Korean packages: pronunciation book, Kwave magazines and suprise gifts from Korean embassy

Sounds of Korean Shin Amazon pronunciation bookThis morning a Korean pronunciation book I’ve ordered has finally arrived. I was so excited to open the package and finally take a look at the book after the whole Kindle fiasco. But I haven’t even set the package on the table and the doorbell rang again. Mailman must have forgotten something. But no, this time it was a different delivery guy, and this time the package was from Korean Embassy no less!

Now this may make it seem like it is a usual thing for me to be getting packages but I assure you it is not. Actually, if not for my boyfriend, I probably would never receive any.

So how did this happen? A few days ago I needed some information from Korean Embassy in my country. I actually felt a bit guilty for bothering them, but instead of making me feel bad about it, they expressed their gratitude that I was showing so much interest in Korea. Moreover, they asked for my address and offered to send some Korean magazines! I was psyched!

I expected just a few magazines but when I took the package in my hands it was really heavy. I got a whole stack of Kwave magazines, a Psy’s CD and two booklets, one about Korean classical music and another also about Korean wave. Kwave magazines are published by KBS and are titled Global Korean culture magazine.


Now, those that are following us on various social networks probably noticed in the last few days that I was curious about magazines in Korean language to help me learn Korean. This solved the problem! Not only are they in Korean but actually every article is written in both Korean and English side by side which makes it just perfect for practicing Korean.

CNBLUE interview preparation is done

At first I was feeling bad because I know how much you guys are crazy about Kpop, but as I read further on I found more than enough articles for myself as well. Korean food, movies, directors, actors, various cultural topics like Hanok, ancient temples, Korean money, notable historical figures, short lessons about Korean language, examples of Kakao Talk chats and more. Oh, and at the back of every issue is a fold-out poster of some Korean celebrity, usually a Kpop boy band.

Kwave magazines Korean culture Psy CD

The contents of the amazing package from Korean Embassy

Kwave magazine with TVXQ DBSK on the cover

Kwave magazine with TVXQ / DBSK cover story.

Kwave issues stackedA stack of Kwave magazine issues that has arrived

Psy Gangnam Style CD 6 tracks cards

Psy CD with 6 tracks

Korean culture booklets No 1 and 4 Korean Wave Hallyu and K Classics

Korean Culture booklets No. 1 and 4

Hunminjeongeum the original script of modern HangulHunminjeongeum (훈민정음) document describing new Korean script

Korean 'JUMP' fusion performanceKorean ‘JUMP’ fusion performance

Blade and Soul a Korean gameBlade and Soul a Korean game

Honestly, if you are interested in any aspect of Korean culture I think it’s a great magazine to have.

I only had them for a few hours and I already found out a really interesting story. In 1960 Korean Taekwondo masters decided to travel out of Korea and show the world what they could do, but the problem was: They only had one Taekwondo uniform between them! It’s crazy to think how far Korea has come in such short time.

There was an even an article about wedding dresses and with so many photographs of Korean guys I joked with Kimchi Man if I’m maybe being sent a hidden message here. He replied: “I knew we put a lot of effort into supporting mixed marriages, but I didn’t know we also put effort into creating them ^^” He’s a funny guy, isn’t he? :)


And finally, I would like to sincerely thank Korean Embassy for this amazing gift.

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26 thoughts on “Korean packages: pronunciation book, Kwave magazines and suprise gifts from Korean embassy

  1. Tbh I would be more interested in reading everything expect Kpop related articles ^^ Korean Culture booklets, Hunminjeongeum (훈민정음) document describing new Korean script… sounds really interesting.
    I’m looking forward to a review of “The Sound of Korean”… yesterday I tried to pronounce whole sentences a penpal emailed me to practice, damn it was/is so difficult… phew…

    • The articles are really interesting, you know I already know quite a bit about Korea but most of the topics are completely new to me. Sadly the Korean version of the article is still too advanced for me but I will take time to more seriously sit down and try to translate in parallel.

      Yeah, pronunciation… I went through the other book completely and still when I tried to pronounce 방향 my boyfriend couldn’t understand what I’m saying so I think I will benefit from yet another pronunciation book ^^

      • I have to search for other books about Korea, bcz the only book I’ve read about Korea is “Sleepless in Seoul” written by Vera Hohleiter. Everything else I’ve read was/is online. I’m especially interested in Hanoks, I love the architecture and will surely book a room for a few days when I travel to Seoul next year (*¯︶¯*) ♥ (In dramas I also always love more the older houses with some kind of small garden/court yard then the modern ones)

        You just reminded me of something I kind of totally forgot, Korean ppl should be able to understand me… (≧◡≦)
        Since I’m at work right now I can’t check how this word should sound like, Romanization doesn’t help at all. I have to admit pronouncing Japanese is, at least for me, much easier (>‿<)

  2. That is one of the most awesome gifts that you can ever get. Even if it’s to spread the word of the Korean wave it’s still amazing!
    (Wonder if the Korean embassy here in DK has awesome gifts like that?)
    I would wish that I lived next door to you so I could read them with you and discuss all the different aspects about Korea, from K-pop do deep ancient history and even todays food and coffeehouses~

    • I agree! Not many things could make me happier than this :)

      That would be awesome! I can’t find anyone with my passion for Korea where I live. I really miss talking about it sometimes, especially when Kimchi Man is in Korea.

      Well, there are my parents. But I infected them with love for Korea so it doesn’t totally count.

      • I get the drill xD
        It’s the same here for me, my friend moved far away from me so i can’t see her often but we do talk on the phone sometimes :)
        And I also have a really good friend from Ilsan whom I talk with everyday via Kakaotalk. We share pictures and emails with videos to each other so that takes away the sad feeling of being alone with a special interest.

  3. I’m going to call the Korean embassy in my country to ask whether they have Psy’s album lying around and maybe they will be kind enough to send it to me. Just kidding. You’re so lucky! So jealous. I want the K-Wave magazines, too. OK I’ll call the embassy. :)

  4. been to korea which korean embassy gave you books?
    all i got was grief and almost did not get my visa

    but 10 days in seoul too short for me

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