[Q&A] Are Korean men only attracted to skinny women?

Do Korean guys only like skinny girls, one of our readers is curious.Do Korean men only like skinny girls
Anonymous asked:
How do Korean men feel about women who are a little bit heavy but not over weight?

The answer to your question is simple, but I would also like to address a more general issue concerning Koreans and weight, and it might not be what you expect. The previous question we answered, “Do Korean men like black women?”, was a similar type of question. It is similar because it assumes that there is some culturally influenced preference for specific type of women that majority of Korean men have ingrained in their personalities by their upbringing.

There isn’t.

I would also ask you to please don’t give too much notice to people talking about their personal experience. Even if all their friends and acquaintances told them the exact same thing, that is way too few people to make any conclusions about a whole nation, and they are in no way a representative sample since we carefully choose people who surround us and they usually all come from very small geographical location. Even scientist make mistakes when trying to make conclusions about human behavior and they are trained to avoid bias and other pitfalls of such research.

So the answer to your question is this: while many Korean men, like many men around the world, prefer slim women, there are still plenty who don’t care, and Kimchi Man even knows those who prefer their women heavy.

Since Koreans have the lowest obesity rate among all of the OECD countries (page 6) I can understand you may be worried that Korean guys might not be eager to enter a relationship with heavy or overweight women or that if they do start a relationship they might be judgmental. While everyone has a right to their own preference when choosing a partner, making someone feel bad for their weight makes him a jerk, not a Korean.

And let’s not forget, there are heavy and overweight Korean men as well.

Now I would like to address another thing. I have seen many foreigners living in Korea criticize Koreans for their seemingly unnatural obsession with weight. It’s hard to deny this. Recently I read that, besides not being allowed to eat for 24 hours, Korean female stars are not even allowed to drink water before performance from fear they might not look starved.

But I don’t for one moment buy into the story that Koreans are more obsessed with weight than us. They are just, for the reasons I won’t go into here, more successful at keeping their weight down and are certainly more comfortable about discussing other people’s weight openly.

In Western Europe, sales of weight-loss products topped $1.4 billion in 2009. The weight-loss industry in North America is worth over $50 billion and Americans spend over $1.6 billion a year on weight-loss supplements.

Does that sound like people who don’t care about their weight?

I sat across from girls who were so worried what the food might do to their thighs that they put food in their mouths with such slow motion and tiny bites, all spiced up with victim expressions on their faces, that you would think someone was spoon-feeding them their own barf instead of the delicious food. Women wonder about their weight so often that sentences like “Does this dress/pants make me look fat” have become a part of our laughing stock. Aren’t we westerners bombarded with weight loss product, tips, advice and miraculous teas, barriers and such? Which magazine, talk show or advertisement aimed at women hasn’t talked about weight loss, multiple times? Just because our culture teaches us that it is polite to pretend we don’t notice other person’s weight, doesn’t change the fact that we do.

I think this obsession with weight comes from our seeming inability to comprehend that food is what constitutes our bodies and as such should be chosen with utmost care instead of obsessing about the amount. This is a change in attitude we must all partake together, and stop pointing fingers at each other claiming one nation is too fat and another one too thin, and stop taking the moral high ground.

– Oegukeen



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19 thoughts on “[Q&A] Are Korean men only attracted to skinny women?

  1. What an amazing answer!Korean men just like men all over the world prefer either skinny, curvy or other body type women.If a man’s basis of attraction is only the appearance that man is shallow.

  2. Beautiful answer! I also add that the concept of having a skinny body is created by media so we think we are not attractive if we are on the heavy side. I am always underweight and haven’t experienced gaining much weight, but I feel for others who have low esteem due to their body size. Koreans or not, men should not look at women only for their figure.

    • Thank you. And you are right. But the media is not some entity that exists in vacuum. Media is people who want to make money so they create what other people want to buy. In the end, it’s only the consumers who are to blame.

    • That’s very true. I think the reason a lot of non-Korean women are worried about their weight is because their main “connection” to Korea is through the media. And the media obviously only shows slim, made-up, “perfect” people (just like Hollywood). It’s easy to feel self-conscious about your body when that is what you’re comparing yourself to.

      But just look at normal, everyday Koreans in the street. Most of them don’t look like K-pop celebs. Some Koreans are fat, some are thin, some wear make-up, some don’t, some dress well, some don’t dress well, etc. They’re just people. Like any other people. And some like large women, while others don’t.

  3. I am really heavy but soooooooooooooo attracted to South Korean men. The way they speak and their eyes, oh yeah! But I really have no hope in ever finding a relationship with them, I resort to living in a fantasy world, because there are none around where I live. I wish I could at least have a pen pal with one just so I could at least see into their heart and I would be closer to their country.

  4. I think this is amazingly written and great to hear.
    I am in my mid-twenties, my husband is Korean and I live in Korea. I’m not overweight, but I’ve gained around 8kg in the 2 years that I’ve been here (all of which has been gained throughout the time I’ve been with my now husband). At 8kg lighter I was very thin by Western standards and pretty slim by Korean standards (I’m very tall). I remember him commenting on how ‘skinny’ I was when we first met. At my current weight I feel I am slim to average by Western standards, but definitely chubby by Korean standards even though my BMI currently stands at 22. I am very conscious of this given the amount of super thin, beautiful Korean girls I work with and see daily on the street. However, my husband doesn’t seem to mind. He married me after I gained the 8kg and is constantly reassuring me about my body and telling me how gorgeous I am. It’s nice to know that perhaps he isn’t just trying to make me feel better and, as a Korean man, he may just not mind a girl with a bit more meat on her bones. Thank you! :-)

      • I had a similar experience! Just without happy end, which was all my fault.
        After I met my boyfriend I gained about 7kg in just 3 month >__<"
        I was slightly underweight (BMI) before, so very skinny for western standard, nearly meeting korean girl standard (I think).
        He loved when I ate much and always wanted me to eat lots of things and said he didn't like when girls always eat so little. After gaining the 7kg, I was normal weight (BMI), but felt so fat, I started to comment on it. But he always said I wasn't fat and he loved that I had a bit of a tummy now (mostly gained there and on my butt .__.).
        I started to diet, but he would always make me eat, saying I look cutest when I eat… and I didn't lose any weight at all.
        He is slightly smaller than me and also very skinny and one day he saw my weight, when I was on the scale. I wanted him to weight himself, too, but he didn't want to. But he told me, that he never was heavier than a certain weight, that was about 3kg below mine. He smiled while saying it and made me remember that he's also shorter than me, but it just pulled a trigger in my head and I seriously started dieting, sometimes eating nothing at all.
        Let me tell you, it certainly didn't make anything better, just worse. We would fight over me eating nothing, he was always worried and it became too much of a burden. In the end we broke up.
        Now I think it would have been thousand times better being a bit "chubby" and happily eating with him, than being so stupid.

  5. Can I ask? Does korean man likes small girls like 5’0 something and a little bit dark skin haha. I’m a filipina by the way. Anyway I really like your blog, it helps a lot.

    • Hello, I am so glad you think it’s helpful! It sometimes takes a lot of work, but then it’s all worth it :)

      It really depends, Korean men are not all the same. Some like tall women, some like short. Most people prefer for man to be taller than woman and even I found love, even though I was a LOT taller than my Korean boyfriend. While it’s true that some Koreans are racist and might not like darker-skinned people than them, there are plenty of Koreans who are smart and open-minded and don’t care, or even prefer darker skin.

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