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  1. Hi! I’ m just in grade 8, and my Korean crush is in Grade 9. I really want to talk to him but I’m really shy although I know (a little) how to speak Korean. I have a friend/ classmate that is really close with him, she helped me to talk with that Korean but it’s just *hi, hello* and he just did it because my friend pleased him. I really want that Korean to say hi with me without being pleased by my friend. And if he will talk to me i get panic.But whenever that Korean and I (only) will see each other it’s like nothing happened. You know, I really want to talk to him but I’m really really shy.

  2. Hi!
    I’ve been searching Google in and out to find something that would exactly fit my situation. Like a similar situation, but nothing came up.
    Or maybe, I’m not just really good at searching and SEO-izing. Anyway, I’m writing because of this Korean guy. We are not really friends at all.
    We just used to be ‘officemates’. He, staying in the office because of his English class and Me, staying in the office because I’m working there
    as a teacher. I’m a bit solo-type of person. I don’t usually mingle with other people. Not that I am anti-social but I just don’t like wasting time around,
    especially when I’m at work. Going back, he came to the office last August, and since then, I’ve never had the chance to talk to him because I don’t
    really chat with other people at work at all. Then last week, this Korean guy approached me first time and called me by my name. When I said, “Yes?”
    He just smiled and said, “Oh nothing!” and scratched his head. I don’t know what he wanted from me. So I moved on. Then two days after that, he
    approached me at my cubicle and and handed me a piece of stick-on note. He wrote his hi and hello and asked me if I could add him on Skype. Coz he wanna be friends with me. So that’s how we started
    to become acquainted. We chat and every night, he would wish me good night and good dreams, even though he hadn’t texted me for the whole day at all.
    Then, he asked me out for some beer on the weekend. Since it’s just a simple chill-out, I agree. (it’s gonna be this coming Saturday!) And yesterday, he asked me if we could dine together
    tonight, because it’s his birthday on Hangeul Day, and I’m not gonna be around on that day. I said, yes too. I don’t wanna turn him down on his birthday. But he said, he’s gonna meet me somewhere outside
    the building. I guess he’s making things between us as hush. Anyway, before I went home yesterday, he approached me and spoke in a very soft voice, ‘I wonder you, I don’t know why’. And then he bid me good bye.
    I didn’t actually get it coz his English is not really that good. I don’t know why he wanna be friends with me. Sometimes I thought he likes me because in our chat, there were times he would say, oh **my name**. I wanna tell
    you something, but I’m shy. then he wouldn’t tell me anymore. He sent me that chat message for at least twice or thrice already. Do you think he has something for me? Or he is just curious about me? Thanks~!

  3. by the way i forgot to remove my name, I just don’t know how this thing works, poor me! I just want my name removed. Just in case, you know, in the future. :) THanks!

    • I mean it sounds like he likes you in that way. Do you like him back? Perhaps you can continue meeting with him and hope he fesses up, or you can confess to him?

      • I think I’m starting to like him. He’s making me feel like I’m somehow important to him. But I don’t wanna jump to a conclusion yet, coz maybe he’s just being ‘homesick’ now because he’s far away from Korea. :(

        • sorry to jump on this one…but this seems really sweet :))
          If there is any connection at all, i am Asian and ” I wanna tell you something, but I’m shy” usually means Something. Prompt him and encourage him to say it out !

  4. Hello, guys! Just call me Kissa, from philippines, 22 years old and I have a Korean Boyfriend, He is 29 years old and that’s his korean age. He is my 3rd boyfriend now. Actually, we met in the office wherein I teach English to Korean students, he is my manager, everybody likes him, they love him and he’s like a korean actor wherein they want to take a photo of him. I had a crush on him the first time we met, that was June 2013. He’s very interesting and very mysterious. We don’t talk a lot in the office since I am very shy. I always get jealous every time he gave compliments to my office workers. Moving on…I file a 2months leave since i noticed that I fell in love with him very hard. i easily get jealous and I am craving for his attention and I wanted to move on and stopped that feeling because I also have a 2 years relationship with my boyfriend at that time who is a filipino.. It’s the 2nd week of my leave and we kept on texting (korean manager), I text him first and and say my Hi and hello etc.. and we met and he confessed that he likes me.. I was so happy like I can’t believe it. All my office workers like him and they had a crush on him and now he told me he likes me. At that night, he kissed me and he said I’m his Girlfriend now and he’s also now my boyfriend. so I broke up with my filipino boyfriend because I want to grab the chance to have a relationship with him. I do love him so much.

