Your Korean love story #2

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While it may seem that romances with Korean guys are a rare experience for non-Korean women (even more so for Western women), many sweet and bitter-sweet stories you submitted to Your story section may prove otherwise.

Isn’t it wonderful that we live in the age of fast internet and commercial airplanes where country borders no longer hold any significance when we decide whom to give our heart to?

Anne-Claire says:

Hey everyone!! So here is my story:

My name is Anne and I’m French, I met Seok Young , 3 years ago. In fact I was interested in Korean culture, language etc. and really wanted to learn more so I looked for a Korean pen pal of a website based on this type of subjects.

He answered to my announcement saying that he wanted to improve his English and make new friends so we started to talk through this website and then eventually exchange our email address.

We talked about everything, everything but not about Korea or France or anything that we were looking for on this website. We became like best friends talking about our love problems and then I suddenly didn’t have any news for weeks so I started to understand that it was not normal to miss him that way if he was just a friend. He came back and told me that I missed me too much and asked me to be his gf, I was so happy but so confused, I mean, that’s a crazy situation… but I said yes and here we are still a couple for 3 years now.

I had some bad moments when he went to army etc. but now everything is getting better and we are planning are meeting for next year ^^ I never felt something this strong and I’ve never been disturbed by our cultural differences in fact I totally forgot that ^^

We are really glad that Kimchi Man had finished his military service before he met. Being on different sides of the world is difficult enough. Being unable to communicate while he’s going through strict military training is simply torture. You should be proud that your love has survived it.

And it’s interesting that you don’t notice cultural differences either. It really seems they are not important when two people are a good match.

Bonnie says:

Seeing as I’ve only recently entered into a relationship with a Korean man I don’t have many romantic or special moments, but I do have a few that I believe to be wonderful memories.

My most memorable moment was when the boyfriend asked me to recommend him a book to read so he could improve his English to which I agreed that I would, and in return I would want him to recommend a book for me to improve on my Korean. (All this happened before we were actually an item). I gave him one of the ‘Alex Rider’ series to read, kind of a teenage book but he was enthusiastic to read it none the less. When he had finished reading this book he handed me one of his chosen books, just like he had promised he would do.

I took to reading it and, at the middle section of the book, stapled to the page was a letter. A love letter, He had written his feelings to me in this letter as he was too shy to confess to my face. I think that this is one of the most precious things anyone, let alone a guy, has done for me~~ <3

That is so romantic! No doubt it will be a memory you will cherish for the rest of your life. It’s really sweet he found a way to let you know about his feelings even though he was so shy.

Thank you Anne-Claire and Bonnie for sharing your Korean love stories with us. Readers, if you have a romantic moment you’d like to share as well, now you get a chance to do so in Your Story section.

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15 thoughts on “Your Korean love story #2

  1. Sorry I wonder for something. Has Anne-Claire ever met with her boyfriend? Because it seems they are just planning it for next year… (“…and we are planning are meeting for next year ^^”) And to be with someone for ages who you have never met it’s amazing.

  2. I just saw your email, thank you for posting my story !! And to answer MBernadett, I still didn’t see my boyfriend , I’m actually working so I can’t take holidays easily and he is in internship as well , but we still believe that we can do it ^^

    • Nowadays it is respectable that you can wait for so long for somebody to meet (especially that he had to serve in the military during this time). (Sorry my english is not perfect.) And I hope you and your boyfriend can do it and finally your story will be a good ending. :)

    • I have the same situation. I only shared it with few people because I feel they’ll think it’s weird that I have a relationship with someone I haven’t met in person. But after reading your story, it made me realized I shouldn’t feel ashamed or something. I will share my story. I met my Korean bf online( He was introduced by my language partner) end of 2010. Since I am learning Korean,we decided to have Korean study together. Mostly we talked about our personal lives. We were friends for more than a year Then he told me he fell in love with me. Since I felt the same, we decided to be a lover. We thought it was crazy because we haven’t met in person but he said he will wait for me. When we became lover,he just finished college and I am still studying. So it’s the main reason we cannot meet. In our 6 months of relationship, he talked to me about him visiting my country to meet me.However, I was busy with school so we couldn’t meet. I was guilty for not meeting him but thankfully he understood. LDR is never easy but true love endures it. Our bf/gf relationship is 1 year now. He is indeed physically far from me but I can’t imagine being with someone other than him in the future.
      One valuable thing I learned from our relationship is that trust is the most important feeling a lover should have with each other. And whether you have a relationship with someone from the other side of the world or beside you, if you don’t have trust for your partner then it won’t last.

  3. Hi. I’m worried that maybe my crush doesn’t like me. We work together but I’m losing this job soon because it’s a public school and I didn’t get renewed. He’s been sick so I made him some homemade soup to give him along with hand sanitizer and some candy. ^^he spoke so softly and sweetly to me but ^^he tried to refuse it. ^^he also asked me why I wanted to give him this. I just said I’m leaving soon and I want you to have this. All year the body language has been there that ^^he likes me^^. But I think ^^he just won’t be with me because I’m a foreigner and I’m 16 years older than him. Coworkers ran their mouths about our chemistry when we used to talk a lot at lunch last year too. There’s a lot more I can’t say here or it would be a book. I’m just sad and maybe I should leave Korea. But I’m not rich.

  4. Oh, and I feel hurt because ^^he talks to other girls at work more than ^^he talks to me^^, especially at hoeshiks. It makes me^^ feel like he hates me. This month he’s been riding to work with girls too and I think they all think it’s funny to try and make me jealous.

  5. Also my birthday was on the 26th but I didn’t tell him since I didn’t think he’d care anyway. I told him the day after on the 27th. ^^he was sick but when I said yesterday was my birthday ^^he just said oh it was your birthday what did you do? ^^he still didn’t say happy birthday though. I was dumb enough to spend 3 hours making homemade chocolates for him on Valentine’s day too and ^^he didn’t even say happy white day to me. ^^he acts like ^^he likes me and then I feel like ^^he hates me sometimes too.

  6. He’s also told me I’m beautiful and looks at my lips and has such softness in his face when ^^he looks at me and lately he looks at me from a distance but ^^he won’t hardly look into my eyes and sometimes blinks a lot when we are close.

  7. I have also mine.its been 2 years and 8 months since we meet.we live together for 2 months in philippines and it was a very nice memories i have with him:)
    Untill the day he went back to korea we still have the communication thru kakaotalk.
    Despite of our long distance relationship.i still love him.either we can be together in the end or not atleast i did try my best to make him feel how much i love him. He is very funny and have sense of humor.despite the way he speaks english.for me its too cute to hear<3<3<3

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