[Q&A] Will a Korean guy be attracted to me?

Hello everyone! Oegukeen and Kimchi Man here. We got a new question about dating Korean men and we are looking forward to answering it.

Anonymous asked:

I’m just an ordinary simple girl…
Will a Korean guy be attracted to me??
I would like to find one but I’m not confident enough…

Will Korean guy be attracted to me

It is normal to have lack of self-confidence when meeting someone you like. Kimchi Man and I felt the same when we had to meet face-to-face for the first time. Since Korean women are on average so much shorter than I am I was worried that Kimchi Man will think I am too tall for a woman. Or that my feet are too large. Or that my arms are too hairy. Since most European men have chest hair, he was worried I will think it’s strange to see a grown man with bare chest. Or that I will think his hair is not as soft as Europeans’ hair. I still chuckle at the thought of him using huge amounts of hair conditioner on his very short hair ^^

However, when we met, he didn’t think I am a huge hairy monster. He though I am pretty and feminine. When I met him, I didn’t think touching his hair is like petting a hedgehog or that his chest looks like a little boy’s. I thought his hair is shiny and I love running my hands over it. I still think his chest looks very manly. We find our differences interesting and exciting. It’s something that adds variety and value to our relationship.

We wish you a good luck in finding a guy that will show you that in his eyes you are much more than an ordinary girl. If any guy says otherwise, he does not deserve you.

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She also asked:

and do u know where to learn hangul online and korean recipes online??

Where to find Korean recipes online cooking instructions

Hangul is a unique Korean alphabet. There are quite a few free sources online for learning it. You can read our review of

We also included some tips and explanations and hope it will be helpful. And here is how to set up Korean keyboard and learn how to type Hangul. When you learn Hangul well you might even try out Korean calligraphy.

As far as Korean food goes, I really like it. Since there is no Korean restaurant in my vicinity, Kimchi Man has prepared many delicious Korean dishes for me to try. I have also attempted to prepare some Korean dishes myself .

Some were a complete disaster

rainbow rice cake, mujigae ddeok ( 무지개떡 )

I made probably the driest rainbow rice cake ever. Kimchi Man still claims it tasted great. There’s the proof he loves me right there. ^^

some a bit more succesful

Japchae ( 잡채 )

Unfortunately Kimchi Man wasn’t with me when I made this Japchae so I don’t know if it tasted the way it was supposed to, but in my modest opinion it was delicious.

However, I take full responsibility for any unsuccessful attempts, because these two Korean cooks I am going to recommend here are both good cooks and good teachers.

Which cook you will choose depends on your preferences, but both are really good. Just as a comparison, when preparing Korean rice cakes – chapssal tteok (찹쌀떡 ) Maangchi makes them the traditional way – steams them, while Aeri puts the dough in the microwave. Since I don’t own a steamer I went with the microwave version.

We hope these answers are helpful. We are looking forward to more questions. Did you find some good sources for learning Hangul or Korean cooking? Leave it in the comments below and let everyone know.



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One thought on “[Q&A] Will a Korean guy be attracted to me?

  1. I love to talk with people of other countries especially with korean men. They are soo cute and smart but I never met with a korean guy but I want to talk and marry with a korean guy and information given by U will definately help me.Thanx guys!!

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