[Q&A] How to know if a Korean guy likes you?

Having Korean boyfriend has given me a much better insight into Korean culture and customs. I know how to tell Korean age, I know why Korean chopsticks are made of metal, I know there is no such thing as “Sea of Japan”, How to tell if Korean guy likes you - East Sea vs Sea of JapanI know how to address Koreans of different age, I know to handle everything with both hands…

What I don’t know is how to read Korean men’s minds (a pity). I am a bit closer to it with Kimchi Man, but not much.

All the Korean men I have met have been very different and diverse. So has their attitude towards relationships. Some are going to tell you they love you even before they know the color of your eyes, others will not be vocal about their feelings even when they are ready to die for you.

For everyone who is wondering what is the secret to understanding a Korean man’s heart: There is none.

You don’t need to worry that they are sending some secret Korean signal which you are not picking up. Culture has a hard time influencing something as personal and fundamental as love.

How to know if Korean guy likes you - Oppa do you like me 오빠 나 좋아해?That being said, I completely understand what it is like falling in love and having no idea if object of your adoration feels the same way. I was there.  We all want to know for sure if we are happily in love or rushing towards heartbreak. That’s why I am going to do my best to help the two women who asked the questions bellow. I just want to make sure everyone understands I would be no more or less qualified to answer those questions even if I had never met a Korean guy in my life.

And if you know a Korean guy, a Korean guy you like, and you don’t know, if this Korean guy you like, likes you back – forget that he’s Korean.

That might just be the thing you need to truly see what he is trying to tell you.

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Anonymous asked:

I am in love with a Korean guy, we go to the same university and we met when we took the same class about a year ago. I am 19 and he is 21.

I always feel and act very shy, when I am around a person I really like. When there is no him, I am very funny, communicative and totally normal.

 I am not Korean (still Asian), and I don’t speak Korean.

The problem is that…He is not a shy one at all, at least he seems to be so. Sometimes when we meet at some university events, we talk, and he seems to like me as a girl, but we never text/chat after that. I mean, we talk only when we see each other. That’s why talking to him is a very rare occasion, because we meet rarely.

 The first time I saw him this year after a long period of time, was another university event, he sent an invitation to me on Facebook, which I don’t think was something special or anything, but I decided to go there still. On the day when he sent the invitation, our eyes met at a cafe, when I was walking past him, but I was with my girl friend and he was with a girl friend as well, so I thought: ”Alright, I haven’t seen you for ages, why say Hi then, you probably don’t even remember me”. He didn’t wave hi to me either. So yeah, then BOOM I got that invitation, and I decided to go. Cause I thought that accidental meeting had something to do with the invitation.

When I just got there, he came up first saying ”Ooh, it’s been a long time” and hugged me, which was a bit weird, because we are not that close friends at all, till that time, we probably had a talk for a couple of times, not more. I mean, I’m not that kind of friend of his, who he could miss. We were never close at all. But I think at the moment when he hugged me, I clearly understood that I liked him a lot. I knew I liked him before, but I thought it was not serious.

I met him the second time about a couple days ago at a university event as well. There were very few people there, but he took the time to come up to me and talk and I tried to act as normal and funny as I could, but I was burning inside and shaking and all that… in the end he said that he’d like to attend an event of mine (I’m the president of a student group) so I promised to send him an invitation.

Everything seems to be okay, but I don’t understand, why he is so passive, if he likes me. Does it mean, that he doesn’t like me as a girl, but just being friendly? He never sends me messages or anything like that… I am hesitating to message him, cause I’m afraid I would never get a reply…and I think that a guy must make the first moves. And if he doesn’t, then it means he’s not interested, in my opinion. I would understand, if he was a shy one, but… as i said before he’s not. He’s very friendly and communication is not a problem for him.

And the second problem is that I don’t know for sure if he has a girlfriend or not. However, the Facebook status says Single otherwise, the last thing I would want to do is ruin a relationship…

Also, I thought about the problem, that I am not Korean, and I thought about the possibility, that he is not interested in me as a girl, because I’m not Korean.

Also, I think it’s worth mentioning that he’s kind of Americanized Korean. He has been living in the USA for about 5 years I believe. But he almost always hangs out with Korean friends.

anyways..please heeeeeeelp

               I don’t think that the guy has to make the first move. Why would he? Maybe he is shy when it comes to asking girls out, maybe he is passive, maybe he sees you only as a friend, maybe he already has a girlfriend… You could go all day long guessing “maybes” if you don’t do something about it.

Even if he sees you just as a friend, making the first move might make him see you in a different light.

It’s never easy being rejected but Facebook and text messaging have certainly made it a lot easier than it used to be. You don’t need to pour your heart out to him, just ask him: “Do you want to go out for a coffee/movie/walk”. If he says yes, there is a very good chance he likes you as a girl :)

I have no idea if he has a girlfriend or if he is a national chauvinist. Since he is human, both are possible.  Koreans I know have no problem dating someone who is not Korean, and in my case not even Asian. Many questions we got on this site are from Asian non-Korean women who are dating a Korean man, so obviously not all Koreans have a problem with it.

And why wouldn’t you want to ruin his relationship? You are 19, and 21! It’s not like he is married with children and you are tearing apart a family. If you asking him out is enough to ruin his relationship then that relationship deserves to be ruined. I was in a relationship when I met Kimchi Man and I am much happier now. On the other hand, no matter who come to my doorstep now, no one can take me away from Kimchi Man.

You should know that if I didn’t make the first move, Kimchi Man would never dare do it himself (maybe not never but my guess is it would take him 10 years or so ^^). And he was very interested in me. If you keep thinking a girl shouldn’t make the first move, another one will come along who thinks differently and snatch this guy right under your nose.

Ching asked:


I’m half Chinese half Filipino girl but my family and I moved to Phil for good when I was still young.. I am now 22 years old, and I met this Korean guy last year almost 9 months ago.. well, I just really feel so alone about this so I hope you can help me out.. here’s my story..

 9 months ago July 2011 to be exact I applied in a Korean school in our city, I was accepted and first week in school I had only 2 students and one of the two was the guy I fell in love with. At that time I was 21 and he’s 25 I think. At first I dont really feel anything for him, just the teacher-student relationship. I also noticed he was this shy type of guy, first 2 weeks with him he barely talked. But after about 4 weeks we just got close and I dunno how it happened. But after that he started teasing me everytime we see each other in the hallway, he’s calling me vampire and i’m calling him werewolf. A lot of teasing and all. And then one time during class he asked me who I like then I told him I like Lee Seung Gi [korean actor] then he repeated that question again and I answered him same answer I gave him before then after than he start acting like his heart is in pain [physically] at first I dunno what does that action means but my friend told me he might be hurt that it wasnt him that I like and so he started acting that in a joke way so it wont be obvious.. then he also asked if I do have a boyfriend that time and I said no and he told me that I must get a boyfriend, and I also mentioned to him that I have a curfew around 7pm and he told me that my boyfriend might want to be with me more than my curfew time.. what does that mean??

 and sometimes he’ll notice what I’m wearing like last time when I was wearing a coat and I just passed by him he really asked me isnt your coat thick? dont u feel hot? and one time when I had a new student and he’s kinda good looking and almost same age with me, he started asking questions like, So are you happy that the good looking new student is in your class?… who’s better me or him? – those kind of questions and I dunno why he’s asking me like that..

 and one of my friend in that school was also his tutor.. so whenever he’ll have class with that friend of mine he would usually asked her to call me and let me go inside their room while they’re having class and it happened many times, i was just there listening to their conversation and whenever I decided to move out the room he would usually stop me and say Vampire where are you going? just stay here.

 or sometimes when we meet each other in the hallway he would blocked my way and wont let me pass and he’d tell me Touch me first before I let you pass.. and you know this kind of actions he’s showing me made me fell for him I think.. fell harder that I dont even know how to get out of this situation..

