W E R T Y U I. O P
        ㅂㅈㄱ쇼ㅕㅑ ㅕㅑㅐㅔ
        A. S. D. F. G. H J. K L
        ㅁ ㄴ ㅇㄹ. 호 ㅗ ㅓㅏㅣ
        Z. X. C. V. B. N. M
        ㅋ ㅌ ㅊ ㅍ ㅠ ㅜ ㅡ
        ㅘ = HK
        ㅙ = HO
        ㅚ = HL
        ㅝ = NJ
        ㅞ = NL
        ㅢ = ML
        Double consonants by pressing shift+QWERT and ㅒ&ㅖ vowels pressing shift + O & P. Dictionary order:
        And vowels start at consonant (ㅇ):
        dk, do, di, dO, dj, dp, du, dP, dh, dhk, dho, dhL, dy, dnj, dnp, dnL, db, dm, dml, dK.
        On windows 10 ime layout.

    • Look for an ‘A’ at the bottom right above the task bar. It may show ‘ENG’ instead. Either…click it. It should turn into ‘가’. Your keyboard should be switched to hangul then. Hit ‘ALT’+SHIFT, or ‘Windows-key’+SpaceBar to toggle selection of language keyboard.

  2. wow! thanks for the post! and by the way~ where did you get the keyboard stickers that are so cute! i tried looking from artbox which doesn’t have. and g market has only the square ones that are quite ugly~ ㅠㅠㅠ

    • I bought mㅛ Hangul stickers for the keyboard from Amazon. It seems a shockingly large amount to pay for a tiny sheet of stickers. I am putting them on one letter a week, so Hangul can sneak into my life without my brain noticing. 하하 6 of my letters covered with Hangul so far.

      Kyoto Bookstore in Koreatown, NYC has the cute Hangul stickers. Wish I had bought them! Next trip to NYC, I will for sure.

  3. Thank you for your information\

    But I have some problem with it. Even though I had toggle it, it never changes to to 가 . Only change KO (A) –> EN –> KO (A) over and over again. Could you help me?

    And yeah, btw, I’m Cytta from Indonesia :)

  4. I got a problem. You explained that the computer knows the impossible combinations but it doesn’t work for me. All I get is (following your example) 살ㅏㅇ해. How I can set up my laptop to recognize the right combinations so I don’t have to worry I write completely wrong.

    • but even human doesn’t know 살ㅏㅇ해. Computer can only fix something like not write 사 ㄹ cause that’s impossible but write 살. maybe you mean auto-correct like Microsoft Word has?

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