Your Korean love story #1

Korean true love story

My Korean boyfriend and I have an unusual love story – meeting online, falling in love without ever seeing each other, and becoming a real couple while being of different nationality, race, culture, and speaking different languages… all in the name of love.

But we are not the only ones! Other girls and women have just as, if not more, interesting experiences with their Korean guys. That’s why we asked you to share, and here is some of the amazing stories you told us.

Elaine says:

This is the story of my first love. DJ and I met as classmates my freshman year at university, and gradually grew closer as friends. Last year, DJ’s senior year, we ended up living in the same dorm. Since we had several classes together we began working on homework together. After a while I would wake him up from study naps, we would watch movies together, talk late into the night about everything. DJ would tease me to get a Korean boyfriend, taught me about dating customs in Korea. I would tease back that he should get an American girlfriend. DJ knew he was going to graduate school in Korea, and said he would feel bad to date a girl for such a short time. I was thinking of studying abroad to Korea but I wasn’t sure. DJ always said if I come to study that we should go out and he would take me around.

According to our friends, apparently it was way too obvious that we both liked each other, though neither of us said it out loud.

Over summer, I visited the countryside and we could not talk online so much, but we still sent messages and music back and forth. When this semester started I gathered my courage, and wrote a letter, where I told him I liked him, but he has not responded since. Recently I got accepted to a Korean study abroad programme. If I see him it will be interesting, but I think if I don’t its ok, I have happy memories and no matter what next spring will be a blast!

Thank you Elaine. We think it is wonderful how you value your experience no matter how it turns out. People sometimes forget that happy memories are what’s important, even if you don’t get your happily-ever-after.

Marissa says:
Hello~ I am an American woman currently living in Seoul. I’m dating a Korean guy (from 포항 actually) who doesn’t speak any English. Me met on a pen-pal site a few months before I moved here and knew relatively soon that we would be interested in dating once I got to Korea. I really am the luckiest in the world, because my boyfriend is extremely open minded to cultural differences and we have been able to compromise on anything that we didn’t originally see eye to eye on. It is pretty crazy that I had to travel thousands of miles and learn a new language to meet the love of my life, but it was more than worth it.

Thank you Marissa. Your story of finding love is romantic and we can all learn something from it.

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11 thoughts on “Your Korean love story #1

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  2. How we met?
    My boyfriend is from South Korea, and we met in the most random of ways, and now we don’t know what we’d do without each other. We came across each other on a Korean app, and neither one of us were looking to actually make real friends or meet the one person we’d become totally obsessed with– but we did. I’m 22, and he’s 25, and we’re both, I have to admit it, super big goofballs, pranksters, and internet trolls. He contacted me with sarcasm, and I responded back with it. He lived in the state next to mine, but super far away, and went to the state university as international student. After a day or two of talking, we couldn’t not contact each other. We clicked right away! At the end of the first week of knowing each other, we were waiting impatiently for each other to wake up, counting the hours until we would be able to facetime or talk again, and basically getting yelled at by professors (in his case), and in my case, my manager, for constantly being on our phones cause we literally were obsessed with each other. We talked about a month and a half non stop before we met for the first time. When we met, it was literally the happiest moment, I couldn’t stop smiling, and we didn’t want to let go of each other. I had never met anyone like that, and neither had he, and it wasn’t even awkward. We’ve been happy ever since. His family knows me, but I haven’t met his family yet. From day one, neither of us were looking to be more than friends, well at least that’s what I thought, and then I found out later, that for him it was love at first sight. He’s currently living in the US as an international student, and I’ve yet to meet his family, but he’s always telling me about how much he tells his mom about me and how she’s excited to meet me and always sending her greetings. I, for one, was super shocked, considering I’m a biracial American woman, and have absolutely NO Korean or Asian in me whatsoever. However, I found out early in our friendship before our relaitonship began, that he was just happy that someone bothered to take an interest in his culture and language and not think it was weird– apparently, that’s what they love the most! I’m not gonna lie, I never expected to date and be totally head over heels for an Asian man, one that couldn’t be anymore cuturally different from me, but somehow, we get along perfectly.

    What it’s like?
    Anyway, what I will say about my jagiya–
    He’s ultra nerdy, he’s a gamer, and his friends look like something straight out of a chemistry lab. No, he’s not a Jay Park, but he’s the sweetest. He’s the typical Korean guy, he served in the military, so he’s developed an even stronger capacity for hard liquor and soju, he loves to go out and party, he’s a huge smoker (of both cigerettes and other substances), and he’s extremely cynical. He’s basically “that” guy. To others, he’s super dry, sarcastic, and smart– but to me, he’s an angel, a super big baby, and my prince. His family raised him to be extremely polite, kind, and respectful. He’s very American, but he’s also very Korean in the sense where before asking me to do something, he’ll take in my mother’s consideration and how something is going to make me look to the public eye (ie: going on a vacation, staying in a hotel together, sleeping in the same bed or different beds, staying out late), he’s the type to open doors, pull out chairs, cook me Korean food, hold me tight when we sleep, take the time to actually sit down and give me Korean lessons, and make sure I learn “natural” Korean, and he’s just a true “oppa”. He’s a biochemistry student, and always seems to be extremeley busy, but he finds the time to make sure I wake up to romantic messages and go to bed to his voice. It’s so funny becuase he’s totally started talking like me, and I’ve started talking like him in Korean. He always refers to himself as the beast and me as the beauty because we couldn’t be anymore different (he’s a gamer with a lot to love that wears black all day, and I’m a girly girl, always dressed in pink, heels, manicures, and makeup like it’s my birthday). He’s my partner in crime. Although the relationship includes times where we can’t see each other for two weeks time, and long drives across state, I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else.

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