[Q&A] Do Korean men like black women?

Anonymous asked:

Are Korean Men attracted to African American Women?

First of all, as much as it is becoming a cliché, I think we can all agree each Korean man is unique and has unique taste in dating partners.

Also, what does it even mean to be attracted to African American women? Does it mean being attracted to EVERY African American woman? Does it mean being attracted to African American women MORE than women of other races? Or does it mean even being CAPABLE of being attracted to an African American woman? And what about black women who are not American?

Korean men black womenI know some may not be satisfied with my seeming lack of answer. They will move back to searching with Google. Those pessimistic will stop when they reach an answer that claims Korean men are racist and say: “Aha, I knew it!” Those desperate for hope will find a success story and be content with knowing it can happen to them too.

You can search for the answer all you want, but the only truth is that there is no answer. And by that I don’t mean I don’t know the answer, I mean there really is none.

But I have a question for you now: Are tall European women attracted to shorter Asian men?

If Kimchi Man asked himself that, he would probably be discouraged and he wouldn’t waste his time with me.

Another question: Are men attracted to women who have larger feet than them?

Once again, if I let that stop me, I wouldn’t have experienced the magic of love.

Love can happen between any two people, and it has happened between Korean men and African American women; even though I’m sure there are some racist people in Korea who wouldn’t date a person of another race (in my experience there are too many racist people in every country).

As for the race issue, it also matters how you meet the guy. Kimchi Man and I first connected on an intellectual level: we discussed for a long time our opinions about taxation systems, education, military service, and shared our love for games and TV shows. Experiencing someone in such a way makes it much more likely to be able to look beyond the surface than if you pick a guy up in a bar or on the street.

I think there is nothing wrong with choosing a man because he is Korean, but if you go around looking for a dating prospect based on who he was born to be, instead of who he grew up to be, you can’t blame anyone but yourself if you end up only meeting men who do the same.





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50 thoughts on “[Q&A] Do Korean men like black women?

  1. I dont think judgements make a sense,just like our men,thats how they are too.am hoping to get married to one but of course its personality.who wouldnt want to live outside their box.people having similar beliefs find it monotonous and boring,

  2. Am a black girl and i like Korean guys. I was in a party with my friends the party was for Korean guys in one company like that in my country. I saw many Korean guys and I was so happy and many of them keep looking at me and asking of my name. My girlfriend and her boyfriend ask me who I like I asked him what if he doesn’t like me he said all the guys likes you. But I only like one because he was the Cain of guy I like. He was not very handsome like others but he was parfact for me. And he also liked me a lot. I think Korean guys like slim and beautiful woman not only that and a gentle person.

  3. Oegekeen is right not every person will be attracted to you based on your race or skin color… It goes into a deeper level of character, intellect,hobbies etc.I also thought my Korean husband would never like me because I was black…and African. I thought i would have a shot with him if I was from a western country.
    I expressed this notion when he first asked me out on a date and I turned him down.
    He was extremely hurt not because i turned him down but because i let people’s streotyping get to me.
    He liked me not because of my race, but because of my brain, bubbly personality and the positive vibes he got from me.(his words not mine haha)
    Its true racism and streotyping is in every country including mine but if you let it affect your decision on whom you choose to love regardless of their color, you might just lose out on a chance to spend the rest of your life with a great guy.

  4. I’m an African girl and I’ve been obsessed with AMBW couples since I watched that movie The Sun Is Also a Star…swoon..I’m an African girl and I’ve been obsessed with AMBW couples since I watched that movie The Sun Is Also a Star…swoon…

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