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Korean American love storyFew months ago we started a new Your Story section where people who don’t have any questions to ask about the dating scene with Korean guys but would like to share their romantic or heart-breaking stories can do so.

We’ve been getting many stories with amazing variety of happy and sad endings, so we decided it’s time once again to highlight some.

The one we chose today is a bit different in that it wasn’t shared by a woman dating a Korean guy, but a Korean-American man himself! Did he manage to find true love in Europe? Read on.

Korean Yankee says:

How about a Korean American guy love story, is this allowed? LOL!

I have two stories actually. My friend and I went out for couple of drinks and as we were approaching this bar there were some cute girls standing outside but we proceeded go inside and sat down enjoying our drinks. After few minutes those girls standing outside of the bar came in and sat next to us at another table.

One in particular was very attractive so naturally I was checking her out then I noticed an accent when she was speaking so I asked her where she was from. She was from northern Italy. First question out of her mouth was “Are you Japanese or Chinese?” I was taken back at first because we Koreans are very proud of being Korean so I said, neither. I’m Korean. We laughed and we joined them for the evening. We exchanged numbers and ever since dated for 5 years. Later she confessed she planned to sit next to me hoping to meet me.

We took vacations to Europe and met her wonderful family. Had one of the best memorable times of my life. Unfortunately, we broke up due to her new job which required her to relocate to another city and I was not ready to relocate with her. I was too young, too scared… This was over 12 years ago but we still write to each other on our birthdays or special events. She is happily married now.

So after couple of years after my break up I met another wonderful girl from Europe. I met her through a friend’s girlfriend. She told me she have a friend visiting her soon from Europe and she is gorgeous. My answer to that was “yeah, sure”. You know people always say that. So I wasn’t expecting much until I laid my eyes on her.


She wasn’t kiddin’ – model material. But me being cool tall simmering type play it off like I wasn’t really that interested. LOL. Anyway we got to know each other for the two months she was here until she had to go back home. I promised her I will see here again of course never know what the future will hold but we kept in touch through emails and phone calls despite our language barriers for a year.

All of my friends would tell me just forget about her, she’s not coming back, there is no future with her, she lives on the other side of the world. Normally I would’ve agreed but I felt something special about her, I felt sincere when she told me she loved me over our phone calls.

So I waited. Then the day finally came when she told me she will come see me again.

I met her at the airport. More breathtaking then I remembered her.

How could I be this lucky? We just picked up where we left off a year ago as if nothing happened so as time near for her to return I couldn’t let her go. I wasn’t going to let her get away again so one early drizzly morning I woke her up and drove. She kept asking where are we going. I just said we are going to have early breakfast.

But when I pulled over in front of our favorite museum and ask her to walk with me outside of the museum I’m sure she must of thought I was crazy. I waited for the right moment on top of the museum steps when the sun was raising I reached into my pocket and pull out a ring and got on my knees and asked her to marry me.

After 10 years of marriage and with one future model daughter we are still in love.
Don’t lose hope and best wishes.

Isn’t that a wonderful story? And it certainly does give hope to us who are still apart and waiting for our happy ending. Thank you, Korean Yankee (LOL), for sharing.




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