 and during his birthday I gave him a not Happy Birthday Werewolf! and he took a picture of it and upload it in his fb..

 he also challenged me one time to play snake and ladder with him and he told me if he wins I wont give him assignments for 1 week and if i win he wont complain even if I give him assignments everyday.. its the first time that I have ever played that game and it was with him, so I treasure it a lot (:

 what do you think his actions mean?? does it mean something? does he like me?

 ah, a day after his birthday he informed all his tutors that he will be absent for the whole day because last night he got drunk and hangover the next morning.. so I was expecting that he’ll also be absent in my class but I was surprised when he entered my room that day.. so I asked him Why are u here? I thought you’d be absent the whole day and he said I was thinking that if I wont come here you’ll be alone here. I was so touched when he told me that but ofcourse I act as if its nothing… and then 1 week after that he was removed in my class and so I started to feel like I was left hanging, a lot of questions are running into my head.. my friends were telling me that he must be afraid that he’d fall for me and so on…

 what I did was I tried to talk to him again, initiate the conversation first but I can feel this change like it’s not the way it was back before.. we dont talk that much anymore unlike before when he was still in my class.. we passed by each other in the hallway without even saying hi.. I asked him he doesnt talked to me anymore, he said He was shy. I tried everything to gain back the friendship we once had the closeness we once had… but I think I falied or maybe I didnt try harder? I was asking myself What should I do? but later on I just stopped trying to talk to him just trying to accept that maybe it wasnt meant to be.. September that year we stopped talking, offcially. February this year he went back to korea without talking to me. He had my number. This march a friend of mine who is also his friend told me that he has a kakaotalk so why not try to add him. So I added him and again I have to initiate the talking.. we talked and he told me he misses me but overjoyed about his message i wasnt able to reply to him right away and then he sent me a message again saying he was just kidding with the ‘haha’ … what does that mean???! I hate him but still I believe he meant it when he told me he misses me.. what do u think? Now, I decided to just stop talking to him stop initiating just to talk to him cause its always me who texts first maybe he really doesnt care at all so why would I waste my time with him…

 please help me what to do is my decision right?

 I badly need your opinion guys.. I hope you can help me out with this..

 sorry I think I wrote too long, its just that if i skipped a few lines u might not be able to get my situation.. kinda a long story (:

 he’s still single until now and he told me before that he once had a girlfriend 4 years ago…

 hoping to get a reply from you soon ^^ thanks ~

I employed help from Kimchi Man on this one. He says guy obviously liked you before but something changed. You can’t know what changed and to obsess about it would just be wasting your time. Since he is in Korea and your interactions are just one-way, you made a good decision.

Your friends are trying to protect your feelings when they say he is just afraid he will fall in love with you. Unless there is some specific obstacle you know – like policy in your school that students and teachers can’t be in a relationship (although now that he’s not in school that argument became moot) –  why would he be afraid of liking you?

Stick to your decision and don’t waste your time on this Korean guy. Maybe he will come around and contact you, but chances are very slim.


Leave your question in the comments below if you still don’t know if Korean guy likes you. :)

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270 thoughts on “[Q&A] How to know if a Korean guy likes you?

  1. Hi, I don’t know if this blog is still active, but it doesn’t hurt to try. I’m in a very confused situation. I met this korean guy on a penpal site and we started to talk normally and we found out we have many similarities. I was in a serious relationship with another guy, but it was finishing, in fact we broke up few weeks later for other reasons. Now it’s been 3 months since i’m talking with this korean guy and i feel I like him and i’m curious of knowing him more. I told him that i’m interested in him more than a friend, cause we were flirting at that time, and he told me he likes me too. He even sent me a surprise gift and he’s now planning to come here to visit me. We also talked on skype many times, for hours, and we had so much fun together. Sometimes he just called me suddenly without even telling me beforehand. But I don’t really understand if he likes me the same way I do, sometimes I feel he’s uninterested. I think about him very often during the day, and he doesn’t send me messages often, or when he does they are causal messages, like ” what are you doing?” etc…. I know probably it’s stupid to focus on text conversations, but it’s all I have to talk with him. He gives me compliments and teases me, asks me about my work and other things, and he even said he’s excited to come here, that his heart is beating fast and I teased him that I don’t understand why his heart does like that, and he said laughing ” I don’t know too”…. Sometimes I would just like he tells me he likes me directly. Since i’m the one who said it first, i feel like i pulled it out from him. Or maybe he’s just waiting to meet me before giving too much?? What do you think?

    • Jeanny, omg we have a similar situation.. How old are you?? Maybe we can help each other lol. A korean also shook my world 3 months ago thru kakaotalk.. i hope you reply :)

      • Hello Yuji!
        I also met a korean guy through a language exchange site and now we are communicating through kakao talk. I really like him but im always the one who has to speak to him, he hardly ever makes the first move to talk to me. When i speak to him he is very friendly and kind but he takes a long time to reply. He has asked me to skype twice now and we get on really well, but I dont know if he is really interested in me or if he is just talking to me to learn english. Could you tell me your experience with a korean guy in kakao talk? Was he similar?

      • I AM DYING. I’m 19 and the guy thaf turned my world upside down is 26.. I know I know , big age gap but that’s the least of my problem. We were really good friends then we started the whole flirting thing and now like he barely gives me the time of day because he’s busy. And has school which I understand but.. my heart is like so broken. & he hasn’t got the slightest clue. What do I do?

        • Oh my god same. I am 19 and I met this 23 year old guy through a website and now we are communicating through kakao. There wasn’t a day we arent communicating

          • Hi mari..how are you and the korean guy you met do you still have communication until now?I was really interested about this blog. I have the same questions before if a korean guy like me or not….hope we can talk ^^ –Miki

      • Same thing happened to me..im 22. I met this korean guy on a language exchange site and now talking to me thru LINE.. Well i never thought guys from a dating site can be serious.. Hes been my boyfriend for a month.. I still cannot believe hes serious. Since hes tha second korean guy i had relationship with, i can say korean guys are not used to chatting first at the beginning.. But if you will really have close relationship with them probably they will be the one to send messages often. But not as if always. Maybe its their culture.. If you do like him try asking him if he feel the same way.. I would love to read a good love story from you soon just like me.i will be happier to meet him soon cause hes coming here to see me 3 days from now..

  2. I dont know how to even start this lol..oh well, i met this korean guy back in highschool. He attended the same school i attended several years ago. I was very friendly to him which i think irritated him back then. I never really liked him before. 2 years later, i saw him online and out of boredom, i chatted him, beginning with a “hi, how are you”sort-of-thing. That’s when it all started. Its been 3 months now and i am quite sure i like this guy. Tbh, i still ask myself up to now why i like him. I never really thought i would like a korean this much. I cant seem to focus. I always wait for his reply and gets upset when he doesn’t reply.He makes me feel happy when he says i should go and visit him or when he jokes and teases me. I’ve always wanted to tell him how i feel, but i’m worried it’ll be awkward for the both of us. What should i do??? I regret not telling my bestfriend who died months before that i liked him. I just really dont want to make that freakin’ stupid mistake again. Someone please help me! LOL

    • Hi! Yugi.
      This is Chen. I’m an Asian currently dating a Korean guy.
      Out of boredom I was just checking things online and saw this. And it was quite interesting, everything u guys have written .
      well! I’m not sure where you two have reached by now.
      But if u still need a little help (however I’m not very sure if all Korean men are alike).
      Here is what I jink you should do:
      >Don’t tell him directly,but give him hints. It seems like he is interested in you. But sometimes they take it real slow, they try to understand the girl and they try their best not to push things real quick. Also they don’t like to chat /message / be on phone for long. They just don’t like it. You’ve got to be little patient there. Give him hints that u too are interested but try not to make the first move. They like it when the woman is hard to get. (But don’t over do it).
      >And Once you two are together know that he will be little possessive unless explained about your other guy friends and other things. They are very caring and loyal once in relation. Just be true to him and they respect you and your decisions and they will be head over heels for you.
      Hope it helps.

