[Q&A] Do Korean men think western women are easy?

Anonymous asked:

I am an American living in South Korea as a teacher. I have been talking to a male Korean friend online, strictly language exchange and sharing cultural differences, etc. although there is a Korean guy in which I am interested. My friend, however, said that Korean men think Western women are all easy and that they have sexual fantasies about us and that I should be super careful if Korean men approach me because they will expect certain things from me and they can be dangerous.

I don’t just believe every aspect of this as the total truth about the danger and the fantasies, and am not someone to overgeneralize! …But regarding the idea of us being easy I am wondering if you have any advice/opinion on how widespread this idea is, I don’t want to generalize, but I wish I could have some idea as to whether or not this really is the majority of thinking around here? It makes me so sad, I am not easy! Thanks for your time.

We can only tell you about our personal experience.

My experience is only with Kimchi Man, and it’s simple: If he thought I was easy at any point in our acquaintanceship he would not consider a long term relationship with me. So I truly believe him when he says he never thought white women are easy.

Now, his experience is much more extensive, since his friends are Korean men, his coworkers are Korean men, his university buddies are Korean men, and he was locked up in very cramped space for two years with lots and lots of Korean men during military service. He says most of the men he knew didn’t have that kind of opinion. But he assures you if you did come across such a Korean men, he wouldn’t hide his attitude about white women from you and would very soon and openly let you know what he expects.

Actually, it’s not the guy you are interested in that worries me, but your friend. Why would he tell you such a thing and make you feel bad and unwelcome? Does he have some hidden motives? It just seems a strange thing to tell to a friend.

korean vs western women american girlOne cautious tip about cultural difference, though. Korean women wear extra short skirts and shorts, but are very adamant about covering their cleavage.

You should wear whatever makes you happy, and no one should judge you for it, not even in Korea. However, since you say it makes you sad, in the beginning you might avoid open shirts.

I assure you when you meet the right guy he will make you feel relaxed and comfortable no matter what you wear and you will forget you ever worried about impression you leave on Koreans. I say this from personal experience. And I’m from Europe, we’re all half-naked here in the summer. ^^

As far as danger goes, Korean men are no more or less dangerous than other men in the world. Use the same caution you did around strangers in America.

– Oegukeen

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30 thoughts on “[Q&A] Do Korean men think western women are easy?

  1. Hello again,
    Thank you so much for your response. I was just feeling like I couldn’t gauge the general consensus about us Western women, so I am glad to hear that it isn’t a definite opinion. :) I am very modest, which will help! I am not sure, I am not that close with this friend- just a new conversation partner, maybe I should think twice before taking his advice, but the feeling I got from him was that he was trying to protect me from a bad situation. Anyway, thank you so much for your time and sharing your knowledge and experience!

  2. well, i think what her friend said is true.

    i am korean myself and well u see, i am currnetly in canada for university exchange student

    what u forget to realize is that most white women in korea are either ukrainian or russian… u know they are in korea as prostitutes.

    when koreans see white women they generally assume that she is russian and think that she is a prostitutes. russian women have pretty bad fame around the world.

    when i was in korea, most of my male friends had experiences sleeping with russian women.

    sorry but i think that ur boyfriend told u that to not offend u.

    • He knows me well enough to know that I wouldn’t be offended. And he did tell me about “Russia saram”. However, the majority of white women in South Korea are English teachers from United States and Canada.

      Besides, being an easy woman and being a prostitute are two completely different things.

    • I believe that Korean men use the Russian bimbo/prostitute excuse to be disrespectful to white women in hopes of finding an actual free lay.
      What they don’t realize is that they are making idiots out of themselves.
      We are probably more conservative than their Korean women.

      I had one Korean date and never again. He was very nice and treated me to a nice evening. It was when the date ended that I found out that he expected to spend the night. He had already packed a bag. I couldn’t believe it!

      He said that he thought all American women expected that… Can you imagine!
      I said, “NOT THIS GIRL,” and sent him home in the same taxi cab.

      As far as Korean women covering their breasts and exposing their lower parts, is because they haven’t any thing else to show. Haven’t you noticed the few that have implants, they are not afraid to wear low cut tops.