    Now, we’re on the 2nd week, my problem is that, for the 2 weeks we had relationship, he told me that most of his ex’s they broke up because his ex’s wanted to be with him everyday which he doesn’t really like. He told me that I can text him but he cannot reply immediately because of work, and I understand. But as what I have read earlier in the post, Korean guys like texting and calling their girlfriends if they’re really into her. And now he’s not really texting me that much does it mean he’s not really serious having this relationship? He doesn’t want that I will worry too much on him as well, he said he needs privacy and socialization with friends. so for me, what’s the use having this relationship if he needs privacy and socializing? I can’t understand him what he wants. And if I dont text him, I will not receive text from him too. and If i won’t tell him that i’ll go to his place he won’t tell me to come over. It’s like, I need to take the lead, i need to initiate things all the time, but I dont want that to happen because I’m a girl.

    Can you help me understand him? I love him and I want this to work out. I will really appreciate your help and response. Thank you..

    • Girl, I think your doubts are speaking itself..that’s your intuition or inner voice telling you that this guy is not that into you as you would like him to be.
      Regardless of nationality, when a guy wants to him be with a woman he wants to be available for her.
      Try to focus on yourself and don’t initiate contact with him..and analyze his reaction.

      • Hello, there… yeah i think you’re right.. well here’s the continuation of my story

        last october 12, we had diner with my parents, I introduced him and I am so proud of him. My family they can see how happy am I with my boyfriend. The next day which was sunday, I went to his place and we talked and suddenly we had misunderstanding. i didnt talk to him and I walked out. I didnt talk to him because I dont want to utter bad words because of disappointment (actually I am very emotional), he did the same he didnt talk it’s like we are in the same room but we didnt talk for an hour.. after 2 hours that I walked out, I texted him that i wanna spend the day with you but I didnt know what happened, I told him I wanna see you tonight but he replied that maybe next time, I need time now. so I texted him monday and tuesday but no reply.

        Wednesday october 16, he told me that we will meet outside, I aked him on skype since we chatted in skype at that time, I asked him “are we okay?” “can we still fix this?” he said that “I am afraid if we could still fix this” so I told him”just tell me the truth” he said “I am saying that I will be meeting you tonight to make up, not to break up” so I am happy and felt relieved. so we met at night, we went to the coffee shop and then he opened up about what happened last sunday where he had an argument. He said

        “it’s still not the right time.. actually I am officially breaking up with you…”

        I was so shocked like I cant think straight. I asked him why and he said I failed to get the job in the other place so I have no choice but to go back in Korea after 2 weeks. I told him we can still continue for the last 2 weeks and not give me this break up and want me to accept right away. he said it’s going to be hopeless and he doesnt want us to have a bad emotion before he will leave. He said we are still friends and I’m still here around. we can chat on FB and Kakao etc..

        so it’s been 5 days now and I am still; grieving because of what happned to us. I text him often that I want to meet him and want to have lunch and I’ll cook, he said we do it the other day, he needs to help the new manager.. But I texted him again that I am drinking right now, can you come? and he’s not replying anymore. I ask him also that if he did love me during the two weeks and he just need to be honest so I can move on and same, I didnt received any reply.

        I am so hurt like I dont know what to do. he’s leaving on Nov 1st. It’s ok with me if he needs to go back to korea, I will understand, but having LDR is not enough reason to break up a relationship. I’ve been good. i did the groceries stuff once, I cook food for him, I follwed his rules just not to be so clingy.

        what have I done wrong? and how can I fix myself on this? I wanna see him and talk to him but it seems he doesnt want to. he’s working Monday – Fri from 11am – 7:30 pm.

        Please help me on this, and I have a question, did he ever love me?

        thanks in advance..

        • I almost cried reading this. I can feel you. I say you move on with your life. Don’t just stick around there waiting for him to come back to you. This is rude of me, but my guess is he’s not coming back anymore. Korean men will always go for the best people out there, and my guess is that your failure to get the job simply explained your role in his life. I’m not bitter anyway, just saying ….

          • Hello, Zhaizhais, me too, every time I read my post, I can still cry. Anyway, after 11 days we met. We met last Saturday at the beach since there’s a farewell party, we used to work together but I was on leave, so my co workers invited me over (they didn’t know that we had a relationship with my manager). He was so surprised that I was there. But we didn’t talk. It seems like he’s not comfortable and can’t look at me straight. He avoided me everytime I go a little nearer to him. so I did the same.