      • hi!Omg..I didn’t know a lot of you guys also experienced this kind of situation I was also in that same situation last year..confused and didn’t know if the Korean I like also liked me or not..but I didn’t confess first I just gave hints and he was the one who confessed first.I’m also asian hope I get replies from you.this is interesting^^

  3. Hello,
    My name is J and I am university student. Im 19 and he is 22 . My story is that I just met my Korean guy for 1 week . On 21th of October 2015, I came and sat at lab room in my university (building 1 ) but there are also many lab rooms in my school .(destiny) . i studied so hard and then i realized that i was sitting next to korean guy when he had phone call ( first met ). After he llistening to his fone call and smoking outside , he came back and studied. So the smoking smell made me feel uncomfortable and i covered my nose. Then, i think he realized that so he did something and the bad smell was disappeared , He continue studied computing => This is my first impression. ( we stayed at 9pm ). I know first-sight love is silly but it happened to me. After that day , i stayed at lab room for waiting of him even though i did not have to do anything. So i met my korean friend and then i asked about his information. After that, it took 2 days for finding out his facebook and instagram and i was so happy . I texted message to him on facebook that i saw him a lot in lab room and i saw he had hard time for reviewing lessons. Then we chatted for 1 hour for asking personal information. Then I gave this example test to him . I chatted to him “if you have any problems i can help you ” and he said that he was not confident enough. Then I suggested that i would come to school and help you b4 exam tmr. I met him as friends for the first time and my hand was shaking . My voice was so shaking. At first, i sat far from him but he said ” Sit here , next to me ” so i came there to sat with fucking big happiness. He was also smart then when we finished reveiw for test after 40 minutes.Then, I told him that i would leave now and he followed me and said “thank you” and said that he would buy me a drink. After that , he did his test well but unfortunately I lost my motobike parking card . He told me that he would take me home but i rejected( inside of me , i really want ) . Because my house is far away from school and it was going to rain => it was hard for him because he was foreign student in my country. So He went home and i stayed at school till to the evening for remembering all beautiful memory. I went home by taxi then i chatted with him. I am kind of a girl serious in love so i asked him ” do u have gf?” he said ” yes” but his fb did not show that .I was shock because beautiful memory and terrible thing that i did not want to hear happening in 1 day. I know he had gf but i really like him .( he know i like him ) ,Next 1 day, So i made a short meeting because i want to keep he is as a friend now cause i was so afraid not seeing him again . Then i said that i just had good impression with you and just it ! Could we become friend ? ( I still like him but i dont wanna be a disturbed-girl..) I hope that he could understand how much i like him and the first- sight love is real.
    Sa rang hae CWJ

    Thats all

  4. Hi, I am a Filipino who moved to Canada. I met this Korean guy at my school the first day of the semester, he was on my class. I was at my in-denial stage at that time but now I’m pretty sure that I like him. His been teasing me lately like calling me fat just because every time we see each other I’m always eating stuff xD. Also, I feel like this guy is always staring at me specially when we’re in English class. When we were sitting next to each other he doesn’t look around, I checked my kakaotalk and asked him if he has one but I didn’t mean that I want his kakaotalk at that time, he just suddenly took my ipod and put his. After being friends with him at kakaotalk, at that day he just sending me random emojis. There’s also one time that I talked with another guy in my class who is also Korean, he keeps on staring at me and keep making signs as if he doesn’t want me to talk to him since he doesn’t like that guy for some reason. I talked to his friend and asked him if is it just me who he treats that way like teasing me and stuff and his friend says yes. Lastly, yesterday when I was talking to my friends they said that he was staring at me. When I told this story to a close friends of mine, they said that he probably also feels the same way.
    This Korean guy is not a shy-type Asian, I know a lot of students who also likes him. Also he is coming back to Korea to continue his studies. I want to know your opinion if he also likes me or its just his personality..

    pleaseee heeellpp :<< thank youuu

    • He clearly likes you but it all depends upon how you two take the relation afterwards.
      Usually Korean love Japanese woman because they are very submissive but for my poor guy I was just the opposite. But however I sometimes act like his mother, tell him what he should do or should not do. I think he thinks (unlike other Koreans who want submissive woman) he knows I have a mind of my own for which he really respects me and takes me seriously and that kind attracts him even more.
      ( well! To prove this point . my cousin who is also dating a Korean and are going to get married soon is also like me. With a mind of her own. And cousins Korean bf also feel for it. )
      Try your luck. Be yourself. Don’t give in too much. Balance it. And say ‘no’ when you want to in a polite manner.
      Hope it helps.

  5. Hi. Im a filipino with japanese and spanish descent. My concern stsrts here…

    2 years ago, i met this korean guy and i started to like him and wanted to be close with him. After 4 months, we became closer. On the summer class, we became more closer that he asks me stuffs when he’s not sure with doing school works and the summer class was always like that to me. On my 2nd year 1st sem, my feelings for him grew but he was kinda ignoring me already because another girl who was crushing on him was flirting with him.and we were so busy with our duties and we’re in a different group. But before the 1st sem ends, for 2 months, he looks at me in class maybe because he also catch me looking at him. And whenever there will be time that we will walk just the two of us, he looks directly to me eye to eye and he kinda leans over so i tend to lean backward because it’s awkward. And whenever he will see me walking alone, he calls my name and tries to walk with me.
    Then, on the second sem, we’re already in the same group for duty that we’ll be out of the school for 8 hours and 7 of us will be in a hospital for duty. He always go with me and parters up with me bcoz he is bot close with other groupmates. The thing that im confused about is that why does he always look at me and when i’ll look back at him, he will change gaze. And there was one day that our filipino prof was teasing me and him like “Hey “D”, meri is single..why dont you try to date her” .then when all of us were eating together and D and I face each other on thr table,my groupmates came along with the joke and started to tease the two of us. I said “Dont be like that!”D” and i will become awkward. Right “D”?!?!” I asked him and he just smiled looking at my eyes and then to his food. And im like ‘what was the meaning of?! He didnt even answer whether he’s already annoyed or it’s ok’ and the story goes like that. He always approach me like “ALWAYS” and sometimes im annoyed already falling out of love from him because he always ask me approach me. and this time, he’ll be transferring course and school maybe…one day, after 1 week of not seeing each other,he called me and at 7 am,im still in the dorm and sleeping, he told me he wanted to borrow scientific calculator. I told him “ok where are u,i ll bring there the calcu” and he said “im already on my way to your dorm but i dont know which dorm you stay” and then, we met outside the dorm and handed him the calcu and i asked him why he wanted to transfer and why he borrows my calcu. He said he’s enrolled with 2 summer subjects but from what i heard, those subjcts dont require any computation. They were bible subject and a home skill subject about house chores. Then i told him to just give it back the next week. But he didnt return it. It was already 4 weeks from now. Yesterday he texted me that he lost my calcu and he will just buy another one.

    That’s it just for today. I dont know what will happen next.

    So.. I just wanna know if … Should I confess first? And do you think ..did he also have the feelings?

  6. Please help me….i want to have some advice about my korean love. I was talking to him in the net. He is different than other korean in here. While chatting and talking to him I fall in love. The more i talk o hin thr more i want to tell him that i love him. But I cant tell him about my feeling. Im scared that he will be cold to me or mabe he will never talk to me anymore. We have lot of fun in the net I laugh like crazy. He make me laugh and forget the time. But oneday we saw each other and we have sex. He send me a messages all the time and asking forgiveness and tell me he was sorry. That he csnt see me coz of his friend. We talk in te net and sometines he send me a messages to my phone. But this fast few days he dont talk much. He was having difficulties in his business. I always send him a messages but he doesnt reply anymore.