      • It is unreasonable of your Korean date to assume all western women are the same.

        It is equally unreasonable of you to assume that all Korean men are the same after having ONE date.

        Just because you and I would not sleep with a man we just met it doesn’t mean women who would are worse than us. It is 21st century, and as long as they are not hurting anyone, women are free to do with their bodies what they want without being judged.

        This man is an “easy man” who wanted to do it right away, you are not that type of person, you told him no, he left. I don’t see the problem nor reason to be angry.

        I stand by my claim that it is a cultural thing and not the body-type thing about Korean women covering their cleavage. Even when wearing hanbok in the old days, Korean women would put a hand on their chest to cover it while bowing.

        • Actually the white women cleavage no-leg, East Asian women all leg no-cleavage makes sense. Most East Asian are A cups, except implanted/special cases. Culture in the “old days” doesn’t work with the modern times anymore. Just like nobody wears a Hanbok anymore. Asia is following USA/European’s fashion. The world’s standard of beauty is obvious. Chest size is and always-will-be an attractive factor no matter how most people try to deny it. On average asian women have the “look-young” face, slim body but not the chest size.

          • If chest size is equally important everywhere then how come the chest augmentation as a percentage of the total plastic surgeries done in the West and in East Asia is a vastly different number? If I remember correctly the majority of surgeries in Korea is done on the face.

            Also, how do you explain that in the past women had to cover even their ankles? It’s the culture that changed, not our ankles, I tell you.

            • I have no argument about the ankles. Culture has indeed changed, ankles don’t.

              You’re right. There are difference in chest size surgery percentage. HOWEVER, it is not because of “korean men don’t like womens’ chests as much as western men”. Trust me I know how men’s brain work. Its more to do with what’s considered “TABOO” as standardized by the Korean media. In korea, someone who knows off cleavage is not considered a good girl. Probably only because the MODELS or ACTORS in the korean media don’t show it off too much either so that people think it’s -not OK-. This will change eventually. Women chest sizes in developed Asian countries are rising steadily, so will their media.

              An example. Like in US, extreme violence as seen in english video games are perfectly acceptable. Even American parents get their 7 year olds? Watch smack down. Shouting curse words. You get the point. But anything even suggestive-ly sexual? Is TABOO. Rating 18+

              This is the complete opposite in Japan. Sexual content is definitely more OK, compared to senseless headshot bloody games. Personally, I prefer sexual content compared to violence. Nothing is perfect, at least it doesn’t promote war & hate.

            • I think we agree on everything, except that I believe there is no one way men’s brain works. Different men like different female breast sizes, and some men don’t like female breasts at all.

              Europe is somewhat opposite of the US as well. Sexual content is deemed far less (if at all) damaging for children as opposed to violence.

  3. This is a message for Supreme High Commander, God of the Sky:
    While your comment has made us laugh, it contained some racist remarks that we can not allow here. If you want, you can either resubmit your comment without those parts or contact us.

  4. My question is, do Korean guys even date women from other cultures with the intention of something more than a one-night stand? I understand that the parents and grandparents wish continue the ‘Korean’ race? Idk I know I sound very ignorant right now but I’ve heard too many horror stories on women marrying korean men and having terrible discussions with their mothers. Lol

    • Well, if you know foreign women who married Korean men, then certainly not all of them just want one night stands. :)

      It really depends on the particular guy, different Korean guys want different things.

      Parents and grandparents of my Korean guy have nothing against me.

      It’s just that people are most likely to tell their story when something bad is happening and they are looking for compassion from others. Very few people go online to say: “Hey, my life is ok right now.”

      I was like that as well. I am happy in my relationship so what is there to say? That’s why I decided to start this blog and let people know a relationship with Korean guy is just like any other.

      And besides, having mother-in-law problems in marriage sounds to me like one thing that most people in the world have in common. ^^

  5. Dear friend, Its totally true, korean men, not all but most think white men are easy, there is a phrase that says that western women are a white horse that should be ridden and that´s all, but it is a curse to marry one, in fact they would confuse you with a russian prostitute just for being white, you can also watch kpop and how white women are portrayed as sex objects for korean men.

