[Q&A] I’m Filipino girl and I love a Korean guy. Does he love me too?

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What do Korean guys think about Filipina and FilipinosAnonymous asked:

I’m a Filipino girl, and I fell in love with this Korean guy, who goes to same university as me. I’m 18 and he’s 23. As I saw him for the first time last November I told my friends that he’s handsome (I saw him from the side) and it’s like he heard it because he looked at me and I’m so shy and my friends told me that my face turned red. When he looked at me I realized that he’s not handsome at all and I told my friends and they just laughed about it. Up until now I still think that it’s so funny.

After that, we always pass by each other almost every day in school and I always remember the first time I saw him and I laugh a little whenever I see him. I don’t know why but my heart beats so fast. I realized that he’s cute and he has a good posture and he’s also physically fit, I also learned that he is single, he already finished his military service and that his friend (also a Korean guy) is my former classmate in one of our subjects a year ago. I added him as a friend on Facebook and he quickly accepted my friend request.

At first I’m shy to chat with him on Facebook because I’m afraid that he will not reply, but my friends dared me to do it and they also told me to give my cellphone number to him. I really gulped a LOT of courage to chat with him and I’m so happy that he replied. I told him that I always see him in school, and he asked me why I don’t say hi to him, I told him that he looks so serious. He said that he’s bored and tired in school because he doesn’t have a girlfriend. I’m like (0_0)……Haha!! After that I gave him my number and I told him that I will definitely say hello to him the next day and he said that he will be looking forward to it but I didn’t see him the next day.

I told my friends about it and they’re so happy for me, but whenever I see him in school I can’t say hello to him because my friends always sabotage it by shouting my name out loud at him. He’s always with his friend and I always say hello to his friend but not to him cause I’m shy and can’t look him in the eye.

I put a smiley and hello to him on Facebook the next day after we chatted, he’s online then and he didn’t reply, I did the same thing the next day but I still didn’t get any reply from him, we never chatted after that, I didn’t receive any text message from him not once.

We saw him once outside university and followed him and our eyes met but I was so shy and looked away, and after that my friend told me that he smiled when I looked away.

The last day of the semester my friends and I were reviewing in the student center and he and his friend passed by us and my friend who is facing me told me ‘he’s approaching you’ but then my other friend screamed well maybe of excitement because my crush is approaching me.

But then he didn’t approach me, he just froze there after my other friend screamed at the top of her lungs and he just like backed out and walked away with his friend. I don’t know if he’s shocked or what. He’s in South Korea right now for vacation, he’ll be returning here in the Philippines maybe this May or June, I always looked at his Facebook profile and he always posted there that he needs a girlfriend, but I don’t have the courage to chat with him anymore because I’m afraid that he will not reply again.

Do you think this Korean guy is not interested in me? Or it’s because he thinks I’m too young for him? Or is he just waiting for me to approach him? Does it matter I’m Filipina? OMG I really don’t know what to think.

Do Korean guys like Filipino women answer

We understand your doubt but there is no way for us to know how he feels about you. Actually, there is no way anyone can know how he feels about you because you never had a serious interaction with him. And your friends are not helping.

It is highly unlikely that he thinks you are too young for him because of age difference, but both you and your friends have acted very childish. That probably put him off.

It doesn’t matter that you’re Filipina. Of course Koreans can like Filipinos or Mexicans or Chinese or Indians or Vietnamese or Malaysians or Romanians or French or Ugandans or skinny people or chubby people or black people or white people… you see what we’re getting at.

When he comes back, try to talk to him seriously for a few minutes. Keep your friends away. You can be shy, that is not an issue, but no screaming, no giggling, no following him around and then pretending you didn’t see him. Then you may get a better idea how he feels about you.

We hope he will return your feelings.

– Oegukeen

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16 thoughts on “[Q&A] I’m Filipino girl and I love a Korean guy. Does he love me too?