    So i told him( if you dont want to talk to me at least say so) then he said sorry i was having difficulties and trying to heal myself coz i dont know what to do at this moment). Then he said alays take good care of yourself…hope to see you when i come back. His in korea right now and he will be back two months from now.

    Please give me some advice…

    • Wow , Richelyn . I think he just want to have sex with you. Some men are like that, the reason I said that is because he slept with you and then made excuses to not talk to you. I didn’t realize this was posted in may 2015 , but did he ever get back to you ?

  7. Hi. Im a filipino with japanese and spanish descent. My concern stsrts here…

    2 years ago, i met this korean guy and i started to like him and wanted to be close with him. After 4 months, we became closer. On the summer class, we became more closer that he asks me stuffs when he’s not sure with doing school works and the summer class was always like that to me. On my 2nd year 1st sem, my feelings for him grew but he was kinda ignoring me already because another girl who was crushing on him was flirting with him.and we were so busy with our duties and we’re in a different group. But before the 1st sem ends, for 2 months, he looks at me in class maybe because he also catch me looking at him. And whenever there will be time that we will walk just the two of us, he looks directly to me eye to eye and he kinda leans over so i tend to lean backward because it’s awkward. And whenever he will see me walking alone, he calls my name and tries to walk with me.
    Then, on the second sem, we’re already in the same group for duty that we’ll be out of the school for 8 hours and 7 of us will be in a hospital for duty. He always go with me and parters up with me bcoz he is bot close with other groupmates. The thing that im confused about is that why does he always look at me and when i’ll look back at him, he will change gaze. And there was one day that our filipino prof was teasing me and him like “Hey “D”, meri is single..why dont you try to date her” .then when all of us were eating together and D and I face each other on thr table,my groupmates came along with the joke and started to tease the two of us. I said “Dont be like that!”D” and i will become awkward. Right “D”?!?!” I asked him and he just smiled looking at my eyes and then to his food. And im like ‘what was the meaning of?! He didnt even answer whether he’s already annoyed or it’s ok’ and the story goes like that. He always approach me like “ALWAYS” and sometimes im annoyed already falling out of love from him because he always ask me approach me. and this time, he’ll be transferring course and school maybe…one day, after 1 week of not seeing each other,he called me and at 7 am,im still in the dorm and sleeping, he told me he wanted to borrow scientific calculator. I told him “ok where are u,i ll bring there the calcu” and he said “im already on my way to your dorm but i dont know which dorm you stay” and then, we met outside the dorm and handed him the calcu and i asked him why he wanted to transfer and why he borrows my calcu. He said he’s enrolled with 2 summer subjects but from what i heard, those subjcts dont require any computation. They were bible subject and a home skill subject about house chores. Then i told him to just give it back the next week. But he didnt return it. It was already 4 weeks from now. Yesterday he texted me that he lost my calcu and he will just buy another one.

    That’s it just for today. I dont know what will happen next.

    So.. I just wanna know if … Should I confess first? And do you think ..did he also have the feelings?

  8. I need to tell you guys something… I’ve been in situations with Korean guys before and when it comes to foreign girls, especially cute, inexperienced foreign girls, I think they act a lot more free and cute BECAUSE they’re not Korean girls. As I read these comments, I got upset because they’re similar to the situations I’ve been in. They lead you on for the fun of it. They’re not after a serious relationship. They can just see that you’re attracted to them and that makes them tease you more flirtatiously.

    Do you see? They will treat Korean girls they are serious with more gently and won’t fuck around for the fun of it, unlike foreign girls. By the same token, Korean girls like to flirt with Korean guys and make them do things for them. The culture is absolutely different from the west, which is much more straightforward. The amount of attraction you can garner is directly proportional to the amount of emotional manipulation.

    My prescription: try to stay away. Korean guys are NOT like the guys in dramas; they’re only like that with their own kind.

    It makes me mad. They’re leading on so many girls and driving them crazy without any considerstion for their feelings. It’s irresponsible, disrespectful, and selfish.

    • I am sorry you got hurt but please do not spread hate towards a whole nation of more than 50 million people because you had bad experience. I completely agree that dramas are not reflection of the real world.

      In real world Korean men are diverse humans. Some are good, some are bad. Some want serious relationships (as was my case), some don’t (as was your case).

  9. hi.. i was wondering if you can help me solve this. i met him in Jan this year. about two weeks. he and others (koreans) went to my university for a summer trip. During the trip me and him are in the same group. Once, I found out I had a stalker and told him about it. he seems worried and ask am i okay etc. He always with me during the two weeks. He’s my dancing partner for the performance. after the dance, he told me he has many things he wanted to say to me, but our talk was interrupted by my friends. when my friends are gone, I asked him again what he wanted to say, he wrote down “Fiancee” and ran off after giving it to me. Next day he’s about to go back to airport, he keep on wanting to be with me, i give him a small bear and a letter on that day(asked him not to open it in front of me,but he saw the bear and smiled like really happy) when he about to leave he put out a big heart sign to me and I replied with a heart sign back. The problem is he had a girlfriend back then. one day he told me he and his girlfriend broke up due to reasons. the thing is he hardly replied when my friends chat with him and he suddenly notified me on that which make me feel a lil bit special.but we hardly contact each other and i’m missing him. he never replied my feelings and i wonder why. i really want to talk to him(he don’t usually online) so it’s kinda hard,i chat him recently after months of not contacting him. and i really want to know his feelings. I like him as a brother a best friend and more than that. What should i do?

  10. Hi..I met this korean guy online and we’ve been chatting for more than a month. He knows I am a devoted Christian and I just love korean culture. After our early exchange of emails, he told me that if only we live near each other, we could’ve communicated well in person and that we seem to have a lot of perspectives in common about life.. He asks me if I’m planning to visit Korea this year (I am a southeast asian average girl who is currently a university student -age 21 and he’s a pre-medical student age 24. I really want to remain in good terms with this friend who I learned to like because of his obvious intelligence and honesty (though its too early to assume he is being honest about himself) and now I’m crushing on. The thing is, he told me that he will be visiting my country again soon. He visited here years before. He told me that it would be great if we could meet and talk in person. We just chat online and haven’t talk on the phone or skyped. We chat everyday but not so much. We only talk about our culture and minor issues. Both of us are quite busy these days, he apologized for replying late and said he will be free next month because he has a LOT of requirements to pass this month. I just wonder how I will treat him during his 4days stay here in my country. What gift I can give him etc. I know there is very small chance that he likes me because we don’t really chat often and we don’t chat a lot! But still, I want to remain in good terms with him as a friend because i know well that he is a nice person based on our conversations. I’m planning to meet him in one of our tourist spots and I’m bringing my friend along. What are your thoughts about this? Is he really just a very good natured guy or he somehow is interested in me? or (i hope not) maybe he just want to play around with me. Also, I wonder about our age gap.

    I want to know some proper way on how to welcome them here =) please respond. Thank you and God bless you.
    Just call me Grace =)

  11. Hi. I’m a bisexual with a long term gf now. And then i fell in love with a korean guy. Here are the info:

    1. He said he only likes korean girls. But when i told him i like him he said “whether you’re korean or not, you already have a gf”
    2. He once suggested that if i like someone else, i should break up with my gf whether my crush (himself) likes me or not.
    3. I said “please take my heart ❤️” he didnt say “no”.
    4. We talk a lot maybe more than normal friends.
    5. He always, always replies to my text messages.
    6. He is concerned with my well being. He doesnt like me to skip meals, etc.
    7. He gave a cute stufftoy as a souvenir when he went on an out of country trip.

    Idk if i should stop liking him. Idk if he likes me or if he only likes the attention. Idk if he doesnt like me because i have a gf. I am falling in love. Deeper. Everyday.