            Last Monday, we met again, we had dinner together and we talked (but we didn’t open up about the break up) .. and we had like 30 minutes walk after dinner. He send me off to the city to ride a cab. I was shocked that he hugged me and kissed me again. and I feel like, what’s this? … he kissed me twice and I am very happy. I asked him too, if he’s comfortable to go to his place the same night but he said that it’s not a good idea (I am wondering why it’s not a good idea?) He said to me also that, we had a good time and he didnt want to ruin it.

            the next day which was last Tuesday, he called, he asked me if Can I go back to work this week because they need more people. I am happy that he was the one who called ask me to come over. and in the office, we’re casual, we don’t talk a lot but he goes to my cubicle and told me it’s my meal time already and I should take a break.. so moving on… I went home around 10pm.. I saw him drinking with the other Managers. around 2am he called again and he asked me why I am still awake, I said, I can’t sleep and I was reading online stories. He said that we still have work and I should go to sleep now. I asked him the same question, why is he still awake, he said he was drinking with the managers, which is the truth. I asked him, why did you call? He said “I don’t know why I called”

            He never called me in the middle of the night and now he did that. what’s the meaning of this? and in the office he smiles at me but don’t talk.. His looks in the eyes are trying to tell me something but I am having a hard time to read it.

            what’s happening??

            Thank you again

            • Yours is so frustrating. Probably your guy is getting confused. U know what, I think its best u get him drunk.. Just the two of you. And let him spill the beans. That worked on my guy. I guess we have similar situation. :)

            • He’s leaving tomorrow going back to Korea.. November 2.. I wanted to invite him for a drink but I dont have the courage. I wanna go to his place but maybe he will reject my offer. I don’t know what to do..

              Lastnight, he was a little bit disappointed to me he texted me and told me why i told my co workers about our relationship. I was so surprised that he was mad or something. I told him that i was so down at that time and I don’t know whom to talk to..

              he’s leaving tomorrow and I don’t know how to fix this..

              He’s confuse? you think he did love me?

            • We met and I went to his place. he’s not drunk. We had a little argument at his place but I didn’t tell bad things on him. I just kept quiet. but after 30 minutes of NO LOOKING TO EACH OTHER, he told me to come over so we can talk. I thought we are going to talk about the issue in our office. But He just hug and kiss me. He’s like a baby who’s longing for a hug. Yes, something happened during that time but I have no regrets since I love him.

              did he do that because of his needs or because he still love me? I can feel there’s something in him. His hug is s tight and I can feel the passion of his kiss.

              But, is that just my feelings because I am inlove with him or what??

          • Hello!! actually last October 29th everything for the both of us went well.. But then we already broke up. But we still; see each other.. last Nov 2 he went to a city here in PH and stayed there for a week and planned to go back to Korea. But, after his 1 week stay to other city, he came back here in my hometown.
            We met again and it’s like wow! bUt he didn’t open up about our relationship. I want to talk to him but I am scared.I can’t understand him though.

        • “I was so shocked like I cant think straight. I asked him why and he said I failed to get the job in the other place so I have no choice but to go back in Korea after 2 weeks. “…

          I just want to have a clarification here..were you the one who failed to get a job or was it him? Because if he failed to get a job at the other place and therefore has to go back to Korea in 2 weeks, it would make more sense..

          Also, it seems that your guy is trying to suppress his feelings for you..because he has to follow some rules due to his circumstances..but obviously,

          • Hello, there! ^^

            It’s him who failed to get the job. Anyway, here’s the continuation of my story..Last Nov 2 he went to another City and stayed there for a week and he will be heading to korea after since that’s the main City for international flights… November 7 supposed to be his flight going back to Korea but there’s a typhoon here in PH so it was cancelled. It will be move by the next day. So i thought that he went home already he told me I can call him etc. I just found out that last Nov 8, he came back here in my province, he texted me and told me:

            Him: Hey where are u?
            me: I am at Jen’s house, where having a party (he knows Jen since she’s our co worker)
            Him: I see.. What time you’ll go home?
            me: around 9pm.. Can I call u before your flight?
            Him: yes, you can call me..
            Me: ok, I will call u later.
            few minutes later
            Him: Are you you on your way home now?
            me: not yet, but I am going home now.
            Him: you’re going home alone?
            me: yes..
            Him: wanna drink?
            me: drink? we’re drinking miss drinking with us?
            him: yes.. let’s meet in Yuris
            me: Yuris? ahaha, you wished.. youre going home now and youre very far away from A province.. (I’ll just name it A province, it’s very far from the City he’s staying like we need to ride a plane before we can reach that place)
            him: Let’s meet in Yuris tonight. I will wait for you.
            me: what? are u serious? where are you?
            him: I’m in A province..
            me: really? okay okay..

            and then we met.. we had a little talk. he said he will be staying here for a month. He cancelled his flight and decided to stay here. no one from our office knew that he’s here. for 2 weeks we’ve been seeing each other like once a week.. He keeps on traveling and traveling.. and then 3 weeks ago, I told him that I will be resigning (we used to work in the same company he’s my manager before) this December and I will transfer to B City.. he asked, why.. I told him I am not happy anymore about the job. He said, okay..
            We didn’t met for 10 days.