    • I’m going to have to disagree. Most Korean men don’t think that. The confusion about Russian prostitutes comes only from statistical probability that a white woman in Korea is in fact one. But that was in the past. Nowadays many ESL teachers come to Korea, as well as an increasing number of tourists and other types of foreign workers.

      As far as Kpop goes, Korean women are also portrayed as sex object. In fact, I would go so far to say that almost any pop song in any country makes woman a sex object. Think about Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Shakira, Britney Spears… Actually, the novelty of Kpop is that they make men sex objects as well. Maybe that’s why it became so popular? ;)

    • Hi Jun. Can i write you a private message please. If i could be so rude as to ask you some questions.?:) Um.. You seam to be very straight forward & honest. I`m a girl from Norway & i`ve been learning Korean, i`m loving the food,so i don`t just have a privat tutor for Korean language but also a cook to teach me the korean food.*smiles warmily* The culture etc just feel`s like home to me.. all of it does from the way i`m raised,my manners etc. Even for many here in norway find me strange because my mom always said bown and show respect etc. Honorifics that sort of thing.It`s not as “important” in norwegian ways.But the way i`m raised that sort of thing is “Normal” SO i do this etc other things similar to something more close to the korean way of life.If i can call it that.. If i explane my self a little wrong forgive me for thast.Hope it`s understandable what i`m getting at.. even if it`s just rambling*smiles warmly* Anwyas, I feel strange asking this out here where all can see. So if you`d please let me … well find you somewere i could ask you some questions. I`d never bother you again,just me taking a chanse so i can be a little curious if i can be so rude:)

      I`d be so greatful. I totally understand if you just don`t want to give a email adr or stuff like that. Thank you even if the the answer is no.. P.s i think men are MEN before you sould think nationality and girls are girls. Then add the layers of culure, etc.. The life they have lived is the biggest thing to make us act the way we do. Men or woman:) I find Korean men very attractive.yet i also find men all around the world handsome here and there, not all that is lol…. We judg very easily & out of ignoranse.So it`s a good thing to talk a bit like this , then it can maybe with time be better to understand we`re made by the same hand & will find love all over the world, IF that`s what it`s about. Love this page though, so all can tell their toughts questions etc:) I think it`s from person to person.But i`ve seen ALOT of South Korean men married to sweedish,danish Norwegian etc. Girls.. Mixing nationalitys .I saw this little babie.. a Norwegian girl & a south korean man had, and it was the most beautiful babie i`ve ever seen. It`s seams to me like it was the best of two sides. He (Korean dude) told me ones. ” I was insecure at first about marriage but as i saw when time passed by that she wanted to learn my culture meeting me half way. As i also wanted to know to understand her. Love can be stronger than anyting else i belive.. Sorry the comment is so long.Anyways;) Thank u for making the page oegukeen;) . keke! have a great one.all.

      P.s not saying it had to be a norwegian girl or man ect ..I mean black white or what ever rase or nation. We are made by the same hand. Made to freely love each other IF we find something special all the way on the other side of the world:) It`s just that the ones i`ve see for my self was Norwegian sinse..well i`m Norwegian*laughs a little* Anyways.just wanted to add this..So easily ppl can take it as bad when i say “best of two world”.It can be with anyone that becomes the best from two worlds. ANY NATION mixed together. ;) Just such a stunning little thing:) That babie tough. Most beautiful i`ve ever seen of interachial babies..Their always so stunning.All babies are, ..you get my meaning i hope hehe;) I`ve seen alot on youtube vids too. Just Korean dudes talking about being actually open about dating white girls etc.. That their curious about more than just their own. This one dude was amazing and said ” You can`t know unless you try. To be a real man and dare to take such chanses is to live. To always think i should have tried and always having to live with “Is should have done” is not for me.I wanted to try with a white girl and i`m from Japan. I`m still with her and we have a child. God bless all nations”

      hehe he was pretty open and stong. Then he added: “A normal dude can be a King. Being kings are men that can dare to live and not judge from what others say or do, but experiance it for him self. A king is a man strong enough to deside for HIM self & walk his own path not following the crowd. But always knowing the real truth.We are the same”