  12. Hi my name is Marissa,

    I am in love with a korean guy, we use to go to the same junior high school, and i met him in our 7th period class(choir),when he walked in when i was about to sing…That is when my heart stopped and started to beat supper supper fast…So the next day after it was arranging to wear we were to sing for our show,so one of my korean friends was like tell him miahnhae(sorry).But I was to shy so than she was like say annyeonghaseyo(hi) to him and so I did.After I had said hi to him korean I walked quickly back to Erin and said,There. And I had told her that I am not going to do ay of those dares infront of him…Than on June I was playing outside with my other friends during lunch playing volleyball.I had saw Kyung and his friends almost close to us just one court away from us.So one of my friends hit the ball and it rolled next to Kyung and his friends…And I was like no why.. So than me Kim juliana and some random person that was playing with us was running to get the ball..So i ran super fast to get the ball to get there attention,So when I got it i served it to the other team.But everytime I play volleyball he and his friends are always behind us because there is a field behind us anyway and my heart always beat fast..So it was the last day of school and I was so bumbed out that he was going to leave for Cypress High school…Because I was at 7th grade that time and he was in 8th grade.So at P.E i had told one of my other korean friends to give him a note and not to say it was from me..But she didnt give him the note. So on the 4th of July when my friends came because its a goodbye party for because i was going to the philipines for vaction my Friend Kim txted him because I told her to..And when she kept texting him he was like acting dumb…Even though my friends took a pic of all three of us together in my room and sent it to him…But kim had to text Kyung in korean so i didnt understand anything until she told me.
    That Time I met him he was an 8th grader and I was a 7th grader..

  13. Hello, I am C from Indonesia. I met this guy last two weeks, actually.
    At first I was doubting whether I should see him or not. We met in Tinder (some kind of dating apps).
    So, we actually have chatted for a long time before we met. So, he was in Indonesia for travelling and also sight seeing his new place of work. He is going to work in Indonesia next year. So, the first time we met, we talk about many things and it feels like we have known each other since a long time. He only had 2 days in my town for vacation. But we met each days. He said he likes me. but I don’t know whether it is true or not. I already told him that I like him too. However, in our conversation. he mentioned that he didn’t like the idea of dating. I am recently broke up with my bf too. So, me, myself don’t want to be in a relationship soon too.
    BUT! Everyday, what I think about is him and our meetings. He hugged me in the last day he was here (I slept on his hotel in his last day, and God knows what happened). He told me he loves me before I leave and asking me to keep in touch until we meet again next year (he said it so often, like 5 times from the first time we met).

    later when he had already got back to Japan (he is currently working in Japan), he told me that he is half meant it when he says that to me. I am broken hearted, yes of course love cannot come that quick but it still hurts. haha. So, I intensively chat him everyday with a lot of questions and telling him what I was doing and things… He replied shortly. Because of that, I was mad and text him with short messages too. I didn’t text him much anymore. But, he always tells me when he finished working, when he arrived home, he started asking questions to get to know more about me. He sent me pictures of him (that I didn’t even request from him. I was at first).He even asking questions to know me more. I can not understand his behavior. Why does he sent me more messages when I am no longer sending him so much messages like he was asking me to send more? But when I did, he was just replying in short? What game does he actually play?!

  14. Hi
    I met a Korean guy through a language exchange site some time ago. And we exchanged kakao talk ids and have been chatting almost everyday since the day we got to know eachother. I live in Canada and he lives in South Korea. He seems like a really nice guy. I’m currently learning Korean language. It seems kinda sudden but I feel like I have fallen for him and I am hoping he would like me back too. Please help me out and gimme some advice how to make him have some interest in me and how to keep him interested. Tell me things I should talk about with him to keep him interested.
    Thank you

    • You should first take a step back and realize he is a unique human being with unique interests no matter what his nationality is.

      What answer would you give someone who asked you: “Which things should I talk about with Canadian women to keep them interested”?

    • Hello Hasi

      I am from the UK. The same thing happened to me, I met a korean guy through a language exchange app and now we are communicating through Kakao Talk. Would you tell me your experience? I am very confused because we speak nearly every day but most of the time I’m the one who has to speak to him first, he hardly ever makes the first move. Also, he takes a really long time to reply. He has asked me to Skype twice now and we have a great time. He told me he wanted to come to the UK next year, but i am worried that until then, we could start communicating less and less, and he would find someone else in his own country, or if he is only using me for language exchange and really he is not interested in me. I feel very intimidated by korean girls, they are so thin and pretty, I don’t know is he prefers thinner girls that are from his own culture.

      Please tell me your experience so I can understand more about how the korean guys think.

    • Up to to you.
      Usually they would ask for yours. But sometimes when they think it would sound little cheap to suddenly ask for a girls number they give their number. And try not to offend you. If you call / text he will know you are into him. If you don’t he will assume that you were not interested. However they may ask you. If they really like you . trust me.. Koreans are very persistent.
      Good luck.

  15. hello~ i’m A from Philippines.. i met this korean man when he and his team came in the university i graduated from. he’s still a student although he’s older than me (because of the military service). so here’s what happened. they went here for their annual summer trip for our org, so i happened to meet him and became friends with him (and others too) during their stay here in our hometown. then we started talking to each other, been friends. we’re so fine. then we and his team went to a city which is a 5-hour drive from ours. we’re fine until the night we arrived at the “L city”. i don’t know if it’s bad to decline his (or even someone’s) invitation to go at the ground floor of the mall we went that night (because i asked him if we could wait for the other team members, so we could go together… and they’re also my liability because they’re still on my homeland), he told me “okay, let’s just wait for them”. then they came and i talked with the closest friend i had on the team (who happened to be another guy) that’s the last time he ever talked to me in person. he went so cold from then. we went to different tourist spots all over the city but still he’s been ignoring me and just passed by me like an air until they need to go back to Korea… everything’s been like “dude, i i’m here, i said hi. why pass by me and shut the door as if i’m not around?”
    and then they got back to korea. i’ve been trying to reach out to him, but he keeps on ignoring all my messages in KKT and Facebook.. until i got at the edge of my desperation and asked him this way “hello J, are we good? i mean are we okay?” then he keeps on getting it seen-zoned. until i gave up and told him “i guess i know the answer. goodnight, God bless and take a good care of yourself.” i was shocked when he sent me a message that he’s been very busy about something (and yes i understand).. but what i don’t understand is that he keeps on liking my close friend’s posts. and i felt a li’l bit of jealous, even as a friend because i long to talk to him that much.
    i’m sorry it gone too long. my concern is that i just want to know why did he behaved that way? my friends said he could have been jealous, but of course i won’t believe it. (and i have the shame of not asking him ofcourse) i just alsowanna know the real difference between a korean guy liking you and just being too friendly with you. or could my friends be right that he’s somehow jealous that i went so close with other guy on the team? seriously, i started liking him before but i’m not certain about it now. thank you so much, sorry it went long. :)