            I texted him

            Me: How are you?
            him: I am okay
            me: what made you busy lately?
            him: I was applying for a job online in C City (another City, it’s a big city where you can find a lot of jobs)
            me: ahh I see, and what happened?
            him: i failed to get the job again.. I will be going back to korea next week Dec 6.
            me: I see, you should spend your xmas and new years here.
            him: it’s easy for you to say that..
            me: what makes it hard? can yiou tell me?
            him: I need to work for the visa, my accommodation, my tickets..
            me: you know what? reasons can hold you back.. actions can keep you going. You can just stay here for another 3weeks, that’s not too much.
            him: I am so tired talking to you. Thank you, I appreciate your words.
            me: why do u easily get angry with me? I know you didn’t asked for my opinion.
            him: Because you are a dreamer and I am a realist. We’re too different from each other.
            me: yes, I know I am a dreamer and we’re very different.

            and he didn’t reply but he texted me after 3 hours but I fell asleep.,

            it happned last last thursday… So last last Satrday I invited him over like can we meet etc but it’s always cancelled. so last last mondqay, he visited to our office, some of the staff were very happy to see him.. and after my duty we went out.

            Him: You know what, I am just wasting my money.
            me: why?
            him: I already bought a ticket for Korea
            me: and then?
            him: last sunday I applied for a job in B City (B City, the same city I was planning to transfer)
            me: really? and what happned?
            him: i got the job and I will start on thursday
            me: ahh that’s cool
            him: when are you going to resign?
            me: I dont know maybe 3week of december, I need to get mt 13th pay.
            him: and after you will resign? what are you going to do?
            me: I will just stay at home and look for another job.
            him: what? I don’t believe you.
            me: why?
            Him: you already applied for a job in B City, right?
            me: yes, but….
            him: you don’t need to lie.. (what the heck? why would I lie?)
            me: Yes, I applied but I am not really serious about it, i didn’t hear from them.
            him: where are you in B City?
            me: Info tech Building in D Street
            him: oh, it’s near in my work place.. just 10 minutes away..

            Last Tuesday, around 3:00am, my friend called and told me that my korean man was with them and I should go there because he’s a little bit drunk and later afternoon he’ll be leaving. I said no because I am very sleepy and it’s late.. But she insisted that i should go for the sake of my Koreab Man. So i have no choice and I went there.

            We went home around 4am and he said we’ll go home together and I’ll be staying to his place for a sleep. So i agreed but nothing happened. I controlled and I used my head this time. We slept together and around 8am his phone was ringing like a lot of times.. he didn’t answer..
            Around 10 am he woke up and told me we need to check out because his flight will be 1:00pm.. and we’re in a hurry and I saw some of his clothes were not yet on his traveling bag so I fold those clothes. he said “No, it’s okay, I’ll do it” and it seems there’s something he wants to say.. (well here’s the conversation)

            Me folding his clothes

            Him: No, it’s okay, I’ll do it.
            Me: oh okay..(it seems he wants to say something)
            Me: Do you want me to go now?
            him: Yes..
            Me: oh, you’ll be seeing someone..
            Him” yes. Someone will send me off to the airport. don’t worry
            me: okay. I’ll go now.
            him” wait.. hmm Thank you..

            I was so upset and I went home crying because of what happend.. I texted him after few hours

            Me: I know we didn’t have a good goodbye a while ago. If you and your girlfriend had already plans, you should have told me. You don’t need to hide your girfriend or acted like you’re single. I know what we had for the first few weeks when you came back was just Friends with benefits. I didn’t ask you to LOVE me again but you don’t need to make me feel stupid for the nth time. If you can’t respect me just because I am like this and because of our situation, please respect me as a person. I am not your toy. What you did was like a big slap on my face. I was so humiliated..

            Him: 1st msg I’m so sorry Kissa. I know you’ve been always nice to me and I appreciate that..
            2nd msg I’ve never thought of you as a toy or something. Things were just so complcated.
            3rd You can hate me as much as you can. I just hope to see you again.

            Me: I’ve been nice and yet you abuse my kindness. I look so stupid.
            2nd msg : Maybe things were so complicated, but lying to me that you don’t have a gf and acted like your single? If you just told me in the first place that you had a new relationship, I wouldn’t have met up with you and I would have kept my distance.

            Him: I don’t have a gf. Can’t explain what happened to me. I’m just sorry..

            I don’t know what should I do???

