[Q&A] Korean Attraction; Meet the (Korean) Parents

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

Kimchi Man and Oegukeen here. We got two questions: How do Korean men feel about Sri Lankan women and did Korean parents accept their son dating a foreign woman. We got encouraging answers for both, so read on.

Anonymous asked:


First off, I should start by saying that I’m a Sri Lankan raised in the US. We look a lot like Southern Indians, with the darker skin and thicker hair, and I’ve heard my friends describe us as calmer versions of many Indians’ big personalities. I know that this question is fairly subjective, but in general would a Korean man ever find one of us attractive? Thank you so much for your help!

Do Korean men like and date Sri Lankan girlsOf course! Why not? Korean man is still a man. And (most of the) men are attracted to women.

It is true that some Koreans look down upon people who are non-Korean (isn’t it like that in every country?). We don’t personally know any Koreans that were raised in the U.S., but since they are much more exposed to diversity we assume it’s even easier with them. Although there is a possibility that people who are far from home feel more exposed and thus stick to their own. South Korea is much more homogeneous than the U.S., but there is plenty of open-minded people there too.

And even if you were a Korean woman, you still wouldn’t want to date a Korean guy who is racists towards others, would you?

Think of it this way, you don’t need half of Korea to find you attractive. You just need that one special someone. And we have no doubt you can find him. Like Oegukeen found Kimchi Man, who claims he would find her attractive no matter which country she was from :)



Stephanie asked:

I’m a non-Korean girl dating a Korean boy, and would like to know how your experience of meeting the parents went? Did yours/his parents disapprove? :).

meeting korean boyfriend's parents and family

Kimchi Man’s mother has been so kind to wrap every present herself since I met Kimchi Man.

Not at all. I (Oegukeen) was very worried how his parents would react. Not only am I a different race and from a different country than their son but he also hasn’t met me face to face yet at the time he told them about me.

However, both his and my parents have been great and accepting. Since Kimchi Man and I are still working on our degrees, his parents helped him visit me and my parents let him stay with us. I must admit all of them behaved like our relationship was the most common thing in the world.

Kimchi Man met my parents just a few hours after he met me and now, a year later, they are still crazy about him.

I still haven’t had the honor to meet his Korean parents in person. Since I feel Korean manners are much more complicated than European manners, and I still haven’t managed to learn Korean I am very nervous about meeting them but also look forward to it.

I had a brief chat with them over Skype; they were friendly and smiled a lot. They sent the most amazing package full of Korean food and sweets. It was delicious! Kimchi Man’s mother is also very skilled at wrapping things so every time Kimchi Man sent me a little present she would wrap it and it looked stunning and made me feel very accepted and grateful.

Thank you for your interesting questions. We hope there will be more :)

– Oegukeen

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