  16. Hey, I’ve read some asian problems about the korean guy and i also want to ask something. Gosh I’m nervous. Sorry hahaha. I was 19 and he’s 20.
    5 years ago I saw a korean guy in our church together with his family. They go to our church every 2nd and 3rd sunday of the month because his father is our preacher. From the first time i saw him i was really attracted to him. He’s not that handsome but i really like him. So i asked my friend to ask that korean guys’ name and age. So when I found out his name i become more interested with him. I add him on facebook but sadly he didn’t accept my friend request. but i still sty to message him and asked him if he could be my friend. he said yes. but that chat didn’t last. Time passed and he suddenly stop going to our church but his family still go. Me and his father become close but i don’t know how. There i start to study korean language so that when day come, i will be able to understand him. (I thought he go back to korea.)His father always saying that im beautiful and lovely and he treat me like his daughter. (Maybe because he has no daughter) When there’s an event in our main church, we went there and atlast, i saw him again. I found out that he’s part of the music team in our main church that’s why he can’t go to our church. After that, I’m always waiting for event in the main church just to see him. May be twice in a year.
    I live like that for 5 years. always waiting to see him. I always stalk him in his facebook and beside, his father always talk about him.
    suddenly, something changed. Our pastor (He’s already old) gave us to be under his father. It is just this february 2015. before that, i decided to stop liking him because there’s no hope at all so i cancel the friend request i send to him. When i’m on my way to church sunday morning, I was in the gate and i saw him (The korean guy i like). he’s about to go up stair but he suddenly stop and looked at me so i was shock and i stopped walking and look at him as well.
    after a few minutes, he continue to walk so do i. The following sundays, he’s always talking to me and even asked me if i have a boyfriend. He also used to enter the room where i always stay and sit there with me. He’s asking me some information about me. He also asked for us to have a picture so we use my tablet for us to have a picture after that, we share earphone and listen to music together. I felt so happy and my decision to forget him suddenly change. I already know that i love him from that very moment.
    Our church held a concert for the youth to band. The day of the concert came and we’re busy.But still, i was able to have a short talk with him. When I’m done to my obligations, I go to the audio room and sit. I’m observing the people and he and his friend suddenly show up in front of me but not inside of the audio room. They looked at me and knock the window of the audio room so when I’m about to open it, they restrain me. I looked at them with confusion in my face. The I saw them smiling at me. I tried to open again the window but they’re really stopping it so i closed and locked it. they smiled and return to their seat. I wonder why.
    before the concert starts, my crush suddenly go to me and ask for my Facebook account so i was shock. I wasn’t able to speak so he said he’s going to add me. Then right away, i told him my account. After the concert his father asked me to go with them so they can drop me in my school. (I’m a dormitorian and my school is near to their house) In their car, I they keep on talking to me maybe they sense that i was uncomfort. My crush keep on looking and talking at me as well. Asking and showing me pictures in his father’s phone that was taken from the concert. And there he saw a picture of me, playing bass guitar so he said wow. suddenly his father asked me if im hungry but i said no ’cause we just eat in church.
    We go to Greenwich to eat pizza. (Though i said no, his father still feed me) He asked me if i know his course and i said no. of course i just pretend. He said our youth pastor asked him earlier and he answer it with mic. on his hands but i didn’t listen. I said im not there but he insist that im there. I actually wasn’t there but im in the youth room busy changing my clothes because we have to present something. When I heard a word ‘dentistry’ I knew it was him who pastor asked. I perfectly know it even before he said it to the crowd. I was just afraid that he might discover that i like him. And there, He said to me that I wasn’t even Interested and i just replied with a laugh. He keep on talking to me and making me comfortable. But when i started to eat i felt like someone’s looking at me so i turn my eyes to his place which is beside me and there i saw him looking at me.
    after eating we go back to the car and i remain silent. Then suddenly his father said that he have 3 sons and i could pick if i like. I know it’s just a just but i said to myself that if i could just point him then i would.
    A couple of minute his father asked me again if i like to eat ice cream. When im about to say no they all looked at me like begging for me to say yes and the korean guy beside me whisper to me to say yes.. So i said yes. after we buy, they told me that their specialty to that day is ice cream because of me.
    The next sunday, they ask me to go with them again to drop me into my school. but this time it was just me my crush and his father. I’m nervous because it was just him and I who where in the back seat. At first we’re silent. When i looked at him his eyes are close but i know he’s not not sleeping so this time i started to ask him something so he immediately answer me and there we started to chat. That time i feel like we’re very close to each other. We laugh together, I’m also serving him his food like what he did last time. He asked that if he go to my school will he be able to see me there but just shrugged my shoulder. I had even hit him and he’s just laughing. Before we reach my school he asked for my phone number so i gave it and he texted me for me to save his number. When We reach my school, He wave his hand to me and say bye while smiling widely.
    Maybe a month after, i had a chance to go to their house because my dorm mate is the tutor of one of the koreans. She brought me there and i thought my crush wasn’t there and he go to his school but i was surprise and nervous at the same time when I saw him walking down stair. I know he saw me but I pretend that i didn’t saw him. I focus to my tablet and watch the korean music video. He go first to the kitchen then start walking toward me. he stopped in front of me at slowly bend his knees to indicate his presence. I looked at him like i was surprise and smile. He said hello so do I. He sat beside me and talk to me. Then he also watch the music video I was watching. He stay beside me, enough to make me feel so nervous. Suddenly, It’s hard for me to breathe so he noticed it. He asked me if im fine or if it’s hot. But I said im okay and it’s not hot. When he saw my ID lace, He insist to see it so i gave it to him but my id wasn’t there so he laugh ’cause only a picture of my KPOP idol is there. Luckily, his mother called him and so he go back to the kitchen. He went up stair and that’s the time my dorm mate finish her job so i told her to go home immediately.
    After that, we haven’t talk again these past few weeks or maybe a month. I don’t know what happened. After they eat lunch, the korean youth go home immediately.
    Does He like me or not? Because i feel like he’s just being friendly. He never texted me or chat me. I Do it first but just for some questions about korean language. He also didn’t go to my school. I like him so much but I don’t want to do the first move because I’m a girl. And also I don’t have a confident to do so.
    Please help me. Please.Please . And thank you so much.

  17. Oh, How could i know if you respond? Please I really need your help. I want to stop but I can’t. I think I’m lock up to the things that he made. And lastly, When I stalked his facebook, there are picture of him that was tag in me. I don’t understand how or maybe it was I who tag it myself. But i don’t remember if i ever did it.

    • I’m sorry but I don’t answer questions about relationships any more. Kimchi Man and I are no longer in a relationship and even though we are still in touch he is too busy with his work to help out on the blog too.

      Truth be told, we never really did answer personal questions about relationships. The idea behind this site is that we share the intercultural intricacies and not solve relationship issues since we are not trained in psychology and we are no more qualified to give advice than any other person who has been in a relationship.

      Best advice I can give you is unless your problem involves a very specific cultural ceremony, just treat him like you would a man from your own country.

  18. Hi~ My name is J and I recently fell in love with a Korean guy I met at a club. I’m 24 and he is 23. He caught my eyes when we were standing in line outside of the club. His group were behind my group. When we got inside the club, I noticed his group were on the right side of my group. Then about 5 minutes later his group move to left side of my group. I noticed that he keeps turning around and look at me. But at the time, my bestfriend was standing next to me so I didnt know who he was looking at and trying to dance with. Couple minutes later, we were standing side by side and our arms touched. He went one step behind me and put his right hand up behind my head. I decided to turn around to say Hi to him so we greeted. He asked me if I want to leave the dance floor for a bit because it was too noisy. I agreed and he puts both of his hands on my shoulder to ensure i wouldnt bump into anyone. We talked for about 5 minutes and then went back to the dance floor. Then his friends showed up and ask me if i want a drink and i said No cus i have to drive. He left his phone in the car so he borrowed his friend’s phone and asked me if i can give him my number. After that, his friends and him went to get a drink and it was time for me to go home. When i was inside the car, his friend called me and we talked for about 3 minutes and that they want to make new friends and stuffs. When i got him, he used to cellphone to text me. It was late so i said goodnight to him first. The next day, he didnt text me until 10pm. We talked for a bit and then i fell asleep because he was taking at least 15-20 mins to send back a respond. The next day, I texted him good morning and said that i fell asleep. We texted back and forth through out the day and he sent the last text around 1am! I was too sleepy to text back. The next day he didnt text me. Then the second day he didnt text me either. I’m rely confused. Does this mean he is not interested in getting to know me anymore? Can someone help me out? I’ve been waiting for his text for the past 2 days but i dont want to initiate first! !