            Last wednesday, I didn’t go to work I was already kicked out because I was absent without filing a leave and, 2 companies called and ask me if I can go to B City for a job interview and I said Yes. and the other part of the story, my other ex, (the man I hurt and the man I left for the korean man) is going to work in B City as well. I was like, the three of us will be together again?? Should I still pursue B City? or is it already a sign that I shouldn’t go??

            It’s very long.. ahaha I am so sorry

            • Wow your reply is just as long as my story I posted here on Dec. 1st. haha~

              I did read your story but forgot some details…so basically, you guys were never officially in a relationship?
              I think throughout the course of events, he really did develop some feelings for you, but for some unfathomable reasons, he is trying to suppress them but obviously he can’t. He seems to be fighting against them and follow his logic, instead. But…it seems he can’t.

              Well, your story sounds like a Korean drama itself. It must be extremely tiring on you, emotionally, I can see that: it’s quite bad it impacted on your job tenure that you got “kicked” out for omitting to fill out a “leave of absence” form. Your story pains me and I feel sorry you have to go through this emotional roller-coaster.. but I don’t think you’re alone in this since I am sure he is going through the same as well. You know, there is a saying that men don’t express their feelings in contrast to women? That’s what your Korean guy sounds to me.

              As for the ending of your story, I, myself, wouldn’t know what to do. Usually, in a situation in which I am unable to make a clear decision, I go with my gut feelings. Most of the time, it has never “betrayed” me.

              I would like to think that there is some hope to your story. I don’t believe it to be a sad story but rather one filled with hardships before something gives, at the end. Don’t give up…fighting!~ as they say in K-drama ^^

            • yeah, after I wrote my reply, I just realized that it’s very long ahaha.. You’re right, I need to work out with it to be with him again. We had relationship last September 29 and ended by october 16. it’s just two weeks.. But when he came back here in my province and spent another week, we never had relationship.. even if we hang out together, ate dinner together, but still he didn’t open up that we should continue our relationship.. His reasons before why he’s breaking up with me because he’s going back to Korea, it seems he’s eating his words now.. I want to ask him since we will be in the same City next year, I want to ask him if we’re going to pursue the relationship but I am afraid that he’ll reject me..

            • Hi Kissa,

              I’m a Korean Guy and I’m going to give you my humble opinion but I think you should use your “gut” on which scenario he falls into. I’ve met some Korean guys that are AMAZING and some Korean guys that are SCUM and some Korean guys that fall in between and some Korean guys that are very PRAGMATIC. I fall into the AMAZING category. :D :D :D I’m kidding ;)

              HE has walled up his feelings because he is very pragmatic and he feels he needs to get everything in order before he has a serious relationship with someone. He obviously finds you attractive and addicting because he keeps wanting to see you. This is especially true true if he is attractive and can get any girl out there. If it were simply for sex or if he were a player i’m sure the other co-workers would be letting you know that they slept with him as well.

              The other thing may be…..he is attracted to you, but doesn’t see the relationship as going anywhere because his job is not stable. He doesn’t want to “lead you on” because he does care about you, but also falls for his weaker instinct of needing someone to be with him and not be alone. He is being selfish by falling for his needing you physically.

              Good luck and I feel for you.

            • @Kang A Korean Guy

              Thank you for your advice. Yes, I am also thinking maybe because he had a problem of his Job here in Philippines. But at this moment it’s been 3 days that he didn’t text me and didn’t hear anything from him. Sometimes I text him and received a reply but lately, I didn’t. He’s so moody like he likes to reply and sometimes he doesn’t. That’s why I can’t understand his behavior but still I love him.

              I will be going next year to the same City where he is working right now. I don’t know if I should meet him or just avoid him. How come he’s so moody?? I don’t want to message him first, I am so tired initiating the first move, I am a girl and I shouldn’t do that. I think if he’s really interested he would just reply on my messages or just text me, right?

  5. Hi! Just wondering A korean guy gave me a set of utensil (2 set in a box actually…) which he brought it from Korea when he went back home to visit. Is there any meaning behind guys giving utensils??? Or is it just a souvenirs??? I still don’t get the idea behind this, and I didn’t clarify with him too. After all, It seems to took him a month plus before he decided to give it to me…….


    • My mom went to Korea and brought back utensils. My 2cents, it’s probably a souvenir but it really depends , what is on his mind when he’s giving you, maybe he’s thinking about you? or too shy to give as soon as he arrive in yr country

      • If you dont mind, can u tell me roughly how much does this kind of gift set cost? Well I am not sure too since we work in the same workplace, so I dk what’s holding him back from giving for a long time. I wished I know what he’s thinking. Anyway, thanks!!