      Yeah;) I mean just like men from Norway also whould have NO problem dating someone from another part of the world. see all mixed couples and i love that:) Really love seeing people not just with “their own” I hope people all over starts seeing that we`re the same,we should share the cultures.Learning other things..That`s Just how i see it tough. .To share ,learn grow as a person or with a person..Yeah sorry,blabbing away. Just a good subject to talk about & share. Thank you again for the page and i hope i`d be able to ask you Jun. But if not i apologize for bothering you. Have a great one everyone ,keke! Stay strong & healthy:). Hugs

      Forgive my ignorance of any kind. Do not mean anything wrong or unfair comments at all.

      • Hello, thank you for your comment and nice words.

        You accidentally replied to lili instead of Jun. You can copy your comment and reply to him and I will erase this one.

        But also, he left his web site and suggested you write in his “Guest Book”. He probably checks that website more often than our blog.

      • hello~ sorry to late… Ive just saw this now,

        nice to mee you, and you look that you have alot of questions for me( if you not, whatever~:)) why didnt contact me on my website?? cuz if you contacted me on my website, I could reply your comment faster than now..

        you can write your message on my website on “guest book” or you can send a email. (bottom in the website)

        • P.S. I’d like to make a friend to exchange language!
          English to Korean/ Korean to English!

          but if you dont want to study Korean, doesnt matter~
          do you have anything else about Korea?
          I will help you and give you any informations

          If you interested in my writting, please contact me~on my website or email(bottom in my website, you can find it)

          Of couse you want to contact me privately and directly, I will give you my mobie number then we can use Whats App on our mobie

  6. I’m a Korean man. I think, It’s just depend on person…

    in our culture, we have many kind of western culture too from America.

    especially movies, Because we often watched on movie that many Western women have open mind(soul) for to sex.

    ( BUT!! I know, It’s just situation on movie)

    I lives in India for 3months, And lived in England for 6months.

    At that time I’ve met various nationalities friends,

    So in my conclusion is that every wonmen is NOT easy!! even though they have different culture.

    I’d like to exchange for English & Korean. If you interested in my opinions, please contact me :))

    you may live in Korea and use Kakao talk, don’t you?

    or you can add your opinion on my website on “Guest Book”.

    • Hello and welcome. It’s great to hear from another Korean man.

      I am glad that your experiences show people are different individuals despite in which culture they were raised.

  7. Hi, I don’t understand what all conversation is about. All over the world people are not the same and when you date with someone you will see it. I don’t undeerstand why people from USA are so paranoiac . Just date with him and see what kind of men he is. That is all. Nothing is complicated.

  8. I and my fds never think and talk about Western and Asian women easy. As you know, it depends on people and their background. Korean men are the same with other countries men. I would say, take your time when getting to know someone!! Every person may not be feeling in the same way.

    Btw I am a Korean man.

    • Exactly. Smart people are not going to stereotype, whether it is Korean men thinking about women, or foreign women thinking about Korean men.

      As you say, give the other person some time to get to know them.

      And if I might add, it’s 21st century: a woman has a right to be “easy”; she’s not hurting anyone with her behavior, so it’s none of our business :)

      • U r right :) she’s not gonna be hurting anyone, I hope, this sort of stereotype will be disappear in Korea, and I think, it is kinda progress that they(Korean) will change their mind as time passes :D. Frederick Douglass says, “If there is no struggle, there is no progress”.

  9. How do Korean men perceive African American women? I’d actually only want a platonic relationship with men from Korea. I don’t believe that I would have the desire to fit into their expectations of a woman for I am a feminist. Would the men and women be eager or hesitant to befriend one of African descent if they were to study abroad?

    • It seems rather unfair that you are calling them out on being prejudiced towards women, while at the same time you have in advance decided what their opinion about women would be, just from knowing their nationality. That’s a prejudice as well.

      We wrote a post that should help answer your question about Korean men and black women. The summary answer would be: It really depends on the guy. Some have positive, some negative, and some neutral attitudes towards African-American women.

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