    • You know most of guys who go to clubs aren’t that serious to those girls who they just met in the club. Don’t waste your time to that guy

  19. Hi…my name is V..
    Straight to the point, i just realized that i have a crush on my korean boss, we’re only 2 years age different, we’re kinda close since 3 months ago he came to my country and i became he’s kinda guide. He’s a western minded korean guy type, coz he’s been livin in several different country since he was young, he’s an outgoing and fun person that makes me even more adore him, yet i made mistakes coz i accidentally had a sexual relationship with him at his place, but then he said please keep this secret only for us, and now i can’t get him out of my head, yet im wondering if he feels the same way that i do, or its just mean nothing to him since he’s a western minded type of guy so having one nite sex relationship means nothing to him. In the other hand i know that the way he looked at me is different with the way he looked at my other work mate, the way he talked to me, the way he made a joke on me or even the way he touched me…is it because only im drowning in my own feelin or its just because he’s an outgoing type of person that can do the same things to other girls, or is it because he’s my boss and considering this condition he’s trying not to fall in love with me?…how can i tell that he has something on his heart at all..please help me somebody…

    • Hei!
      V. Since you guys have already have had sex. Chances are it could be a one night thing for him.
      However I just want you to maybe try this trick.:
      Be very professional and don’t smile back when he touches ( a pat/ something) you in office before others. Don’t show much interests in him and act very professional and behave as if you regret about having made out with him. Either he will be concern or not. That’s where you know whether he genuinely likes you or it was just a casual sex thing for him. ( > now he may throw tantrums or look annoyed too when you ignore him otherwise) So, good luck and read between the lines. Try and read his facial expressions. You will be able to tell whether he is upset that you are suddenly ignoring him or that or is least bothered and now is tying to flirt with other colleagues in your office.
      Good luck.
      Hope it helps.

  20. Hi
    So i’m half middle-eastern and half switzer.
    I really love to find any korean friend (girl or boy) i just love korean things. But i cant speak korean…. where can i find korean friends??? Or in which app?? ^^

  21. Hi
    So i’m half middle-eastern and half switzer. I also speak english, german,arabic &kurdish..
    I really love to find any korean friend (girl or boy) i just love korean things. But i cant speak korean…. where can i find korean friends??? Or in which app?? ^^

  22. Hello^^
    Im an Asian who now studying korean languange in some korean university. I met him first on my first day I came to korea. He and his friend came purposely to help me and my friend because they asked by their teacher to help and welcoming us when we arrived in korea. And thats because I know the teacher too so my teacher kinda worries for me and make sure Im fine when I arrived in Korea.
    On that day him and his friend take us to bought some daily stuff and after that we eating lunch together and thats the end for that day.

    On couple next day I accidently now that he works in our administration office so if I have some matters to ask or having trouble with my korean classes I can go to his office and thats not only him in theres theres about 10 peoples who works in there.
    The ones that sometimes make me dont get it is when I go to the office I ALWAYS say the greeting first to him and he just greet me THATS IT no more conversation. I dont really get it if he really shy or he too busy with his job. Because when we eat together first time we kinda like chat nicely even though theres still an awkward moment.
    Ah and one day its my birthday so I want like to buy he and his friend a coffee and I already bought 2 so Im gonna go to his office. But inexpectedly theres only his friend ;((
    So I cant wait longer and just give the coffee to his friend and said this is my treat because today is my birthday. Thats it ;((

    The other day when I go to his office when I said the greeting first he just said thanks for the coffee and not say happy birthday to me. This is kinda make me pretty sad ;((

    So what I want to know if he have an interest about me or is it just because he asked by my teacher. I know its just the beginning but I feel like maybe love in first sight and I feel he is a nice guy.
    And what if in the next day I just come to his office and ask his kakao talk ID first. Is it okay??
    Because except when I dont go to his office we wont meet and having conversation :(( and I kinda feels just like his secret admirer because Im really a shy person.

    Thanks again for read it and Im really grateful if you can reply me ^_^

  23. Hello,
    I am new to Korea. I am Asian too. I am studying at Seoul National University. Recently I am kinda liking Korean girls. I am going to write long sentences. Just wanna ask you guys how to get a Korean girlfriend.
    Anyone please give me few tips? I will appreciate you guys.



    Hi! My name is Roanne, I’m a College Student here in Philippines. It was January 8, 2016 when me and my friend was there at the cafeteria waiting for our other friends’ breaktime. Then later on a group of Korean guys sit beside or table to eat, and few minutes passed my friends came. I noticed this guy with glasses and before they left I asked his friends what is his name, they told me Jonah. I did like him the very first time I saw him, it’s not love at first sight but my first impressions of him caught me, I kinda think he’s an intelligent, dedicated and serious guy. After that day I waited every after my class to see him so that I could introduce myself and be friends with him. Weeks passed I haven’t seen him anymore. Then I met a Korean exchange student in our school, my friend ask him if he knew Jonah, but he told my friend that “I think this guy already left.” I didn’t lose my hope until I met another Koreans, I asked one of them if she knew someone named Jonah, she told me that she isn’t familiar and she didn’t saw the guy. I almost forgot about looking for him because of studies and a lot of school works, We were already in the mid or our semester when me and my friend applied for the Korean Language Program and right after that my other friend texted me that she saw Jonah infront of our school. I really don’t believe her because I knew that he already left.

    March 12, 2016 was the first day of our KLP, and then I saw him. It was really him! I’m going to fast forward, after I got his kakaotalk name I confessed to him last April 1, 2016 and tomorrow after that he invited me for a talk after my class. I was so shocked at that time and I had a lot of emotions, I got excited, freaked out, don’t know what to do, happy and scared. I was so scared that I was thinking that he might turn me down in person that’s why I just told him “I’m just joking”, he just replied that he forgot about the April Fool’s soooo yeah life must go on hahaha

    April 16, 2016, our last KLP class I asked him for a talked but he told me that he had an appointment with the other teachers, but still we got our first photo that time. I just left him a message in his kakaotalk and he replied “I’m sorry but I don’t feel the same way.” I don’t know how to feel that time but I chose not to give up even though there’s no chance of me talking to him again after that message, I just kept on telling my friends about this and then I met this guy who knows someone that is a teacher at the building where in Jonah was studying, my friend told me that he’s going to ask that Teacher if he knows someone named Jonah. I don’t know what should I call this, a fate or just a coincidence, Jonah was one of this teacher’s students and they are very close. By the way I was rejected thrice and he even told the teacher he’s going to be monk but I still kept going because he’s going back to Korea at June 11, 2016. I still watch him walk at our university and I even attended his Sport Fest. His last event that I attended was The Reality where in he did Poetry Slam with his group mates. I sat at the back a bit far away where he was sitting (bc I don’t want to freak him out with my presence) the teacher noticed me and he began telling Jonah that I was there watching, then he started looking for me, I saw him looking for me 2 times! I hided because I thought he’ll be angry at me following him around.

    After his last week I messaged the teacher to meet me so I can give him my letters for Jonah. It was Tuesday, June 7, 2016. The teacher told me that he asked Jonah to come but Jonah felt shy that time. I just gave the letters and left the building. Night that day I messaged the teacher and he told me that Jonah was so surprised, he never got those kind of letters before. EVER SINCE. It was

    It was Thursday, June 9, 2016 when me and my Psychology major friend was talking about his Korean friends were about to go back in Korea at 11pm that time, while we were talking my friend told me that “he’s there.” so I look behind me I saw him walking and I avoided to look at him and my friend told me “greet him it’s fine.” I can’t even do it even though I want to because it felt like I’m about to gag my heart out if he comes closer. I just look away and it was my friend who noticed something as Jonah walked away. My friend said “When he crossed infront of you he was looking down while walking, It means he wants to talk with you but don’t know how to start because he felt shy! It was already night when I decided to chat the teacher again if ever I can talk to Jonah for the last time and I won’t be shy anymore. “You can and actually he has a letter for you.” He shown me the letter and it has a paper heart along with it.