  6. So, I have a Korean friend… He’s a nice one, humble, and really love to talk with anyone. I am a South-East Asian and I guess Korean would never wants to be friend with me. But this guy (call him MR) really kind and always ask me when will I come to Korea. Then I have the opportunity to go there…and we both finally met! It’s really a short time, and he was so busy that he couldn’t accompany me somewhere else but I was really happy to met him! :)
    Then lately, he’s so kind to me, he doing some aegyo and always take care of me. He helps me correct my task (since I’m majoring in Korean Language in university), he always ask me if I had eaten or not, and he’s really kind lately which makes me happy but sad at the same time. We can’t see each other and we just talk with Kakao, and I just always think that he’s far away and he won’t ask me to be his girlfriend no matter what… And our religion is different, And our culture….. Ijust have so many thoughts of him which makes me so sad :'((((((( I want to have him for sure but I don’t know if he feel the same way too…
    What should I do? :(

  7. I talk with a korean guy, that always talked with me everyday, and calls me. He didn’t know a lot of English. But Other day, He got out, and I told him that call me when he was back. And he didn’t. He may have understand wrong, what I said? Or he is really strange at me?

  8. Hi! Uh Im spanish and Ive been chating with this korean guy like…uh 5 months. I met him in a chatroom and since that day we have been talking all the time… The past 4 months we started videochating and he says a lot of compliments (and flirt) but just when we videochat cause when we chat he is like too cold Dx I like him a lot and im confused why he is like that…
    Last monday I ask him if he was playing with me and he told that he was serious with me but wants to go slow but after that day he told me he loved me and would never hurt me…It is a very frustrating situation, he even tells me he wants to come and visit. When I finally told him that I like him (past wednesday) too he was so… Dx cold again…Usually he was the one who began the talks and he always sent me a message of good night and good morning. I dont know what to do:c please help me!

  9. hi.iam sarah when i watched korean drama i became so interisted to this culture and every thing in korea . i also dreamed to complete my education there and also complete my life in korea. iam from egypt muslim girl and in the second year of vet medicin education..after that i found my dreams impossible like everyone say…. :( i disapointed and became very sad because my dreams broken … and i don’t know if there is a chance to travel and study thee and get married to a muslim guy or not ??

    • Most Koreans aren’t muslim though. They are either Christian or buddhist or no religion. So you’ll most likely either have to let go of the dream of being with a Korean, or reconcile the idea that your partner will have a different faith than you (or no faith at all, which is ok too.)

  10. Hi. I hope both of you are doing very well. I came across your blog when I googled how to say “I like you” in Korean and this may just be the beginning of my story.

    I am a 21 year old student, he is 25 and currently working near my place for a couple of months. I knew him online and he initiated the conversation first since he was looking for a local friend here in my country to just hang out and keep him company. So, we talked and talked and talked, after a couple of days I realized that we had some sort of chemistry together. But at that time, I already had a boyfriend of 3 years whom I’ve known since I was in high school so I suppressed my thoughts about the Korean guy and just think of us as friends.

    About 1 week later, my boyfriend broke up with me. We already had a rocky relationship from the start and the break up was more or less, mutual. It was really hard for me to handle the break up, it still is but I just continue on living. I never told the Korean guy about my personal life since our relationship is pretty much just me keeping him company online when he’s working or studying and stuff so he doesn’t know. After a while, we got closer. He asked me how to say “I like you” in my language, he’s giving me flirty hints, and he wants to meet me. He said that I’m cute and that he wants to give me kisses and hugs if we meet. I am a chubby girl with curves in the right places so I thought he would run away when he finally sees me. But he kept saying he won’t because he doesn’t care. I even gave him a photo of me so he knows what to expect, and he thinks I look hot. That gave me confidence ^^
    I’m meeting him this weekend. I’m still scared but I decided to just go on with it. I brought self defense tools just in case, well, you know, for safety precautions ><

    But sometimes, I don't know whether he really likes me or am I just a temporary fling? I don't trust people that easily. I really wanna start over from my previous break up and just get to know this Korean guy but I also don't want to get hurt again so soon.

    Please give me your advice on this. It would help take a load off my mind. Thank you so much. Have a nice day :)


    • I hate to say this, but most of them are hanging around with locals because they are simply bored… TT Well, I do hope that your guy is different and much better compared to some Koreans I had come across before.

      About the self-defense tools.. He he. Unless he told you beforehand that he would love to do something with you, don’t expect more. ha ha. They know how to respect women, and that’s the best thing about them. Trust me. Hahaha. (no you dont have to ^^)

      Good luck to your meet up with him! :)

      • Hi thanks for your comment. Um I met him earlier today.
        The first thing he said to me was “You look good today” and he smiled. He seldom smile when we skype but today he smiled all the way.

