personal life in Korean 사생활

[Q&A] Is it very rare for a Korean guy to share his personal life?

Our reader is wondering what does it mean when Korean guy is sharing his personal life with you: Lindy asked: I have some situation here. I have a Korean penpal was a very friendly person. We met through a Internet site and communicate with one another is smooth and very personal. After knowing him for…

Dowry Korean wedding customs bride's family money to groom's family

[Q&A] Korean wedding customs: do brides give a lot of money for grooms?

Is it tradition in South Korea for woman’s family to pay large dowry when couple gets married, even if the bride is a foreigner, one of our readers is wondering.   Missy asked: I am surprised to read when a Korean couple married, the bride family have to fork out certain amount of money to…

2012 in blogging for Loving Korean

Look back at 2012

Exactly a year ago we created this blog. And then an amazing thing happened. You people actually read it. :) Loving Korean was envisioned to be a place where we could help out and answer questions and it wouldn’t exist if you haven’t shown us the trust to answer yours. Amazingly, we got two questions on our very first…

Are foreign women attracted to Korean men TVXQ in Paris

[Q&A] Korean men do not think foreign women are attracted to them?

We are going to assume: are foreigners attracted to Korean men = are western women attracted to Korean men in the following question. If you were wondering about something else, please leave your question in the comments bellow. This question was submitted on our post Dating Korean guy – the clash of prejudices. Anonymous asked:…

Korean guy texting

[Q&A] What does it mean when Korean guy texts me a lot?

M asked: I´ve heard that Koreans do texting a lot more than for example me (European girl). Is that true? Because when I texting a guy very much it´s because I like him. So how would I be able to know if a Korean guy that is texting me a lot likes me or is…

Seoul central mosque

[Q&A] Can I find Korean Muslim to marry?

A woman wants to know if she can find a man of Islam in Korea. lonely101 asked: I am a Muslim girl who thinks Korean men are good looking (as in people from my culture are not). As a Muslim, I can only marry a respectable Muslim guy but it seems impossible for me to…

Sogeting Korean blind date

[Q&A] How can I approach a Korean guy?

Hi Kimchi Man and Oegukeen, I just want to say that I’ve been following your blog for a few months now and really like your posts. The both of you are really nice whilst giving very objective, grounded advice. So thanks for the great reads:) Plus, the two of you seem to be really cute…