      • Yeah, honestly . . when reading the post, for some reason I had to stop and then realized it was annoying because they were acting childishly . . . I know this girl is 18 but she needs to take a step back and be more independant, I bet she can accomplish great things without her friends butting in,

        Girl please! You said it yourself, “my friends sabotage everything” so my advice is to keep things separate, it is YOU who (if possible) will have a relationship with him not your friends. Ofcourse those childish actions would put him down, they put me down and I’m a girl, who once acted like that . . . when I was in junior high!
        It seems like you are all acting like 14 year olds!
        Try to be more sophisticated (a lady), without overdoing it, if you are shy then that’s awsome, I’m shy myself it’ll get better, trust me.

  1. Hi. I read a blog that korean men don’t like girls who approach them first. I heard as well that even a korean guy likes a girl from other race, he’ll try to stop himself to fall in love with her. The reason is most korean parents will despise their children if they marry foreigners. They think that marrying a foreigner is an insult and they come to a conclusion that they just marry foreigners because there is no korean women who wants them.

    • I approached my Korean man first. I also told him I love him before he told me.

      His parents are very kind and welcoming to me. They even sent wonderful presents for my family and me.

      Korean people seem surprised when he tells them he has a foreign girlfriend, they get curious and ask him many questions. No one thinks it’s an insult.

  2. He is probably really shy or kind of annoyed of your friends. korean guys don’t like being approached first. It takes time…my advice is to become friends with him first. korean guys don’t open up easily. hope this helps.

  3. When I read your post I caught myself smiling for no reason , maybe we are in the same situation but the difference is I never saw him personally and I always chat him via internet and he’s so friendly , I definitely say there’s a possibility that he likes you or not, but I think age doesn’t matter in love :)

  4. Hello there! I’ve read your story and got interested in it. What a coincidence! I also met this korean guy whom I’ve had a simple crush with at school. I’m 18 & he was 23 (He just turned 24) and I understand how you feel when your friends begin to tease you when your crush is around. I get that a lot too. And because of that, I guess he somewhat knew that I do have a crush on him. I even sent him a request on facebook. Lol to speed up my story, when he (sort of) knew, he started giving me signals. Simple gestures like eye contact and a smile, and I’m a lot like you, I get so shy and I would even run off sometimes when he’s around. Okay enough of that. Hehe, I do have a few questions to ask If I may? Are Koreans conservative? Are they interracial? Oh and do first impressions really matter? I sometimes get intimidated when I see a Korean (bec they’re white and honestly tho, I feel insecure.) what should I do? I heard that koreans usually do some PDA, is it true? I hope to get an answer from you! Thank you! :)

  5. hi im inlove with a korean guy at first time we met i like him already. We just together for 2days. He always told me “tell me you love me, only me”, then i say it that i love him so much..
    But when go back to kore he just disappeared i don’t know what’s the reason why he just don’t message me at all… And he blocked me on facebook. :(

  6. I’m reading a lot of posts here and comments, and I think the blogger is giving awesome advices. So I would like to share my story and questions that has been bugging in my head lately. I’m a filipina, a separated one with two kids. I have been really interested in korean culture ever since highschool, I’m now a teacher by the way. Recently I’m learning Korean in hopes of working abroad and visit korea as well. I met a korean guy through a language exchange app. He’s 45 and i’m 28, I liked him because he is very matured and understands me well, and good in English as well. He told me he can teach me korean and I can enhance his English communication skills. We clicked right away, he told me he liked me because I’m smart and pretty (lot of compliments), even says he likes to have a wife like me, but I was honest to him, told him my messed up marriage life, that I am separated and has two kids, then he said he would love to be my friend, and that he would come and meet me when pandemic is over and probably i can fix him a good girl like me to become his wife ( i just laughed and said i’ll try to find a good girl for him, i liked him, but i think,I’m too messed up for him). He still continues to text and video call me after that, most of the days. He initiates conversation at times and sends random pics and videos of what’s going on with him, mostly his food, road trips, places he went and his new truck, so i did the same, i gave updates from time to time since, honestly, I had high hopes that he would like me as well. I have read that this is normal for a korean guy if they are interested in you (or he was just being nice to me?), we have been like this for two months, then he told me we can be friends and see where will this go and don’t rush anything. I admit sometimes i get too chatty on text, especially that i already felt special for him. What could be the best thing i should do to make this man like me seriously as a woman and not just a female friend?

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