        He asked me a lot of questions he already knows about me, I’m guessing he’s nervous so I was pretty glad because I was a nervous wreck too. The interesting part was when we were in the elevator. Out of nowhere he suddenly kissed me! And it was nice. The kind you see in movies. I felt my heart skip a beat. We spent the whole day talking, giggling, and laughing. Plus kissing and hugging. But all of a sudden, he thinks we’re better off as friends. The reason he gave me was he has to go back to Korea in 5 months and he doesn’t want to hurt me. I keep saying that it’s okay and I’ll be fine but he won’t buy it. I really like him. He makes me laugh and blush. He is a real gentleman. But hearing those words just makes my heart ache more than it should.

        When I’m ready to go home, I pulled him in and kissed him. And we stare into each other’s eyes. I know this sounds mushy but be patient with me here. He kissed me back. When he opened the door, he hesitated and kissed me again. In the elevator, he kissed me again and said that I was too cute. How can you not melt for these kinds of actssss T^T

        He sent me back and before I left I kissed him on the cheek. He blushed and waved goodbye. I don’t know. I’m having a crush on him. I’m not the kind that hides her feelings and demands to be hurt. So I told him that I like him and it doesn’t matter if it’s 5 months or 5 days, I like him and this doesn’t have to be anything. We don’t have to put a label on it. I don’t expect anything from you. Let’s just spend time together. His reply was okay but through the course of the night, he’s like hesitating. No more goodnight kisses, no more sweet dreams.

        I guess, I was naive huh?

        But I didn’t give up. I didn’t text him that much. I kept my cool. He texts me when I didn’t text him, and he still texts me when he got home from work. I don’t know.


  11. Well, this is a question open to anyone who is able to offer me some insights :))

    I travelled to Korea recently for a holiday and i have arranged to meet up with this guy friend for the first time. He is my language partner from online and we knew each other for about a year and have been communicating via Kakao (a chat app) all this time.

    On the day that we are supposed to meet, he has told me that he will bring another guy friend along. I thought…okay sure (although it is very awkard since i am a foregineer, first time in Korea and i don’t know anybody else) The dinner went well and he keep talking to me to make sure that i was not left out.
    The 2nd time we met up, he disclosed that he has tried to ask 3 other friends if they want to come along but they were all not free. Now, this is a shocker for me … why can’t this be a casual (non romantic) 1 to 1 meeting between us without a 3rd party?

    Is it impossible for a man and woman to have a casual lunch/dinner?

    p.s: He was a real sweetheart though! helping me to open the car door and carry my shopping bag which weight nothing and even bought gifts for my family. Even when i inisited no-no.
    Who still does that!?
    Like i don’t know

  12. Please can you tell me what.s the best way to find korean friends i am Moroccan girl and i talk 5 different languages ( french arabic spanish english . And a little bit korean. )

  13. What does it mean when an older korean woman calls me lil bro?

    So I’ve been hanging out with a Korean American woman (29) that is slightly older than me (just turned 29). She’s very korean.

    We usually hang out in small groups and we always sit next to each other. We are also the two left talking to each other at the end of the night or when the others go off walking around the club / bar. She’s shy and slightly reserved and I’ll make compliments and she will flirt with me once we both have some drinks (her head on my shoulder, spraying water on me, jokingly calling me out on random stuff, etc). However, she called me “lil bro” the other day (I’m slightly younger) and I’m not sure how to take it. I know in some Asian cultures they call each other brother / sister and some have different meanings (they like each other, they see each other just as close friends, etc). I was wondering how I should take this.

  14. I discovered this website 7 months ago, when I met my Korean crush ^^

    I can say, I relate to a lot of these stories and most of my questions and things I have wondered were all covered by your wonderful readers. However, there is one thing I’m left wondering about and that is..

    After confessing to the guy I like, what does it mean when he replies with…”thank you *insert my name here*”?

    Here’s the background story:

    We met through a mutual friend. I was learning Korean at the time and I wanted to meet someone for language exchange. I can still remember the first day we met as he was very quiet and spoke very little English. He had just been in the country for one month (Canada) and would be staying for a year. He wanted to meet someone who spoke English well and I wanted to meet a Korean. My unnie thought she should introduce us for language exchange and in her words, “possibly be more than just language exchange”. We introduced ourselves and found out we have plenty in common. He just finished his military service and is now on a year break from school. His major is Culinary and Hotel Management whilst I majored in Culinary Management. So literally, food is our common ground ^^

    After meeting, we exchanged numbers and went our separate ways. At first, I wasn’t interested in him romantically but my first impression of him was, “he’s really good-looking”. So like many stories I have read on this website, I initiated the move. For a while I felt like I was the one who had to initiate messages and to plan meeting for language exchange. But as we became comfortable with each other, he began messaging me and asking to meet for lunch and just go beyond our normal meeting place.