    It was Friday, June 10, 2016 before the day of his departure. After the mass, I went to the place where his graduation venue was. What I saw was the teachers and the teacher asked me “Where have you been? He’s been looking for you a while ago here’s the letter.” After I received the letter I ran to the Korean’s Building, as I go upstairs he was going down and he smiled at me!!!!! I asked him for a talk, while we were walking I asked him “Is there any plans of you going back here?” he answered “I’m not sure but after I became a soldier I can go back here, how about you? If I leave are you going to still study and stay here?” “yes” I answered him, and then we sat in the place where only two of us, JUST TWO OF US. While we are talking he kept asking me if I’m going to just stay here in the university. After that he told me to keep in touch after his 2year obligation in military. BUT WHY IS THERE A PAPER HEART ON THE LETTER THAT HE GAVE ME T_T I CAN’T HELP BUT ASSUME. WHY IS THAT HE WANTED TO SEE ME LIKE HE NEVER WANTED TO DO IT BEFORE? WHY WAS HE KEEP ASKING OF ME STAYING STILL IN MY UNIVERSITY? WHY IS HE SHY? AND THEN SCRATCHING HIS NAPE WHEN I ASKED HIM WHY WAS HE SHY?

  25. I am writing here to share what I am experiencing more than a month with a Korean guy. Perhaps, I think I would be able to help you answer your questions and decide your course of actions.

    I met him in front of the church. He actually stopped me and told me that he liked my style which threw me ‘what?’ He asked for my number and I gave it to him. Reason? You may tailor remarks like ‘cruel’ against me but I was hurting that time. This was due to a guy I met on chat, asked him to be his gf, chatted with, but it turned out he could not consider us being together since we had not seen each other yet. But a message struck me after that: When one door closes, another one opens. I held onto that. It was actually meeting the Korean guy that made me remember that message again, hence, I thought, ‘Why not?’

    We met again after texting and he explained bluntly and practically that he does not want to be friends with me rather a girlfriend. I agreed. And it is worth it. He is the one whose making me believe that destiny exists. He cares a lot about me. I hope that, you, girlfriends in this blog. It is not only about the move alone, consider it as something practical. We only have a definite number of years to live, do something you won’t regret. What I did raise the eyebrows of some of my friends since it was too fast – 1 date to be exact. But I am holding onto something – it is my happiness in this aspect of my life.

  26. I know they are not answering any questions regarding dating so I’m writing here in the comments to get some advice from everyone. haha

    Back story, I am now 18 and he’s a year younger than me. He is a new student at our school and only came a few months ago. I have always thought he is very good-looking but never made a move to get to know him because I was too shy. He has been living in Australia for 4 years now, but he mainly hangs out with korean and asian so I don’t really feel he’s that ‘white’.

    We have always seen each other at school and I know some of his friends (because all the koreans at our school are in the same friend circle. I am asian but not korean btw) but we never really talked. So two weeks ago, it was the last day of the term and one of his friends wanted to hangout after school, so we met up. At first I thought he was going to bring like, 2 friends with him but he ended up bringing the whole korean group! Of course, the guy I like came too. And because my group of friends doesn’t speak a lot of english so we were playing truth or dare in a small circle. I got a dare to ask someone I don’t know if I’m pretty and I can only stop when I get a yes as an answer, so I asked one of the korean guys next to me but he said maybe, then I move on to the next person I don’t know, and it was my crush. I remember my cheeks felt so hot and he was asking me if I wanted him to tell the truth and I don’t know why but I was like, ‘No! Don’t tell the truth!’ because I was scared he would say I’m not, I guess hahaha. Then he was laughing and he’s just so cute when he laughs. Then he looked at me and said, I would say yes. That was the first time we talked. And that night, my friends went home earlier because they had to catch their buses, but my bus doesn’t come until midnight so I stayed with the koreans. We talked more after that and I found out that he’s much more just looks. Even though he’s younger than I am, he is quite mature and very well-mannered. That made me like him even more.

    We did met up like once after that and last weekend I got invited to one of the korean’s house party. He was there as well. After taking a few shots I was half drunk, I remember before that we were all sitting at the table and he was on the other end of the table, we looked at each other and I was laughing at him because his face got so red after drinking just a little bit. Then somehow we ended up sitting together and I asked if he knew one of the girls in his grade likes him and he said yeah. And I was like, do you like her? He said, I don’t know, she looks too young. But according to his friend he said he didn’t like her, but I’m not so sure anymore. Anyways we went out for walks and I couldn’t see clearly by then but I still vaguely remember what happened. I asked him what was his first impression of me and he said he thought I look very similar to this other girl that used to go to our school. And I said, she’s way prettier. Not because I wanted him to give me a compliment but because I really think that way. And he said, she’s not bad. Then said, you’re not bad too. Then after that I don’t quite remember where the conversation led to. Then I remember when we were out for a walk he told me one of the koreans saw a clown (the clown prank is still ongoing since it’s near halloween) nearby and he knew I was scared and kept teasing me about it. I was pretty drunk and scared, my conscious self just grabbed his arm. He didn’t push me away or say anything and let me hold on to his arm. So all that time, I was holding onto his arm. And I remember him pointing at the guys walking in front and said, they are for the clowns, they get stab and we run. hahahaha Then at some point, he took my phone and put in his phone number and told me I can call him if I want to hangout after graduation (because seniors leave school a month before they do).

    We’ve been talking on KaTalk for three days only. And I was the one who texted first because I don’t think the ‘wait-for-him-to-text-first’ rule still exists. On the first day we talked I said I was going to take a nap, talk later. And he replied with ‘text me when you wake up.’ I was pretty confused by this and I’m still not sure if he’s being nice or he really meant it. (help!) Then I tried a couple of times to leave a close ended answer he then starts up with a new topic to talk about, does that mean he’s trying or being nice? Also once I left a close ended answer and he sent me a few pictures and I said one of them look good then later that night he changed his display picture to that photo. The second morning I also texted first but the third morning he texted me first. He’s not the world’s fastest texter and I don’t want to seem too desperate so I take my time to reply every now and then, and I also don’t see him on his phone a lot. We are not in the same year so I don’t know if he talks to a lot of other girls in class but whenever I see him at school I never see girls around him. I am so confused, I’m not sure if he’s interested or just being nice. Sorry this is so long and I really appreciate it if someone could help. :’) Thank You!

  27. I need help… I have never done this before but I really don’t know what to do. I met a Korean guy when I was backpacking in Japan. We travelled together for a while before he went back to Korea and he was an amazing person; funny, caring, quite shy and even though his English wasn’t so good, we still had so much to talk about. He was a complete gentleman and I liked him so much so I just told him about it and fortunately, he told me he felt the same. We started dating and chatting even when he got back to Korea until I replied his last message 2 months ago and he never texted back. I have sent him several messages to a point I felt like a stalker but he never read my messages or reply even though he comes online. I have no idea what happened for him to ignore me like this. We didn’t even fight or anything… everything was going on perfectly, I thought. I feel so hurt because I really really liked him and it’s so hard to forget about him and all the time we spent together. I even accepted a job in the country he wanted to settle in so that we could be together. I don’t know what to think anymore and I don’t know what to do. Trying to forget about him isn’t working so well for me either. ;(

  28. Hello :) I’m not sure if this blog is still active but I’ll try to ask. I’m Anna 21 yrs old a pure filipina living in Philippines. I like a korean guy and maybe inlove with him already. well I never been attracted to korean guys since then well ofcourse I loved their Korean Drama Movies and everything
    they’re cute but not really my type. I’m more on a white man americans, greeks etc. But everything changes when I met this guy from a nightclub. When I saw him I didn’t know what I had just feel and then when we get to know each other talking and calling chatting etc. And now I’m dating him, I really don’t know what’s into him. I trusted him because he is such a nice guy a super sweet guy. But the problem is he has a korean gf but he is true to me :( I don’t know already I’m hurt. I want him only him please help.

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