[Q&A] Do Koreans know that Europeans find them attractive?

Anonymous asked:

Hi, I have two questions.
1.) What does Koreans think about the fact that we (Europeans) find them attractive?
2.) Do Korean people even know that they’re attractive to European people?

If you mean, are Koreans aware of rising popularity of K-pop and Korean dramas in Europe then, yes, they are aware. French fans protesting not being able to get tickets for K-pop concert held in Paris after tickets were sold out in 15 minutes was big news in Korea. I don’t know what all Koreans think, but the ones I know are glad and flattered.

If you mean, are Koreans aware that every European person thinks that every Korean person is attractive then they are not aware, and neither am I. The Hallyu wave is mainly prevalent among young women, and even large number of them has never heard of K-pop. When I mention Korea people either think that South Korea is a poor country like it was decades ago, ask me whether my boyfriend is from South or North, or they simply don’t have a clue. None knew about K-pop. Sadly, there are even those that are plain racist. Lucky for them, they never said it to my face.

European view of Koreans is certainly changing, but after all, attraction is an individual thing.

I am wondering, what do people around you think of Koreans? Leave your experiences in the comments bellow.

– Oegukeen

16 thoughts on “[Q&A] Do Koreans know that Europeans find them attractive?

  1. Your comments are refreshing. How do European women feel about other asians, specifically Chinese men? I’m Chinese and not tall (5’7″) and have had a lot of difficulty lately with online dating. I’m ready to give up. Many women here (I live on the west coast of Canada) have height requirements, they are looking for guys around 5’10” or taller. It’s really discouraging. Where can I meet some of these European women?

    • I have also only recently became aware how important height is to most women. Although, I never heard of anyone having a specific height requirement other than that the guy be taller than the woman.

      Of course, there are exceptions, as I am around 3″ taller than Kimchi Man and neither of us care at all. So don’t give up. :)

      I’m sorry I really don’t know anything about online dating.

  2. You can go to Denmark if you want to date/marry European women. Here women are used to different cultures and like Asian men. Remember Greenland is a part of Denmark and a lot of Koreans/Chinese children were adopted to Denmark.

      • hi ^^
        im a girl from denmark, and yes, i have seen many girls who have a boyfriend or a husband from asia, besides that, i think danish girls/women wouldn’t mind if their boyfriend/husband were shorter than themself… sorry bout my english… im not good at english, but i hope you will understand what i was trying to tell you ^^*

    • Hi Mi.

      Really? Aside from Chinese and Japanese restaurants I haven’t really seen east Asian men in Denmark, neither in Copenhagen, Århus nor any of the smaller towns. Do you know any Danish female/Asian male couples?

      You are right though that there are some Korean adoptees there. The stats I found said 8,500, which is quite a lot for a European country with 5,5 million citizens.

  3. sorry to burst your bubble guys but the real truth is europeans in general date and marry people of their own race, ethnic background. yes there are few who marry asians but it’s not prevalent like americas. men and women in denmark, switzerland, norway, are not that into koreans or other asians in general, yes i’ve been there to those countries, and i hardly saw tons of interracial couples, only a few. you can say what you want but i’ve spoken to europeans from various euro countries, i even know some people from u.k., and they tell me that dating or settling with an asian person is considered the bottom of the barrel, especially asian women. far east asians are not considered hot or beautiful. some europeans date blacks but that’s considered also the bottom of the barrel along with asians. S

    • Europe does not have nearly as many people moving in from other continents as the US does. Of course if there are less people of different ethnicities and races, there are going to be less interracial couples.

      I have never met a person of different race before I started chatting online with Kimchi Man. All my life, I’ve never come across a person that isn’t white! As crazy as that sounds, it’s true.

    • East Asians especially Koreans and Japanese are well respected in Europe. You just don’t want be mistaken as Chinese. I’m a Korean Anerican guy 6′ 1″ tall with a good build due to my love for sports. I have friends there and dated many attractive European women from UK, Germany, France, Spain , Sweden and even one. 6 foot blonde from Iceland. I met them at clubs .flea markets, on the beach. I found no hostility among Europeans some stares out of curosity but mostly friendly people. Some were racist toward blacks and Arabs. I was surprised to see ghettos in Europe.

  4. Personally I find Asian men, specifically Korean men very attractive looking, some are even beautiful. What is most attractive though is how a man treats his woman. If he is kind, respectful and caring that is the biggest turn-on!!!

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