    I realized I had feelings for him when we went to the zoo. I remember he had made lunch for the both of us. He remembered how I like lemonade and how I like fried rice because those were the things he prepared for our lunch. I thought, “Wow! He’s so thoughtful.” After our trip to the zoo, on the same day, I took him to a garden overlooking Lake Ontario. Now that I think about it, I don’t remember why I took him there. I just wanted to show him that garden because it meant a lot to me. I remember how we had to walk downhill and at the bottom of that hill were some small rocks we had to walk over. That was the moment I began to fall for him when he offered to take my hand to help me over the rocks. I know, simple gesture but I was really touched by it.

    In order to save time, I’ll cut this story short(er). I met his older sister and brother-in-law on a couple of occasions.To the point when I actually told his older sister that I have feelings for him. She promised me she wouldn’t tell him and that it would remain a secret between the two of us. However, I had a feeling she told him because he playful said, “I know a secret” I asked him what secret to which he refused to tell me. So I assumed that he knew about my feelings for him. In fact, I know he knew of my feelings for him because one day, he bluntly asked me, “do you love me?” I was surprised at this that I did not know what to say. I neither denied nor confirm. He dismissed my reaction with a smile. On another occasion, he asked me the same question again. The he asked, “is ‘like’ and ‘love’ the same?” to which I replied, “no, they are not”. We had a misunderstanding that day and he probably thought that the word “like” meant that I only like him as a friend.

    After that, we didn’t see each other for a while until I found out that he was going to Cuba for a vacation. It was during that time of his absence that I truly missed him and could not even function properly not knowing if he is alright. I literally counted down the days until his return. On the day when he came back, he messaged me. I felt my heart race, I was so happy to hear from him again. It was then I realized I needed to tell him how I felt. I wanted for him to know how important he is to me.

    After confessing my feelings to him in an awkward text. Yes, I’m sorry to admit, I confessed over a text message. I had him next to me and was about to tell him personally but I couldn’t..I wanted to..I just couldn’t. So I texted him instead. He replied with, “I don’t know what the truth is” and “I don’t know what it means”. I replied by using his Korean name and telling him I like him.

    So which leads me to wonder…

    What does it mean when he replies with, “Thank you” I’ve heard it in Korean dramas as well.. Is it a way of rejecting someone?

    It has been a week since I told him how I felt. We have messaged and talked on the phone a couple of times. There was one time he asked me, “Te amo?” The phrase I used to tell him how I feel. And I said, “Yes!” he asked again, “Te amo? Really? Are you sure?” and I said, “YES!!” He laughed and said, “Good!” He said he wants to say something but he can’t say it in English. We met three days ago for language exchange and dinner. He didn’t say anything about it. Which leads me to wonder what he’s thinking and feeling.

    He has 2 months left before he has to return to Korea. I’ll be going too, in 4 months.

    • that’s so cool you are going top= korea as well. hmm I think I he likes you too..
      Because with my Korean Guy, my co worker confesses her feelings, and my Korean guy said ” I am sorry i don’t feel the same way”..

      They’re very frank, I think.. once they like you, they will spend and give enough time to talk to you.. But if they don’t like you, they will reject you completely. Maybe he’s confuse because he’s going back to korea. Just like my guy as well, w broke up because he’s going back to Korea.. They think that LDR won’t work..

      • Thank you for your reply, Kissa. Yes, I also think that he feels it might not be worth entering a relationship if he has to leave it soon. I have tried to convince him to stay and study here instead but I also know the cost and other things will become a problem. He said he wants to live in Canada but wants to return to Korea for at least a year. Only time will tell, I guess.

        I am sorry to hear that your guy broke up with you. I don’t know what to say to make you feel better because I know you must be hurting right now. Like I said, time will tell. If it’s really meant to be, he’ll come back to you but that doesn’t mean you should put your life on hold waiting for someone who might or might not come back.

        Just like in my situation, I’m happy we’re still friends and whether he has feelings for me or not, I’m happy he became a part of my life. I have so many happy moments with him and I realized that I wasn’t living my life to the fullest until I met him. I’ll have 2 months to enjoy being with him and even if we never blossomed into a romantic relationship, at least I have our friendship to hold on to even when he’s back in Korea.

        If, and when, I do meet with him in Korea…I’ll cherish those moments, too.

        • It’s very romantic. I like the way you think..anonymous..I feel the same way, too..Memories should be cherished and kept~

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