[Q&A] Does Korean guy from my school want to be more than friends?

Korean guy more than friends Korean relationship met in schoolDoes Korean guy want to be more than friends question

Anonymous asked:

I met this Korean guy in my school and he’s few years younger than me. I like him already before we started seeing each other. But unfortunately I was the one who first asked him to eat lunch with me. Now we still seeing each other though not that often, but what worries me is that I don’t have any idea about our status.

I already told him that I like him but he just told me that we are friends. That made a bigger confusion on my part because he didn’t said that he doesn’t like me or confirm that we are “only just” friends.

Since I’m not a Korean I feel that there is no chance for him to like me but my friends keep on telling me that there’s a possibility that he also like me since he is always willing to see/meet me. But I still have this doubt that he is just being friendly and he doesn’t have any special feelings towards me. I don’t have any idea if he also think that we are having a date or he just consider it as a simple hang out with a friend.

Do you think he is just being friendly? And I don’t know also how to ask him regarding the things that bothers me about our status. How will I confront him? When he go out with me does that mean something?

Does my Korean friend like me answer

How nice that this Korean guy wants to be your friend. Unfortunately, it seems to us that when a guy says you are friends, he does mean just friends. You can look at his age for a clue. It doesn’t matter that a guy is a few years younger than you, but it does matter how old he is. Older guys are usually clearer about what they really feel as well as how to express it.

You mentioned you think there is no chance for him to like you since you are not Korean. If it is your impression that Korean guys only date Korean girls, then you should look around this site and you will see it is full of non-Korean women who are in a relationship with Korean men. Myself included. If it is your impression that he personally is only interested in Korean girls then he might not be the best boyfriend material for you.

Even though it is understandable that you want to get rid of uncertainty, patience may be the best strategy here. I am all for being direct, but you already told him openly how you feel and it didn’t resolve your confusion, so if you tried to be blunt again there is a good chance it would have the same outcome. Give it a bit more time, either for him to resolve his feelings or for you to figure him out.

– Oegukeen



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